Corolle Dolls for your beach babies

Sponsored postOur vacations almost always include water, which isn't that surprising considering we're literally surrounded by water here in the northwest. We spend our summers with our toes in the sand, splashing in the sound, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The one problem with spending so much time at the beach is that there are certain things that just aren't beach-friendly, like electronics and toys with small parts. Thank goodness that Corolle dolls, which are one of my kids absolute favorite toys, are definitely water-ready, as long as you know which dolls to choose. The perfect Corolle babySince the kids can't go on vacation without bringing a baby, I was really excited to learn that we already owned a few water-approved dolls in our Corolle nursery. Whether you go with the soft bodied Tidoo dolls or with Emma and Paul, there are multiple options for your beach babies to play down by the water, including some awesome water and sand accessories to really enhance the doll play.

We started by allowing the kids to bring Emma and Paul, Corolle's drink & wet babies, with us when they were young and we went on vacation. These dolls were great because they were a fun game as well as being fun to dress and care for. The kids loved bringing their bottles filled with water and "feeding" them all day long and then taking them potty, and it was great that they could go wherever we went, including down by the water.  Girls in the PoolI cannot get over how young they are here. I love that they have been cousin friends since day one and get closer every year.

But this year, we allowed them to bring their beloved Tidoo bath dolls now that they are old enough to properly care for them when wet. We decked them out in Corolle beachwear and let them swim, play in the sand, and cuddle back at the condo. Corolle water babiesAnd, of course, they had to go snorkeling with their babies.Corolle snorkellingThe kids love that these dolls are softer and easier to cuddle, but still fun to take with them all day in sand, dirt, and everything else kids can get into. And then, at the end of the day, they bathe with them when we return home before bed and then hang them to dry by their included drying tag for a bit before they resume playing. Corolle baby on beachAs much as I prefer that the kids bring their Corolle water babies with us instead of their other Corolle dolls, there have been times when we've allowed them to take their Calin or Mon Classique babies with us camping or on vacation. Those times, I'm really grateful that most everything washes away with a quick sponge bath and air drying. Camping with CorolleFor more information on how to care for your Corolle babies, visit the Corolle site and see how they recommend washing, drying, or spot cleaning your specific doll. Tidoo bath baby
Want to find out more about the amazing collection of Corolle dolls? Head over to to read about all the little details that go into making a best friend or check them out at a retailer near you. And, be sure to interact with Corolle on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. Please tell me, where did you get the snorkel, water wings. Do they come with a specific doll or can you buy them as an accessory?
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