Corolle Emma and Paul Potty Training Dolls

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If I were listing off educational toys for children, I would put dolls way up at the top.  I know most people don't think of baby dolls in terms of educational or learning toys, but I certainly do.  There are so many things that playing with dolls teaches young children, including creativity, nurturing, compassion, and empathy.

Rocking Small While I do admit that luck had a lot to do with some of the amazing nurturing abilities my two year old seems to possess naturally, there were quite a few skills that can be attributed directly to playing with her Corolle dolls that she absolutely adores.  From patience to gentleness to appropriate places to touch a newborn (hint, it's not the eyes as she originally thought), I know she has learned a lot from our many hours of baby doll play together.

A good deal of our summer was spent playing baby dolls together in preparation for her new role as a big sister this fall, and I really had so much fun teaching her how to care for her babies like I would be caring for mine.  From diaper changes to feedings and playtime, it was really fun watching her play and learn from her babies and even more fun to watch how all that doll and mama playtime has made her the most amazing big sister I could ever hope for.

But, as excited as I am to teach my daughter everything I can and watch her learn how the world works, there was one thing I was simply dreading teaching her.  That one thing is potty training and it has caused me to all but ignore this major milestone I knew was looming in our future.  This has meant that I continued to diaper her even months after her 2nd birthday and now currently have two children in diapers. 

News_photo_29_07_09_2 So, who would have thought that it would be a baby doll that stepped in to help me out potty training my daughter?  Corolle once again has found another way to make playtime a learning opportunity by introducing Drink-and-Wet Emma & Paul, their classic potty training dolls

As are all things Corolle, Emma and Paul are adorable, vanilla scented, and heirloom quality.  But, what makes Emma and Paul amazing is that they are tastefully anatomically correct, come with a doll sized potty chair as well as other accessories, and that they help young kids understand how the potty training process works. 

Here’s a brief overview of what experts suggest for potty training your child:  First, you and your child “teach” Emma and/or Paul how to use the potty.  Then you and your child establish a reward system to reinforce Emma and Paul using the potty chair while making the change from diapers to cloth underwear (both of which are included with Emma or Paul).  Once your child has taught Emma or Paul how to use the potty chair, you can then move forward using the same steps to teach your child how to use it with the reward system you established for Emma and Paul.

Emma So, how does a potty training doll help your child learn how to use the toilet?  Besides being so much easier to demonstrate how to use the toilet by showing them exactly how a doll uses it, it also makes the process so much more fun.  Your child simply feeds the baby using a water-filled baby bottle and then they place the baby on the potty.  With just a light squeezing of the tummy, the doll will go potty and then you and your child can celebrate together. 

I was really struggling with how to describe using the toilet to my toddler so I love that it is so much easier to explain with dolls that drink and wet.  When using Emma or Paul to show them, your child can see firsthand how the process works so they know what to expect.  Your child sees the baby successfully use their potty chair, sees how excited you are, and then sees the reward of the cloth underwear once the doll has been fully trained.  

In our house Emma has become a fast friend for my daughter and comes with us to sit on her doll potty chair whenever my daughter uses hers.  This makes going to the bathroom a “party” and something my daughter really looks forward to.  And, because Emma and Paul are both all-vinyl, my daughter can even bathe them or take them in the bath with her each night, which makes bath time at our house a whole lot more fun as well. 

Emma on the Potty Now my daughter spends hours “feeding” her dolls, putting them on the potty, and then doing our made up potty dance once the baby goes.  Although my daughter isn’t fully potty trained yet, she is making great progress and getting excited about being potty trained like baby Emma and Paul are, which makes me a whole lot less apprehensive about teaching her. 

But, as great as it is that my daughter has responded so well to Emma, the best part is that besides being a great potty training aid, Emma is now one of her most cherished dolls and a friend for years to come.   

14” Drink and Wet Emma and Paul Potty Training Dolls
Each sold separately and recommended for ages 3 years and up
Anatomically correct all-vinyl body baby doll
Sleeping eyes
Comes with potty chair, pacifier, bottle, disposable diaper, and cloth undergarments

Find out more at and be sure to check out Corolle's Facebook page where they run AWESOME monthly contests! 

The current Corolle contest is HUGE and it's just in time for the Holidays!  Here's how it works:

1) Post a pic of your little one with their Corolle on Facebook along with…
2) Their Corolle wish list on Corolle's wall
Contest ends December 1, right before all the Holidays begin!

Leanne Signature 2 A huge thank you to Corolle for once again sending a best friend for my daughter.  There is nothing she loves more than playing with her babies, and her baby of choice is Corolle.  This is why we're going to be spending this weekend celebrating Neighborhood Toy Store Day in the Corolle aisle of our local toy shoppe.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review. 

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