Power your devices anywhere with the Rayovac Mobile Battery Power Pack

Sponsored postMy electronics are constantly dying just when I need them the most. Whether it’s my phone while I’m at blogging events or traveling, my tablet as I’m finishing a post for a deadline, or my camera at a big life event, I find myself often wishing I had a way to charge things on the go. Take a look at any airport lounge or all day event and you will see people crowded around any outlet they can find – some going as far as camping out in bathrooms or hallways just to get a little more battery life.

That used to be me.

But, now I know I’m covered no matter what with the new Rayovac Mobile Battery Power Pack that I can keep right in my purse and don’t require any outlets of electricity. Rayovac Phone Boost

Rayovac’s new line of portable mobile charging devices aren’t just practical and easy to carry right along with you, they are also incredibly affordable and versatile so you can use them anywhere. With models specifically for mini USB or Apple devices, you can add hours of use to your phone, tablet, or electronics simply by plugging them into your device. 

And no, these are not the huge charging units that you’ve seen before. These are sleeker and smaller devices that make them extremely portable and easy to throw in your purse, pocket, or just keep in your car. I keep one in my purse on my key ring and another in my backpack to ensure that I’m never without power when I need it most. Rayovac chargerYou can find out more information about what Mobile Battery Pack will work with your devices as well as how to buy on the Rayovac website.Rayovac portable power 
Check out the full line of Rayovac products on the Rayovac website and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
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6 thoughts on “Power your devices anywhere with the Rayovac Mobile Battery Power Pack”

  1. This would be perfect for my daughter who is a school teacher with two active boys. Always on the go and too frequently running low on power late in the day. Usually at soccer practice, of course!

  2. This is a really great item! I need this with all the devices I own, especially with my hubby, he always forgets to charge his phone 🙂


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