Birthdays, holidays and more: growing up a Gymboree kid

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Grow with me Gymboree

You know how sometimes you just look at your kids and they seem so grownup all of a sudden?  Never is that more true that during the summer months when I dig out all their warmer weather clothing from the previous year only to find that everything is a few inches too short and we’re due for yet another clothing run.

With so many birthday parties for friends and family this time of year, I find I’m constantly searching for something nice for the kids to wear that still looks festive and fun.  And, with events ranging from pool parties to pony ride parties, my daughter thinks there’s always a good reason to get dolled up.

In my search for kid-approved clothing that can go from event to event, I always turn to Gymboree as their clothing tends to be the kids’ favorite in terms of fit, style, and flair.  This year was no exception, and I found so many awesome styles that are the first clothing pieces that the kids grab each day.

Items like the Glitter Star Cowgirl boots, which my daughter would wear every single day if she could {and she pretty much does, even in record high temperatures or when we’re going to the beach}. 

Mother Daughter pics

Or shirts that have two-year-old appeal as well as my stamp of approval.  My son has three new Gymboree shirts that he basically rotates between throughout the week, with breaks only while washing.  While I could go on and on about how well their favorite pieces wash up after each wear, or how beloved these red boot shave become, maybe it would be easier to show you all the places that the kids have worn them over the past few weeks. 

From the last day of school photo shoots:

Last day of school with Gymboree
To random days on the Seattle waterfront:
Seattle in Gymboree

To a pony-riding party:

Pony party with Gymboree
And the Maven’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party where the birthday girl was all decked out in Gymboree as well:

Birthday girl in Gymboree
Or while rocking it on the guitar:
Playing guitar in Gymboree

And, of course, to my daughter’s 5th birthday:

The Gymboree birthday girl
And then a family birthday celebration with cousins:

Cousin in matching Gymboree clothing
Gymboree has gone with us everywhere these past few weeks and I have a million more pictures where these came from.  To my personal favorite of the Strawberry Chambray Dress to the beloved "car shirt", the summer Gymboree lines are amazing cute… as well as being kid and parent approved!

These past five years have gone by so fast and I get a little teary when I think of how big my babies are.  But, it's hard to be sad when they are so excited about getting bigger that they have me measure them every few days "just in case".
Am I taller

What's your favorite item in the Gymboree summer lines?  Do you love them as much as my kiddos do?
Leanne Signature 2

A big thank you to Gymboree for sending a gift card so we could do some summer shopping.  As always, all opinions remain 100% ours.

4 thoughts on “Birthdays, holidays and more: growing up a Gymboree kid”

  1. How adorable are those outfits! We’re a gymboree family too and I love their ever-changing style and selection. There is always something that catches one of my kids attention and they love being able to express themselves. I love that the clothes last forever!

  2. These are such adorable pictures! We also love Gymboree and love the fashion while still providing comfort!
    My oldest turned five in February and I couldn’t agree more, the time passes so quickly!


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