Harlem Globetrotters 2010 Magical Memories Tour

It’s a good year to be a Globetrotter.  If you think you've seen the Harlem Globetrotters everywhere these past few months, you are absolutely correct.  Appearing on all sorts of TV shows and getting tons of airtime for the causes and groups they support, the Harlem Globetrotters are back in a big way.

5651d15560c4f4b5e254cd25423518b1_200 In their 84th season, the 2010 Magical Memories tour kicked off in late December and runs all the way through to May, making stops in 216 cities.  The unique mash up of theatre and sporting event is one that is truly captivating for all ages and what makes the Globetrotters as delightful today as they were in our youth.  Between slam dunks and difficult plays, the Globetrotters treat their audience to a show that is full of slapstick and silly, but also has skill and elegance to spare.  

Playing against their arch rivals, the Washington Generals, who are arguably the worst defensive ball players in the history of the world, my money will always go on the Harlem Globetrotters for the win.  In fact, it turns out their record is nearly perfect, with a winning streak that I’m guessing is unmatched in any other basketball team in history.  Let’s just say it’s not the Washington General’s year, or let’s just be honest and say that I certainly wouldn’t want to be the team playing the Globetrotters each night.  Which makes it all the more disappointing that the Harlem Globetrotters lost last night.  Just kidding.  

The Harlem Globetrotters descended on Seattle this past weekend and left our house looking like a meeting of their Fan Club had just passed through. Three official balls (two of them signed by members of the Globetrotters, minus Globie) are being bounced around our home by sweat band adorned youngsters who have limitless stories to tell.  In an event that was quite possibly “the best night ever” of my nephew’s life, the Harlem Globetrotters have managed to out-do all other acts of awesome aunt-ness that I have ever bestowed upon him. 

C412dd7a049beaeaf461f7c6516a3957_200 Part of what makes the Globetrotter experience so memorable is that more than most plays or sporting events, you feel like you are truly a part of the night.  With young fans being whisked to the court to participate in the show, the whole event seems really accessible.  In a far cry from other sporting and spectator events, the Harlem Globetrotters allow their show to spill into the stadium seats and encourage audience participation. 

After the game ended was a spectacle I have never before witnessed, where the entire arena audience was invited to meet the players and have their Globetrotters paraphernalia signed by their favorite stars.  And even in that crazy atmosphere of smiling kids and their proudly displayed merchandise snapping pictures and getting signatures, we had a good time.  The players were always gentlemen, calling my niece princess and even continuing to sign long after the autograph session had ended, and reaffirming in my mind what the Harlem Globetrotter name is all about. 

Team%20Photo%20-%20for%20web3%20-%202010 And for those of you who are wary of crowds, especially in an arena setting, you will be happy to note that even in a giant arena of both young and old, the entire audience seemed to remember that the fans were there for the magic of the event and were on their best crowd behavior.  Nicely waiting in line and even letting small kids through, it seems the whole group was making sure that kids stayed with their attending adults and adding to the feel of a wholesome family show.  

And, it’s hard to penalize a show for its popularity – I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of a family tradition with so much history behind it?  The Harlem Globetrotters truly are the rare entertainment event that has managed to stay current and relevant while maintaining the feel of an old fashioned show.  Using the classic good vs. bad story line, with music and comedy to propel the evening, the Globetrotters’ show manages to transfix our young just as it has for generations of basketball fans. 

For those of you that are thinking about taking your children to see the Harlem Globetrotters, you can check out the cities remaining on the tour by clicking HEREAnd, to sweeten the deal, there is a $7 discount you can get for each ticket at www.harlemglobetrotters.com using the promotional code: HGMOM to redeem the coupon.  Not valid on VIP or courtside seats, online only and is valid until the day before the show. 

Official site: http://www.harlemglobetrotters.com/  While there, you should explore a bit.  Kids can send email fan letters to the players (which Globetrotters players personally respond to) and see Globetrotter history, photos and news.

And now for the Giveaway…

One Rave and Review reader will win a Harlem Globetrotters gift bag filled with a mini-basketball, authentic Globetrotter wristbands, an autographed Harlem Globetrotter team photo and a 2010 game program!  To enter, just tell me a Harlem Globetrotter story, memory or bit of trivia about the team.  If you need help, you can visit their official site HERETeaware-swirl

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This giveaway is closed.  Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to the lucky winner Gianna who said "They were once parodied on a Futurama episode :)"!

A huge thank you to the Globetrotters for inviting my family to see a game and for offering a giveaway to our fabulous readers.  No monetary compensation was received for this Rave Review.

71 thoughts on “Harlem Globetrotters 2010 Magical Memories Tour”

  1. I haven’t seen the Globetrotters since I was a kid, but I have always wanted to take my little ones. I love that the players answer their fan mail personally – that’s just awesome!

  2. My family and I went to see The Harlem GlobeTrotters a couple of years ago at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim and the show was so funny I will never forget the fun we had.

  3. I just remember seeing them on TV and being in complete AWE of them.
    A more current story would be that we had tickets given to us, but only for four to go see them. WE were at a family party two hours away and had to scoot back just in time! I decided to let my hubby and 3 kids at home use the 4 tickets, so I dropped them off close and went home. When they called me to come pick them up, I have NEVER heard such chatter in my life!!! All the kids AND my husband were all talking so fast about how funny and exciting it all was!!! I never even felt bad about not being able to go, because their COMPLETE awe and excitement made me feel SO good…their excited ramblings about what they saw made me feel like I was actually THERE! They ALL said they want to go again, but that was 4 years ago at LEAST and we havent been able to afford it yet. SUCH a good, clean, fun family activity!!!!! My kids are SO into basketball, NOW playing themselves. they would SO, SO love to win this prize pack!!
    thank you!!

  4. I clicked on the As Seen on Baby Blog. So I think I voted. There weren’t any other directions as to what to do, so hopefully I voted. If not, can someone please give more direction
    [email protected]

  5. I’ve never actually seen the globetrotters in person- I loved watching two team members on last season’s Amazing Race. I was bummed when they didn’t win.

  6. I remember when I was 8 my dad took us to see the Globetrotters in Philly and They put on thier skit where they make a joke with the confetti.

  7. my mom took me&a friend to a game in hs,we had such a great time&it was something I will always remember!

  8. I remember when when I was a teenager going to see them with my parents and it was fantastic. Now I will bring my daughter in a few weeks!

  9. I remember watching them on tv when I was young. I was amazed by their talent and they made me laugh. i enjoyed the great Meadowlark Lemon.

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