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With school back in session and cold weather moving in, there’s no denying that cold and flu season is also on the horizon.  That means sick days spent sneezing, coughing, and feeling helpless as my family fends off the illness.  Although there are times when medication is a must, I’m not big on unnecessary medication for my family, especially for babies, so I’m always searching for natural remedies that I can employ to comfort and soothe without resorting to medicine. 

Top of my list of tools for cold and flu season is a humidifier, which is a great way to add moisture to your environment and provide comfort for stuffed up babies {and those that care for them}.  I first started shopping for a humidifier back in 2008 when I was pregnant and came down with a cold that I couldn’t medicate.  I had read about all the benefits of humidifiers for a variety of different ailments and knew I wanted one in the nursery I was creating, so we started shopping for one that could eventually make its home in the baby’s nursery.

Thankfully, I quickly found the most adorable children’s humidifiers ever, the Crane Adorable Animal Cool Mist Humidifiers.  Luckily for us, these adorable animal-shaped humidifiers are Crane Adorables easy to find in retailers everywhere and it was just a quick trip to Target to locate them.  After that, the hardest decision was what Adorable Animal Cool Mist Humidifier to choose.  After discussing it a bit, we were on our way home with the adorable frog humidifier.

Once we got it home, we realized that in addition to being adorable, animal-shaped, and kid-friendly, the Adorable Animal Humidifiers also have some really cool features that we love.  First in our list of raves is how incredibly quiet the unit is when it’s running.  If it’s on its lowest – medium setting it is almost imperceptible, living up to its “whisper quiet” claim and then some.  On high it is also incredibly quiet, but you will hear more bubbles in the water tank periodically, which might bother some but I personally found rather soothing. 

T300_437cf36813bdc630de1a7d45a375ae3b We also love that the Crane Adorable Animal Humidifiers don’t require an expensive filter {although you can buy one if you have hard water}.  They are also easy to fill, clean, care for, and use, which I appreciate because the last thing you want is a big project when you’ve got a sick family.  Add in the fact that it’s a safe for kids with its cool mist that won’t burn or scald {which is great because kids love them – just check on YouTube and you will see what I’m talking about}, and I would say it’s the perfect nursery humidifier. 

In fact, it wasn’t long after the birth of my second child that I realized that one humidifier in the house may sound like enough, but not when we all get sick at once {which is always the case}.  When colds and flus do descend on our house this year, we will all be incredibly happy now that we have added the newest Crane Adorable Animal Cool Mist Humidifier to our family – the adorable owl.  This means that we don’t have to  T300_be556f1deded2bbc427e0e8575da6063 draw straws for who gets the cold and flu relief and both kids can have their own humidifier.

The Adorable Owl lives up to its name in a very big way and has become a beloved piece of room décor even though we are all fine and healthy {knock on wood}.  Although my daughter has fully claimed the Adorable Owl for her owl-themed room, she has agreed to share the owl should either hubby or I fall ill on our own.  Not saying I’m looking forward to being sick, but I certainly wouldn’t mind making a little space for the Adorable Owl on the nightstand for a few nights. 

PTPA new badge If you’ve been thinking about trying a humidifier for your family and want one that is not only kid-safe but also very much kid-approved, I would highly recommend the PTPA Award-Winning Crane Adorable Animal Cool Mist Humidifiers.  We’ve been using one for four years now and love them more than we had even hoped.  They have helped us fend off illness, provided comfort when illness struck, and even with all their hard work, still looked completely adorable while doing it. 

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Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to Crane Humidifiers for sending the Adorable Owl Humidifer to be adored.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. This humidifier works great. I’ve only set it up and let it run for a short period of time because my summers are very humid. However, the reservoir holds a large quantity of water and I will be using the diffuser. The size is perfect and I’ve already bought a second unit for my workplace, I will be using it all winter long air humidifier ….


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