Stonz Wear Booties for Your Little Explorer {PTPA Winner}

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What do all these images have in common?  Besides being absolutely adorable and making me wish I was babywearing right this second, there is one common theme in all of these pictures: exposed baby legs.  For those of you not blessed with year-round sunshine, you will be happy to note that there is a solution to the exposed leg guarantee that comes along with babywearing, and that the solution is equally adorable.

Stonz Wear is a line of water and wind resistant soft-sole booties that go over socks or shoes to keep kids’ feet dry and warm in any weather.  These little booties are prefect for toddling through grass and grime or for babies that are hitching a ride and just need an extra layer of warmth that crib shoes don’t provide.  With smart adjustments that make them easy to put on and stay on, Stonz Footwear are favorites of both kids and parents alike. 

I love that Stonz are flexible and soft, which is perfect for really little babies as well as new walkers that experts recommend you keep in soft sole shoes while they learn to balance.  The skid resistant sole is great for both indoors and light treks outdoors, although it is recommended that pavement and concrete walking be limited in order to extend the life of your Stonz Footwear.  We found that they were perfect for grass, dirt and other soft surfaces, and they did a great job of protecting her feet and footwear no matter where we roamed.

Stonz The best part is how the Stonz are designed with two unique adjustable toggles at the calf and ankle, which takes the open and roomy design and cinches it to any size foot securely.  This is great for when your little one is alternating between walking and riding and traditional boots would fall off or be awkward and painful to carry for long periods of time.  Instead, you can quickly put the lightweight and flexible Stonz over their socks or shoes and give them weather protection while still offering the greatest range of motion possible.

All Stonz are handmade in Canada and are rugged and durable as well as being machine washable.  If you’re like me and enjoy exploring and playing outside together as a family, you should definitely check out Stonz Wear for their full line of adorable Stonz booties as well as LinerzHatz and Mittz that will help your little one stay dry and warm year round.   

389S_2 Price: $46.95 for the Stonz Booties.  I took a whole day deciding which of their adorable patterns I wanted to try and in the end went with a very safe and gender-neutral tan and brown.  For those who are feeling more adventurous, there are some really cute Stonz designs that are both cute and classic and sure to add just a bit of flair to every outfit.  If you’re on a budget, you will be happy to know that they currently have many styles on sale right now for $24.99. You can purchase the booties directly from the website, or for a list of retailers click here 


Photo credits: SleepyWrap, B'Eco Baby, and ERGO Baby are featured in the babywearing images.  Stonz features are taken from the StonzWear website.  A huge thank you to Stonz who sent their awesome booties to be reviewed.  No monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. OH my Gosh…they look so soft and lightweight! What a great kids product…I guess they SHOULD be getting some awards for this!

  2. These are so great! We ocnstantly loose shoes in stores. I’ve been looking for something to ‘strap’ to her feet.


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