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Having a really nice Mattress Protector really does make a huge difference in the life of a mattress.  As someone who finally owns my dream bed that I hope to own for years to come, a Premium Mattress Protector review couldn't have come at a better time.  So, when Protect-A-Bed contacted me and told me about their line of Mattress Pads and Protectors, I was thrilled to test one out.

It seems everything needs washed more often now that we have a little one in the house, but bedding is by far the most daunting.  Since our bed has become the Saturday Morning Cartoon bed, we've seen at least twice as many loads of bedding, which makes me extra grateful for Protect-A-Bed offering both protection and comfort, as well as minimizing the amount of loads of bedding that need laundered each week.

Mattress_premium While I was searching through the Protect-A-Bed website, I found a fact that seriously made me feel ill: Every night the human body loses at least a pint of body fluids through skin pores and mouth, as well as millions of skin flakes.  I don’t know about you, but I find that absolutely disgusting.  That’s the kind of fact that makes you realize that waterproof mattress covers aren’t just for the very young or very old, but rather for anyone who wants to protect their mattress investment. 

What makes the Premium Mattress Protector by Protect-A-Bed so unique is the Miracle Membrane® material that is breathable and comfortable in addition to being waterproof.  I don’t know if anyone out there remembers the waterproof mattress pads of our youth, but growing up my best friend had one, and it felt and sounded like you were sleeping on a tarp.  After reading that the Protect-A-Bed offers superior waterproofing without the plastic feel and sound, I was more than intrigued.  But, once the Premium Mattress Protector arrived, I realized it absolutely was true.  In a size that is only a little bit bigger than a fitted sheet, Protect-A-Bed gives you the ultimate in piece of mind and still is remarkably soft and comfortable.   

In addition to waterproofness, Protect-A-Bed also is perfect for those with allergies and health concerns.  By creating a barrier over the mattress to protect against dust mites and allergens that can thrive in an unprotected mattress, Protect-A-Bed offers you and your family relief and a good night's sleep. 

Before this, I had always purchased premium pillow topped mattress pads, hoping to find one someday that was able to hold up longer than a year or two.  It seems like no matter how much I spent for it, or what the label on the package claimed, that they all were made of the cheapest fabrics known to man in the areas it really mattered and really didn’t offer much in the way of mattress protection.  Sure, the top may be 500 thread count suprema cotton, but it’s the poor sides of the pad that will cause you to replace it after just a few washings. 

Speaking of washing, another huge frustration with the big and bulky mattress pads I used to own was that they took up an entire washing machine load.  This meant that it literally doubled my laundry that needed to be done.  So, instead of having to run the washer and dryer both twice fully in order to make the bed again, we ended up getting an extra mattress pad as a spare and rotated them each time we did up the bed.  For those of you who haven’t seen a plush mattress pad any time recently, I will let you in on a little secret – these things are mammoth and require a frustratingly huge amount of space to store in between uses. 

Protect-A-Bed solved all of these problems and more with their Premium Mattress Protector, offering superior protection in an ultra small package.  I was finally able to reclaim a whole shelf of my linen closet that had previously stored a huge spare mattress pad.  No longer do we need to spend all day laundering our sheets and mattress pads, but now can throw the Protect-A-Bed Premium Mattress Protector in with the other bedding with space to spare.  But, even better than that was that facts like the one listed on the Protect-A-Bed website really didn’t bother me much anymore.  As long as I know that the pint of bodily fluids and skin cells is not making it into my beloved mattress, I am a happy girl.  

Protect-A-Bed® Premium Mattress Protectors Facts from the Protect-A-Bed website:
• Waterproof yet air vapor porous – acting the same way as human skin
• Effective in preventing bacteria and dust mites from breeding in your pillow and mattress
• Protects mattresses from stains (accidental spills, perspiration, bodily fluids)
• Machine washable on hot, tumble dry medium
• Ultra thin with four-way stretch does not detract from the comfort of the mattress
• Can be used on all visco elastic, inner spring and latex mattresses
• High Quality Fitted-sheet style
• Expandable skirt ensures mattress protector fits any depth of mattress (8" to 20")
• Wash durability rating: > 200 washes
• Soft and super absorbent
• Can be sterilized at 121° C/250° F
• Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100
• 10 year warranty

Prices: King $99.99, Queen $79.99, Twin $59.99 or Crib $29.99

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I became a fan of protect-a-bed on facebook and left them a comment. My name is Lisa Selmon Vance.

A huge thank you to Protect-A-Bed for providing their Premium Mattress Protector at no charge and for offering a giveaway to our fabulous readers.  No monetary compensation was received for this Rave Review.

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  1. I read the first sign of bed bugs are small bites on the body, which look similar to raised red bumps like those that appear from mosquito bites. The bites will be itchy and are easily misdiagnosed as mosquito bites, chicken pox or a rash.

  2. I like the QuiltGuard Mattress Protector and I learned that Protect-A-Bed has its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    charmtime at gmail dot com

  3. I learned that the “polyurethane laminate can now withstand in excess of 200 washes and tumble dries at boiling point.”

  4. THE pillow protectors would be something I would really like for my kids. they have such allergies and sensitivities that when they go to sleepovers or family overnighters, they should ALWAYS bring their own protected pillow. More than once they have used “GUEST” pillows at another house and have ended up with full blown allergy symptoms and even triggered asthma!
    I would LOVE to have the mattress cover for our newly diagnosed asthma/allergy sufferer…our youngest, who is 10! Doctor advised it but not affordable quite yet. thank you!

  5. I became a Facebook Fan of Protect a Bed and left a comment you were featuring and showing their products and our family would REALLY benefit from a doc ordered quality protector! thank you!
    eileen richter

  6. i hate creepy crawlies! i’d love to have the premium pillow protectors too!! i bought some at Target and they are so crunchy and noisy and awful…. i kinda wonder if they even work 8(

  7. I learned that it is estimated that two million dust mites can thrive in an unprotected mattress. GROSS!!!

  8. I learned that Perspiration in unprotected beds can lead to bacteria and mould causing several health conditions such as asthma and that the average person perspires 1 Liter a night.
    kowandamcbride at yahoo dot com

  9. I learned that Protect-A-Bed® mattress protectors and AllerZip® products put an impenetrable barrier between you and allergens, allowing you to get the perfect, allergy-free sleep you’ve always dreamed of.

  10. I’d love to own the Plush Pillow Protectors for our bedroom pillows. Maybe they would help our pillows last longer. Thanks for the chance!

  11. I love pillow protectors, but I only have them on 2 of our pillows. This brand seems great – I am not very impressed with one of the pillow protectors we currently have!

  12. I would also love to try the pillow protectors! Thanks for the chance to win. mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  13. I have allergies and a set of the AllerZip pillow protectors would be great to have. Great giveaway, thanks.

  14. I am also interested in the Plush Pillow Protectors but would love to win a mattress protector for my son’s crib. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. I like the Plush Mattress Protector because it has all the allergy-free benefits of the Premium mattress protector but has a luxurious velour topside.

  16. I learned that You lose a liter of body moisture every night, creating a perfect breeding ground in your mattress for bacteria and dust mites- YUCK!

  17. I learned that mattress covers not only offer an ideal sleep zone, but they also prolong the life of your mattress.

  18. was excited to find out that it is estimated that two million dust mites can thrive in an unprotected mattress

  19. The Protect-a-Bed wards off bed bugs, reduces exposure to allergens and extends the life of the mattress.

  20. I learned that Protect-A-Bed state-of-the-art mattress and pillow protectors provide an impermeable barrier between you and the dust mites and allergens within your bedding.

  21. If I had a mattress protector for our queen-size bed it just wouldn’t be complete without having the pillow protector(s) as well! 🙂

  22. I do believe that I would have to pick up a pair of the pillow protectors too since they are closest to your face when you’re sleeping. I shudder to think of what goes on at a microscopic level while we’re sleeping…

  23. I want to win because they lock out bedbugs!! I’ve seen a picture of bed bugs and every since then I’ve been so freaked out about them. I’d love to have a product that locks them out! Thanks so much!

  24. As an asthmatic and allergy sufferer I would also REALLY love to have the Plush Pillow Protector!

  25. As a mommy, I’d have to say I would love to have the crib protector. Especially if my baby follows in the foot steps of her Daddy and is allergic to darn near everything!

  26. I learned Bed bugs are parasites that live and breed inside your mattress, and they are resistant to pesticides.

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