Béaba Bib’expresso All-in-One Super Cool Feeding Gadget

I was really lucky and was able to breastfeed my first child for 16 months before switching to bottles, but my second take at breastfeeding hasn’t quite panned out like I had hoped.  First there were supply issues and engorgement, and then there were growth issues and latching problems, and finally the choice was made to supplement with formula as well as give bottles of breastmilk this time around. 

Brand-beaba-sm Because I was spoiled with being able to breastfeed for so long the first time, I really didn’t understand the pain that bottles, feedings, and formula can be until just recently.  Now I can see why there are a million and a half gadgets for feeding infants and babies – it’s all about making the whole process a little bit easier on everyone. 

When I first decided we were going to supplement, I mistakenly thought it was going to be more convenient, but that’s before I realized what all was involved in warming, preparing, and cleaning bottle accessories after each feeding.  And, the annoyances just keep coming… first, there’s all the bottles filling up your dishwasher, then you need a way to warm up formula, food, and breastmilk, and finally, there’s the sterilizer to keep everything safe for baby to consume. 

I had seen bottle warmers before when I was registering during my first pregnancy, but even at the time I thought they were a bit silly.  Why buy something that has such a limited lifespan, only does one single function, and takes up so much room if you can make do without?  Recently, I found my answer: because having to “make do” for over a year just isn’t any fun. 

What if I told you that there was a super cool new feeding gadget that solves all of these problems and more?  Introducing the Béaba Bib'expresso, the first all-in-one feeding gadget that allows you to prepare bottles, breastmilk, solid foods and more as well as well as sterilize {and store} your accessories. 

Beaba bib'expresso Want to hear more about this clever little machine?
Now, instead of heating up water for bottles by running them under incredibly hot tap water or in the microwave {which, FYI, is not recommended}, I can make a bottle of formula with the simple press of a button with no fear of hot spots or burning.  Want to heat up breastmilk or baby food?  Simply fill the water tank and press a button and it heats the water to warm for feeding quickly and easily.  If that wasn’t enough, you can also sterilize and store your bottles and accessories with the Bib’expresso!

Features of the Bib’expresso we’re raving about: As cool as the unit is as a whole, it also comes apart and allows you to use each of its functions separately as your needs change.  The upper water tank and sterilizer/storage compartment are both removable for use without the base and both can be used for other functions even after the bottle stage.  In fact, I use the Bib’expresso daily with my daughter, making her cocoa, cleaning her cups and straws, and heating up foods that don’t do well in the microwave. 

Béaba also makes a homemade baby food maker that could be used with the Bib’expresso, allowing you to warm foods made with their Béaba Babycook {which I have heard wonderful things about}.  While I am loving the Bib’expresso for the bottle stage, I really love that it is perfect for warming homemade baby food.  This is going to be a feature I will use for years and years as my kids eat baby food well after bottles are through, and using the microwave is not recommended for heating from frozen.  To save on counter space, I will simply use the top portion of the Bib’expresso on its own and make defrosting and heating incredibly easy.

Beaba Bib'expresso Béaba Bib'expresso specs:
•    Bottle preparation in 90 seconds.
•    Safe – The bottle is always at the right temperature thanks to direct water control
•    Practical – direct water flow mixes the powder formula and helps ensure more even temperature
•    Easy to Use – just one hand required to prepare the bottle
•    Removable, ultra-compact bottle and food warmer can be used anywhere
•    Microwavable sterilizer/bottle storage compartment included. Can hold up to three 10 ounce (300 ml) bottles. Protects sterilized bottles from light and dust and keeps them handy and ready to use when preparing baby's bottle.
•    Self-cleaning steam system for in-depth cleaning of the device.
•    Product can be used after baby for preparing beverages with hot water such as tea and hot cocoa.
•    BPA-free.

Buy It: The Bib’expresso retails for $129.95 and you can find it at Amazon.com, PamperedTot.com, and at BeabaUSA.com.  More info, images, and web tutorial videos can be found on the Beaba site.

Leanne Signature 2 While Béaba provided me with a Bib'expresso to review, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Béaba, Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.

5 thoughts on “Béaba Bib’expresso All-in-One Super Cool Feeding Gadget”

  1. AAAAHHH!! Where was this thing (or where was I rather) 8 months ago? I was lucky and nursed my son for 12 months, and with the twins I think I supplemented from the get go due to their insatiable appetites. I loathe the fiasco of getting their bottles together and would have loved this. Oh well. I’m sure that moms of all ages feel that about the next gen of products. Right?

  2. I really wish they had this on the market 6 months ago… I will tell my sister about it so she can check it out for her twins


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