Our love of GoldieBlox begins!

Sponsored postAnyone who knows my kids knows all about their deep desire to understand how things work. They are rarely content with a simple explanation of the facts and instead require an in-depth analysis of everything that perplexes them. It is likely this knowledge that led many close friends and family members to reach out via phone calls, my inbox, and various messaging systems with a suggestion of a brand they knew my kiddos would flip for: GoldieBlox Building with GoldieBloxOne click to the GoldieBlox homepage and I was instantly smitten. This wasn’t just a toy my kids would love, this was a toy that I would have designed for them if only I knew how. It includes all of their absolute favorite things: building things, imaginative play, and figuring out how things work in a really fun way that the whole family can get involved in.

For those of you who have been emailing over the past year begging me to get the GoldieBlox toys for my kids, I say thank you. You will be very happy to know it was literally love upon first #unbloxing and even though they have only been playing with their own GoldieBlox toys for the past few weeks, they are just as enthralled with them as you probably guessed.

If you want to see how excited we are about GoldieBlox, you should go ahead and watch this video:

For those of you who haven’t heard about GoldieBlox or seen their adorable Super Bowl commercial, you are probably wondering what makes this building toy different, and the short answer is: a lot.

Dunk TankWhereas most building toys are marketed towards boys, GoldieBlox is focusing on the often left-out gender in the world of building toys. The company got its start with the idea that the world needs more girl engineers, and they set out to make a building toy that appealed to little girls as well as boys. The idea behind GoldieBlox is that if girls grow up playing with building toys and learning the terminology of engineers, the idea of pursuing a career in engineering won’t seem as daunting.

So, instead of blueprints and building designs that are merely step-by-step directions, GoldieBlox focuses on how girls like to play – through stories and solving problems creatively. In addition to building materials and little characters to play with, each GoldieBlox box holds a story with some sort of problem that Goldie must solve, and kids can follow along with her while she figures out something that they can build together that will solve her dilemma. GoldieBox NachoThis story-focused approach to building has obvious benefits in that kids begin to really care about the characters and want to work cooperatively to solve problems together just like Goldie and her friends do. From helping gather each piece needed to finish their project, to helping each other secure each piece for building, and then ultimately playing with their working models when finished, the entire process of playing with GoldieBlox is unlike any other toy experience. Building and learning with GoldieBloxWe got a chance to play with GoldieBlox’s newest offerings, GoldieBlox and the Parade Float and GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank, and both of them captivated both kids all the way through the story and building process. But, the really cool thing is that they were also excited to build more machines after building the one described in the story by using what they had learned from designing the first machine. GoldieBox toysI watched them refer to building materials as axles, wheels, and spacers and it made me really proud that all this play is teaching them something really awesome. Focusing on how hinges, gears, axels and spinning wheels work while playing and reading seems to have really made an impact and I truly feel they are learning the basics of building that are usually glossed over in other toys.

With how much love we have for the newest GoldieBlox toys, we have added GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine to our wishlist so we can expand our Goldie play. It makes me happy just to think of the awesome Goldie creations we could make with a few more pieces added to our Blox collection, and all the learning possibilities we could experience if we combined everything they teach in the three kits to put them together in one huge swinging, spinning, and rolling machine!

Find out more about this amazing brand, including more ways to play and learn, and where to buy their current offerings as well as pre-order their new sets {which look AWESOME} by visiting the GoldieBlox website.
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43 thoughts on “Our love of GoldieBlox begins!”

  1. We already have the spinning machine. Both my daughter (age 5) and my son (age 9) love to use it and make their own creations. We would love more pieces!

  2. What makes me most excited is the fact that it’s a science project geared for girls and I love anything that will bring interest in science.

  3. These sets look so cute. My daughter has the parade float one and really likes the concept and the tot but these would give her the pieces she needs to build more advanced constructions.

  4. I am most excited about the Goldieblox’s because it teaches girls how to build while having fun, my daughter would love this prize package.

  5. I’m excited because I showed some videos to my niece and nephew and they BOTH want GoldieBlox for Christmas. Of course I love that my niece wants GoldieBlox but I’m not surprised by that at all because she loves playing with legos too. But the fact that my nephew wants GoldieBlox is amazing to me. When I was a kid the boys wouldn’t be caught dead playing with “girl’s toys.” I think it would be good for both of them to play with toys that have stories showing girls being capable and heroic.

  6. I am so excited that they encourage science and engineering concepts for little girls. I am a scientist and I hope my daughter will be interested in STEM too

  7. I like the dunk booth set and think that both my kids would like playing with them. I also want to get the new zipline action figure for them.

  8. I love that they will teach my daughter dexterity and the ability to use the parts in different ways to form different designs.


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