From toddler to teen: the answer is the Zazoo Kids photo clock

Up until just a few months ago, our kids were a parent’s dream at night.  We would literally pop them in their beds after their bedtime routine and not hear from either one again until I would have to wake them up in the morning.  Yes, true story.  But, while my son is still firmly … Read more

We Love the Kiddy Platter by Smarty Parents

When you’re talking gear for young children, all parents want the same thing: quality products that truly last.  Well, four years ago we reviewed something called a Piggy Platter here on the site and to this day it’s still one of our most frequently used items in our home.  Four years, people – that’s a … Read more

Zutano Introduces ZUTANOBLUE at Target NYC event

Baby clothing sure has come a long way in the past 20 years.  When I was a tot, there was pastel pink or blue or, if you didn’t know whether you were expecting a boy or girl, you got muted yellow and green.  But now baby clothing comes in every color of the rainbow and in styles I can’t help but swoon over. 

It would be hard to pinpoint exactly when the switch to fashionably fun children’s wear happened, but my guess it was right around the time Zutano hit the market and turned the pastel baby clothing market on its head.  Just look at some of these adorable goodies from their collection.  Feel free to swoon, I’ll wait. 

Zutano Clothing
Almost makes me want another little one.  Almost.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Momtrends and Project Nursery, I recently spent some time with the wonderful people behind the Zutano brand at BlogHer and was amazed at how nice and personable they all are.    

We met up at the famous FAO Schwarz in NYC and had a delicious catered dinner from Tacombi.  While we ate, we learned a little bit about the company, why it started, and what its vision was – in the beginning and looking forward.  We even got to see the Zutano bicycle that founder Michael Belenky used to hand-deliver orders from all over the city.

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Folding flexiBATH from Prince Lionheart

If you’re anything like me, you were beyond thrilled when you could finally throw away your old baby bathtub for good.  I got rid of our plastic molded tub as soon as my son could handle a regular bath, happy to reclaim our bath once and for all.  But, when I found out I would … Read more

MAM Baby Oral Care Collection {Review & $2 Off Coupon}

We’ve talked before about how much we adore MAM Baby – their pacifiers, their bottles, and pretty much everything they make.  In fact, we even wrote a love letter to all of our favorite MAM products after we saw them at the Baby Show in NYC in 2009.  So, of course, we jumped at the … Read more

Crane Adorable Animal Cool Mist Humidifier – New Adorable Owl

Cozy At Home Event – Day 1 With school back in session and cold weather moving in, there’s no denying that cold and flu season is also on the horizon.  That means sick days spent sneezing, coughing, and feeling helpless as my family fends off the illness.  Although there are times when medication is a … Read more

Béaba Bib’expresso All-in-One Super Cool Feeding Gadget

I was really lucky and was able to breastfeed my first child for 16 months before switching to bottles, but my second take at breastfeeding hasn’t quite panned out like I had hoped.  First there were supply issues and engorgement, and then there were growth issues and latching problems, and finally the choice was made … Read more

Corolle Emma and Paul Potty Training Dolls

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 6 If I were listing off educational toys for children, I would put dolls way up at the top.  I know most people don't think of baby dolls in terms of educational or learning toys, but I certainly do.  There are so many things that playing with dolls teaches young … Read more

Boon Inc Potty Bench

When we were ready to start potty training, there was only one potty chair we considered.  Having seen it in a specialty boutique a few months before, my husband and I fell in love with the Boon Inc Potty Bench for a number of reasons and knew it would be perfect in the coming months … Read more

Protect-A-Bed Premium Mattress Protector

Having a really nice Mattress Protector really does make a huge difference in the life of a mattress.  As someone who finally owns my dream bed that I hope to own for years to come, a Premium Mattress Protector review couldn't have come at a better time.  So, when Protect-A-Bed contacted me and told me … Read more