MAM Baby Oral Care Collection {Review & $2 Off Coupon}

We’ve talked before about how much we adore MAM Baby – their pacifiers, their bottles, and pretty much everything they make.  In fact, we even wrote a love letter to all of our favorite MAM products after we saw them at the Baby Show in NYC in 2009.  So, of course, we jumped at the chance to review some of their newest items from the MAM oral care line this spring for our little guy. 

Knowing that proper oral care needs to start even before the first tooth, we’ve always been big on gum and tooth brushing.  But, while our 4 year old daughter begs to brush her teeth, our little guy seemed to dislike all of the tooth brushes we had ever bought for him and I dreaded tooth time.  Because of this, I was really excited to see some fun new items in the oral care kit that arrived last month.

Mam Oral Care
Since MAM offers various takes on the standard toothbrush for small kids, I knew that this would be a great opportunity to see what his preference was and why he hadn’t liked the toothbrushes we had given him in the past.  After opening the first package it became clear that he had viewed toothbrushes not as a cleaning tool, but rather a teething tool, and he had been frustrated that the bristles weren’t offering the biting sensation he was hoping for. 

While I would ideally like him to focus on good brushing habits, him gumming on a toothbrush with baby paste all over his teeth as definitely better than nothing, and I know MAM will help us transition well to using an actual toothbrush as he gets older. 

The MAM oral care system starts with the Oral Care Rabbit that is a terry cloth teether for young kids.  Since my son was a bit old for this and thought it was a washcloth or sponge, we decided to hand it off to a new nephew who adores it now that his new teeth are trying to pop through. 

Instead, we started with the MAM Massaging Brush, which has a long handle with two teething pads on either end.  One side has a bristle-like rubber head and the other side has a rippled head that allows you to assist your child in brushing their teeth and get them ready to brush on their own.

MAM Massaging Tooth Brush
Since my little guy is teething, everything makes it to his mouth these days, but he seems to get frustrated he can’t get his back teeth that are trying to pop through.  We found out quick that he loves the bristle-like head of the Massaging Brush and uses it to help those back teeth pop through.  So, now instead of a kiddo who would refuse to brush, we now have a kid who would brush his teeth for 30 minutes or more if we let him!

Mam BabyHe’s been using it for a few weeks now and we are just now at the point where we are thinking of moving him to the next step up in the oral care line, the MAM Training Brush.  Like the Massaging Brush, it has a long handle with a rubber head, but instead of the second rubber head, it has a more traditional tooth brush head on the other end so they can get used to theMAM toothbrush idea of traditional brushing.
The final step is still a few months away, but it was great to show him the MAM First Brush and get him used to the idea of using a regular toothbrush like his sister.  This one has a shorter handle for those who have better dexterity and can maneuver easily even in little mouths.   

Because the line progressively moves kids through all stages of oral care but still integrates the same coloring and fun designs, I think this was exactly what we needed to start him off on taking care of his new pearly whites.  I’m really excited that we figured out what his preferences were by using the MAM line and now have a clear plan to transitioning him to a regular brush.  But, most of all, I am thrilled that because of MAM we now we have two awesome teeth brushers that beg to brush their teeth each morning and night. 
Kiddos brushing
And, no, I did not pose them for this picture.  I came in to find them brushing their teeth on their own and whipped out my camera.  Because not only do they love brushing, they clearly love each other. 

Want to know more about MAM’s product offerings?  Visit and navigate through their collection of pacifiers, bottles, brushes and more.  While you’re there you should check out the MAM Life Cycle section of their site for great information from pregnancy and beyond! 

Also, be sure and like MAM Baby USA on Facebook for a $2 off coupon to use in-store!

Leanne Signature 2Thank you to Team Mom / Child's Play PR and MAM for sending samples to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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