Chicco NaturalFit® Advanced Feeding & Soothing System grows with baby

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Chicco. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Chicco NaturalFit bottleWhen I was pregnant with my first child, I was on a forum with other expecting moms where we would share our excitement and fears about motherhood. Of all the things that stressed us out about bringing our children into the world, one of the main concerns was feeding our children. Even though we were a mixed group with about half planning on breastfeeding and the others planning on formula, we all agreed that finding a bottle that would work for us and for baby was top of our list of must-haves.

Fast forward 7 years and now all of those ladies I met in the pregnancy forum are experienced moms of more than one child. But, do you want to know the one thing we message each other about the most often? Bottles. Crazy, right? Whether it’s concerns about baby not taking a bottle for girls night out or it’s a big life event such as returning to work or health issues, all of us have struggled with finding the perfect bottle at some point.

We’ve traded bottle brands to try, we’ve shared pictures of our kids using different types, and we’ve ranted about more bottles than I can count. So, when I found Chicco NaturalFit® recently and loved what I saw, you can bet I shared it with the group.

I tried my best to describe just what makes the feeding system so amazing and I realized it was one of those things that was much easier to understand in person. I told them all to head to Babies R Us and check out the NaturalFit® display so they could see the bottles and nipples for themselves, and I know a number of them ended up buying once they saw how cool they really are. Chicco NaturalFit displayEasy to care for without all the extra parts of other bottles, super easy to fill with its large mouth design, and the perfect chunky shape for baby’s little hands as they learn to hold their bottles by themselves. The NaturalFit® nipples themselves are made of extra-soft silicone that I prefer over the rubber type. The unique shape and texture of the NaturalFit® nipple is designed for easy transition between breast and bottle while supporting all the different ages and stages. Chicco bottles stagesBut, what makes it super cool is that the NaturalFit® Advanced Feeding & Soothing System is the only bottle that changes to meet the needs of babies through all their many stages. Instead of buying one set of bottles and then needing to buy nipples every few weeks, the Chicco NaturalFit line is different in that it grows with baby.

You can even buy a kit that includes all that you need for baby’s first few months {2 Stage One bottles, 2 Stage Two bottles and a silicone soother}. These three distinct nipple shapes give you options so you can adapt to the specific needs of your baby as you need to. Chicco NaturalFit baby gift setSTAGE ONE – NEWBORN FLOW nipples have an angled nipple with wider, rounded base to aid newborn latch and encourages proper neck positioning. The angle insures that the nipple stays full of milk, which reduces air ingestion. Twin anti-colic valves help prevent air ingestion, gas and spit-up.
STAGE TWO – ADJUSTABLE FLOW {slow, medium or fast} nipples are straight and have a rounded base as baby becomes more advanced and has better head and neck control. The adjustable flow nipple allows you to adjust flow rate however you would like – just position the number of the flow you would like directly below baby’s nose and the nipple adjusts within seconds.
STAGE THREE – FAST FLOW nipple is designed to accommodate older babies’ increased suction strength. It is smaller and has a less rounded base with an elongated nipple to encourage correct swallowing. Chicco naturalfit nippleIf you’re not keeping track, that is FIVE different options for finding the perfect match for your baby. 5 ways to configure your Chicco bottle make it a whole lot more likely that your little one will take to it and you might be able to get away for a bit. Whether you are leaving all day or you are stepping out for a few hours, trust me when I say that this baby-free time is 100% necessary for you mental health.

Chicco is so confident that you will adore the NaturalFit® bottles that they are guaranteeing you’ll love them…or your money back! Their 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for all NaturalFit® bottles means you won’t get stuck paying a premium finding the perfect bottle for your babe. Chicco bottle stage 2Try them our risk free and see how having an adjustable and adaptable system makes all the difference in the world. If you don’t love it? Return it and get a full refund plus the cost of shipping {up to $6.99}. For additional details about the satisfaction guarantee, you can visit

You can also see the rest of their feeding and soothing products, including this silicone soother that my daughter adores. She doesn’t chew on it like a pacifier, but rather gnaws on it like a teether and it’s one of her favorite things now that she’s got teeth coming in. Chicco pacifierYou can read more about Chicco’s line of baby products, including the NaturalFit® line, at the Chicco website. Be sure to follow Chicco on Facebook and on Twitter so you can see more about current promotions and products.

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  1. Hi. Thank you so much for your article. I am using chicco bottles for my son who turned 2 last month since his birth. But I found new naturalfit or natural feel chicco bottle niddles do not work properly for my son because he is now stronger and he wants to drink from bottle faster with more pressure and new bottle nipple are soft and immediately compressed with his first suction. I didn’t have this problem with previous old model chicco bottles.


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