Less is more with natural options to help children feel better from Little Remedies

Sponsored postMy grandma used to have one present she always got for every new baby in the family: Gripe Water. As the mom of 7 kids, grandmother to 12, and great-grandma to 13 {and counting}, she knows a thing or two about babies. Specifically, she knows that if baby ain’t happy, no one’s happy. She knows that at 1am that Gripe Water is going to be worth its weight in gold. Little Remedies gripe waterAs the mom of a new baby, I can definitely agree. And, while my baby is admittedly very easy going and has a naturally relaxed demeanor and a crazy amount of patience for her older siblings’ shenanigans, when she has an upset stomach, watch out.

That’s where Little Remedies products come in. Made to support the health and well-being of infants and children, Little Remedies believes that "less is more" and they make each of their products with the fewest and most natural ingredients. They do this without sacrificing the product’s effectiveness, so you get the best for your baby to help them feel better fast. No artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and no alcohol, saccharin or preservatives. Little Remedies helps them feel better fastThat is why they say Everything they need. Nothing they don't.® Created by a father who struggled to find an effective product for his kids that contained ingredients he could feel good about, Little Remedies® products were designed to soothe and comfort your precious little ones without having to sacrifice.

Back when I was pregnant with baby #3, we replenished our Little Remedies stash and created a to-go bag filled with all of our favorite baby-must haves. The Little Remedies travel bag is perfect for all of our travels, and can easily go with us in the diaper bag for days out with baby. See how much she loves her to-go bag, even when she's at home in her high chair? In seat with Little Remedies packThe larger Little Remedies bottles for baby and for the older kids are kept in the medicine cabinet here at the house so we never are without. This means that no matter where we go with kids, we’ve got everything we need to soothe them and keep them comfortable. Little Remedies pack openBut, while we love all the Little Remedies products, the Gas Drops would be my absolute favorites for baby. They are designed to relieve stomach pain caused by excess gas from food or swallowing of air, which we all know is miserable for little ones. We simply give the appropriate dosage in water, or mix with formula to give to baby and she is back to being her sweet little self even quicker.

We haven’t had to use the Little Remedies Gripe Water much so far {knocking on all sorts of wood here that we haven’t experienced colic or discomfort from hiccups}, but I just feel better knowing we have it for upset stomach emergencies. Those times we have used it, I was so happy to have it that I never want to be without.

Not sure what Little Remedies product you need for your baby or your older kids? You're in luck, because Little Remedies has an awesome symptom checker that you can use to help figure out what product you need. Try it out here today and help your little one feel better FAST.

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