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When we were ready to start potty training, there was only one potty chair we considered.  Having seen it in a specialty boutique a few months before, my husband and I fell in love with the Boon Inc Potty Bench for a number of reasons and knew it would be perfect in the coming months as we introduced potty training to our daughter.  Packed with features and wonderfully free of any cartoon character’s likeness, the Potty Bench by Boon is the only chair I willingly invited into my bathroom for the next few years and the only one that met every single requirement we had in a seat.  

Boonbench First off, it is a 3-in-1 design, which all of you by now know how much I love.  Instead of a traditional potty chair that is completely useless for anything else, the Boon Potty Bench becomes a step stool for toddlers or bench for parents to sit on while bathing kids, etc.  This means that instead of having to store some single purpose item in between potty training of each child, we now have a great looking potty chair/bench/stool that everyone in the family can find a use for, for years to come.  The bench can support up to 300 pounds, and is wide and low to the ground (7 1/8") to make it safe for even young kids to use without it tipping.  While it doesn’t add a ton of height, and might not make it so early potty trainers can wash their hands by themselves, I know it is going to be really useful for years to come helping the kids brush their teeth and learn to wash up by themselves.  

Secondly, it doesn’t look like a normal potty chair.  With the seat cover closed it looks like the bench/stool that it is, and is much easier to have in your bathroom than the typical eye sore chairs of our youth.  In fact, most people probably won’t even realize that it is anything more than a low step stool at first glance.  This design is also awesome for storing the seat after you are done training or for transporting the seat for travel or for ease of using away from home. 

PottyBench_Use Thirdly, it has two storage cubbies for all the wipes, toilet paper, extra diapers, or anything else you may need.  In fact, one side actually has a holder for the toilet paper roll built right in.  Now you can potty train wherever it is most convenient for you without having to worry about where those all important paper products are.  Better yet, the two storage sides are locked shut when the Potty Bench lid is down and it is in step stool mode, which means there is no risk of a little one accidentally stepping inside the cubbies and by far greater odds that the contents inside the cubbies will stay there between uses.

While we love the extra features of the Boon Potty Bench, it is the functionality of the main potty chair that I really fell in love with and why it is our top pick for potty chairs.  One requirement I had was that the potty chair have a seat separate from the inner bowl that you empty.  Irrational as it may be, I didn’t want our little one sitting on the dirty inner bowl each time she used the potty.  Yes, I know, that inner bowl should be cleaned in between each use and technically should be clean each time she sits down.  But, I also know that even with the best intentions that sometimes that’s not going to happen in the same way I know that sometimes my shoes end up in the toybox. 

PottyBench_506 Another feature we absolutely loved on the Potty Bench was the soft, removable splash guard that we took off when we found it unnecessary for training our daughter.  Used typically for training boys, it’s great that you can customize the seat for your child and not be forced to work around a deflector shield at each use.  Since the pee shield is one of the most hotly debated items on the Boon Potty Bench, we did leave it on for the first few weeks of use so we could try it out as well.  While it admittedly can be a bit awkward to push the shield down to remove and replace the inner bowl for cleaning purposed, I really didn’t find it to be a design flaw at all.  In fact, I liked both the design and the functionality of the shield, and only removed it once I realized it would be one less part for me to clean (and my daughter to try to touch) if we took it off. 

I really love that the seat on the Boon Potty Bench is wider than most potty chair seats so that kids who take longer to potty train still fit comfortably on the seat.  The hole of the seat is still comparable to other seats, which means there is no risk of smaller kids falling in, and means it fits a wide spectrum of children comfortably.  It is sturdy both in stool form and in toilet mode and sits low to the ground for young children to use on their own.  As an added bonus, the design is such that it is nearly impossible for a youngster to try to carry the potty chair or accidentally tip over.

• Measures 19 1/2" x 12 7/8" x 7 1/8"
• Potty bowl pulls out for easy cleaning
• Has convenient side storage compartments on each side
• Comes with removable splash shield for boys
• Easy-to-open lid that, when closed, allows the bench to double as a seat or step-stool
• Will support up to 300 pounds 

With a list of features nearly twice as long as those of our familiy’s built in toilets, and the classic good looks of minimalist design, the Boon Inc 3-in-1 Potty Bench just might be the perfect potty chair.  Our daughter certainly agrees, as sitting on the seat is one of her very favorite things to do.  And really, isn’t that all that matters?

Price: $34.99

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Winners, Winners!  This giveaway is closed.  Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to MummaTutu who won the awesome Boon Potty Bench!

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  1. I love the snack balls! The interlocking plate/bowl is great too! My son turns 2 next month, and this would be fantastic. Thanks!

  2. I have quite a few Boon products. I’ve used the Snack Ball since my daughter was born to hold her pacficier. Love the “Grass” dryer rack. How adorable!!

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  4. oh I think that I would LOVE to try the GRASS countertop drying rack! Looks exactly like what I’ve been looking for because it does not require draining into a sink… I need one of those!

  5. I’m not eligible for this giveaway but I was lucky enough to receive this potty for testing 2 yrs ago when my oldest was potty training and love it. I love that when the lid is down you don’t know it is a potty, it makes a great bench for hand washing, and the little ones love having the bathroom tissue right there at their level
    Good luck to those entering and to the winner…you will love this potty bench

  6. This giveaway is just right up my alley! I have a stubborn (they all are, uh) 2 yr. old that I’m trying to potty train!!
    Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift – Flair is really nice and pretty colors. I love their products. The cutest and most unique!

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  15. The Water Deflector and Protective Faucet Cover with Bubble Bath Dispenser looks like a great product

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