Stylish Quilted Koala “Mommy & Me” totes keep you organized on-the-go

Sponsored postIf I could name one thing that keeps me sane as a mom of three kids, my answer would undoubtedly be “organization”. Gone are the days of happy-go-lucky Leanne where I would simply grab my purse and leave the house. Now going anywhere requires a few lists: the must-haves, the would-be-nice-to-haves, and the if-I-have-time items. I’m constantly organizing things into small piles each night, prepping what I can ahead of time so that our mornings and days run a little smoother, and for the most part I would say that I’m pretty well organized and we haven’t had any major catastrophes in terms of planning.

And, while I never committed to a full diaper bag with my two older children, I’ve reached the point where the “mom purse” is getting out of control. As if leather purses weren’t already heavy on their own, I’ve been known to find full-fledged rocks in my purse but there by my little darlings. Rocks, people. I carry around rocks in my purse.

Obviously, a mom purse is not the right solution to keep us organized on-the-go. What I have been searching for is a bag from Quilted Koala, the makers of the perfect lightweight 100% cotton tote bags totes to organize everything I haul around each day. Mother Daughter Quilted Koala Totes

Their bags are beautiful like purses, but unlike most leather, pleather, or heavy canvas handbags or shoulder bags, they are substantially lighter weight when empty. That means I’m not filling a ton of heavy stuff inside something that is already heavy and then carrying it around all day. Instead I’m lightening the load, so to speak, by starting out with a lightweight bag that can hold all of our stuff.

But, this isn’t just any bag – the large tote from Quilted Koala is an organizer’s dream. We’re not talking a pocket, or even two pockets to stash things in. No, the large tote has pockets galore all around the bag both inside and out to hold all those little items and keep them easy to grab as you need them. Quilted Koala Tote fullWe’re talking one pocket for your cellphone and keys, another for your glasses, one for snacks, one for pacifiers and teethers, and another pocket for diapers and wipes. No more digging through your bag for lost items while holding a baby and trying to wrangle the older kids. With Quilted Koala bags, it makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, one handed.

And, while I adore all the pockets, what really sold me on the Quilted Koala bags was the quilted design that acts like a cushion around all your important gear. The extra padding makes it perfect for storing a tablet, a DSLR, or even just a phone. Since I almost always have my DSLR with me in its trusty Camera Coat cover, I love that I can throw it in my Quilted Koala tote and know that it has another layer of protection without having to carry around a camera bag as well. Mom and daughter Quilted KoalaBut, my daughter would give another reason why Quilted Koala bags are her favorite – the fact that they make Mommy & Me designs so we can carry coordinated totes everywhere we go. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, the child bag is the perfect accessory for any child that loves to match Mommy. Mother Daughter Quilted KoalaMy daughter was thrilled when she realized that one of the gorgeous totes in the Quilted Koala box was just for her. She immediately started planning all the different things we could carry them to, all the things we could store in our totes, and how much fun we were going to have matching Quilted KoalaIn case you cannot hear the excitement in that last statement, I should tell you that we are literally always looking for matching items for the two of us. And, it is far harder than I ever thought possible to find items that match in her size and in mine. She wants to match me every day, and up until now we’ve been limited to things like necklaces and scarves out of desperation. Now we get to match all the time, and it’s a very big deal.

Basically, it’s everything I could want in a tote as far as organization, lightweight design, and padded protection for my gear, and it make my daughter ridiculously happy. It’s a mommy win all around. Quilted Koala two bagsAre you looking for the perfect summer tote to go from pool to beach? Or maybe you need a diaper bag but you secretly hate all diaper bags? Or perhaps you just want something for when you’re on the go all day and you want a stylish bag to keep all your essentials in? Whatever you’re looking for, the answer is Quilted Koala. Available in multiple sizes, color schemes, and prints, there is sure to be the perfect Quilted Koala bag for you. Quilted Koala tote inside
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  1. You have no idea how bad I needed to see this post today. Those totes are beautiful and I’m definitely going shopping for one!


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