Mustela products are now available at Walgreens {enter to win}

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Mustela at WalgreensWhen I was pregnant with my oldest, I found Mustela prenatal products at a specialty store in the Seattle area and fell in love. I ended up using the line through both pregnancies and still use many of the products to this day because I love the scent of their creams and lotions so much.  Mustela 9 monthsIt wasn’t until my daughter was a few months old that I heard about the Mustela Bébé line from her pediatrician. It was then that I embarked on a multi-store hunt to find Mustela products that ended with me ordering online out of frustration.

So, I was thrilled as I was shopping a few weeks ago and saw that my local Walgreens carried the line as well as some of the prenatal line. With baby’s arrival becoming more and more real, I’m starting to stock up on the essentials in preparation, and one of the essentials for me is Mustela – for me and for baby.

Mustela has been the skincare expert for babies and mothers-to-be for over 60 years and is the #1 Baby Care and Stretch Marks Brand in Europe. But, up until now it was somewhat difficult to find it in-store in the States. I’m very grateful that just in time for my shopping for baby, I can now pick up Mustela products when I pick up family prescriptions, our household items, and our health and beauty items.

If you haven’t tried Mustela before, I would definitely recommend you take a trip to your local Walgreens and see what all the fuss is about. As of this month, Mustela’s 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash, Hydra Bébé Body Lotion, Facial Cleansing Cloths, Dermo-Cleansing, Stretch Marks Double Action, Stretch Marks Intensive Action and Body Restructuring Gel will be available at over 1,000 Walgreens stores throughout the country.Mustela BebeMustela products are formulated under dermatologic control with priority ingredients of natural origin and are free of questionable ingredients. You won’t find parabens, phthalates and phenoxyethanol in any of their products and they are all hypoallergenic so it is safe, gentle, and effective for baby’s sensitive skin.

And, now they have gotten even more awesome with their recent reformulation of the 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash, Hydra Bébé Body Lotion, Facial Cleansing Cloths and Dermo-Cleansing gel. Following 10 years of research specifically focusing on baby’s skin, Mustela Avocado Perseosehas reformulated its Bébé range to incorporate the exclusive Avocado Perseose® that reinforces the barrier of baby’s skin.

This reformulation demonstrates Mustela’s commitment to creating products that are safe and effective, and their new standard of formulas boast an average of 92% ingredients of natural origin, which means that you won’t have to worry about unquestionable ingredients touching your baby’s skin. 

That means longer to enjoy all the sweetness and softness of new baby skin, and that new baby feel. I think we can all agree that is an amazing thing.

To celebrate the launch of Mustela at Walgreens, Mustela is hosting a Happy Healthy Baby Sweepstakes for a chance to win Walgreens gift cards and Mustela products. Simply post a photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag it with #MustelaBaby and then complete the entry form, which you can find by clicking the image below. Happy Healthy Baby Sweepstakes
Want to find out more about this great brand? Check out the site and be sure to like MustelaUSA on Facebook, and follow MustelaUSA on Twitter and Instagram as well as on Pinterest.

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