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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MagicBabyMoments #CollectiveBias  DIY Disney Baby BasketThere has been a big baby boom recently, and just in our family alone we have welcomed 4 babies in the past year. But, while all babies are celebrated, only first babies get a big baby shower with extended family and friends, second {and third, and fourth} babies get what is known as a Meet & Greet.

Never heard of a Meet & Greet? It’s basically the answer for the non-baby shower that takes place after the baby is born to celebrate each birth and to introduce them to the family. Where baby showers focus more on the pregnant woman and showering the parents to be with presents, the Meet & Greet is more about the baby.

But, that doesn’t mean there can’t be a present or two. It’s for these occasions that I love the welcome baby basket. Instead of bathtubs and baby gear that the parents likely got with the first baby, the baby basket is more about items that often need replaced after each child like sippy cups, baby care kits, bibs, utensils and blankets. Of course, there has to be one or two fun things for the baby, too, like the awesome Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Cloud B lamp and a blanket. Disney Baby items

Since I’m especially close with my baby nephew, I made a special baby basket for his Meet & Greet before he moved to Georgia that included a variety of these items. We’re a Disney family through and through, so I got the idea to make a Disney-inspired gift basket to give him, and I love the way it turned out.

Honestly, the hardest part was narrowing down the items I wanted to buy. The Disney Baby line from Walmart has everything you could think of to fill a new baby gift basket from toys, blankets, gear and more, and I couldn't find a basket big enough to hold everything my helpers and I fell in love with. Disney Baby shopIt was then that I decided a basket just wasn’t big enough and I headed over to the party section to get a tub to place it all in. They had a metal one and a plastic one in red that both would have worked, but I loved how lightweight and durable the plastic tub was. I knew it would work perfectly for my Mickey-inspired design, and then afterwards she could use the tub for all sorts of things like holding baby items, storing yard or sand toys, or as an ice bucket for future parties. It's like a gift inside a gift!

Want to create your own Mickey-inspired Disney Baby basket? It's super easy and it's sure to be a hit at your next baby shower or Meet & Greet.Materials Needed1 – large red tub from the party/seasonal section.

1 – spool of wide black ribbon

1 – sheet of white construction paper

2 – black paper plates

Invisible tape


What you need Mickey basketOnce you have all your supplies, you are all ready to make your own Mickey gift basket. To start, you tape the black ribbon to the party tub just under the lip of the rim and bring it up through the cut-out handles of the tub leaving an extra 25" excess of ribbon to tie it up over the present on either side. Ribbon on Mickey basketThen you simply load the Disney Baby items artfully in the party tub. We left most of our items in the packaging they came in so they didn't get lost in the bottom of the tub, but many items would look much better out of the package, so keep that in mind as you assemble.

I left one big item {the Winnie the Pooh Cloud B light} in the package and placed it near the back center to give us a good way to attach the paper plates to make the mouse ears. To do that, I simply cut a slit in the paper plate about 2" long up the center and used that to notch into the box lid so the plates would stand up on either side of the box. Mickey Basket plateAfter the plates were notched into place, I then taped them to the Cloud B box to make sure they would hold. Note: If you don't have a box big enough in your gift basket, you can also attach the ears right to the black ribbon and tie it over the top of the basket contents, it's just a bit harder to make them stand up.

Once the ears were in place, I simply brought the black ribbon up across the top of the present and tied it into a bow to help hold everything in place and add a little flair. If I was attaching the mouse ears right to the ribbon, I would have used a stapler or brads instead of tape.

All that was left after this was adding the signature white ovals to the front of the tub as the last finishing touch using white construction paper. Add a card or note and it's all ready for gifting! Disney Baby Basket DIYSince many of the items in my basket are super practical, we ended up tearing into the basket during the party and using some of the Disney Baby feeding accessories for all the babies. I think my nephew liked the Disney bibs and utensils, don’t you? Disney Baby feeding suppliesKnowing I’m not going to be seeing my nephew a few times a week like we’re accustomed to and that we won’t even be able to make it for his birthday in a few months makes me crazy sad. But, I love the fact that he’s using the presents we bought him every single day for something he loves {that would be eating, drinking, sleeping, and playing}.

Because while my sister has pictures like the one below taken of our littlest babes during the party, as well as a special sisters necklace, and a signed map from all of us that help her feel less homesick, I love that the items in the basket are something my nephews have that is special from us to help them feel close, too. It doesn't make Georgia any closer, but it helps knowing that there's a little bit of us there with them even when we're apart. Our Disney BabiesWhat do you think of my Disney Baby Mickey-inspired baby basket? What would you put in your Mickey baby basket?

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  1. Oh that is such a cool idea for a gift basket. I love how you tied the theme of the gifts into the packaging, and it wasn’t hard to create (for those noncrafty in the group!) #client


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