Send them back to school on the right note with SOL REPUBLIC {DECK wireless speaker review}

Sponsored post Back to school with SOLAre you in the thick of back to school planning like I am? There are clothes to buy, glue sticks to stock up on, and there are goodbyes to plan for, because back to school is sneaking up on us quickly.

But, what if your baby isn’t quite a baby anymore and those days of construction paper and pencil cases are well behind you? For you, back to school shopping requires some creativity in order to send your child off to school on the right foot. 

Sure, you need the latest sneakers and some updated clothing, but what I think is more important than that is what your child will be listening to. Sending them back to school with a good pair of headphones, earbuds, or even a portable speaker can make those early mornings, bus stop waits, and late nights studying a whole lot more enjoyable if you have your music with you. SOL REPUBLIC DECK speaker at park

Here are just a few suggestions for keeping your back to school rocking with one of my favorite brands, SOL REPUBLIC:

DECK: A wireless speaker that is as great for conference calls as it is for playing DJ at the dorm, beach, or at home.
RELAYS: the active in-ear headphones are perfect for the active student that is involved in activities and always on the move.
TRACKS: SOL REPUBLIC’s signature $99 on-ear model that provides superior sound at the price point and are great for day-to-day usage and on the go.
TRACKS AIR: the first wireless headphones from SOL REPUBLIC, in collaboration with Motorola. These are for perfect for long trips and flights as well as those who are college-bound.
COLLEGIATE: SOL REPUBLIC’s custom collegiate Tracks that boasts over 100 universities licensed. Perfect for those students who already have their favorite team or college spirit. Full list of available teams here.

You already know how much I love the SOL REPUBLIC TRACKS AIR headphones we checked out last holiday season and you can bet I would definitely recommend them to anyone shopping for back to school. But, I really love that you can now get the TRACKS headphones in custom collegiate designs as well as their traditional colors. With over 100 universities licensed and really cool designs that I love, I think they would be the perfect way to show your team or college spirit while rocking out and they are something that you would keep well after graduation to show your school pride.

And, while the benefits of a nice quality set of headphones for back to school cannot be understated, especially if your student might not adore their roommate or will still be living at home with noisy younger siblings, my new favorite SOL REPUBLIC offering is the DECK speaker.SOL REPUBLIC DECK speaker with phone The DECK is a wireless speaker with unprecedented range and versatility that makes it easy to share and enjoy your tunes anywhere. With 360° of full sound and a wireless range of 300 feet, it is the perfect speaker to fill your apartment or dorm room with music without having to store a huge stereo system. Many of the smaller speakers have a docking system, but I love that since the DECK speaker works via Bluetooth from up to 300 feet away you can even carry your phone with you and control your tunes throughout your space without having to ditch your phone on a speaker dock.

But, what makes the DECK speaker so incredibly awesome to me is the HEIST MODE™ that allows up to 5 friends to connect at the same time and take turns “stealing” the music, which makes it party-ready. No longer will you be held captive as your buddy plays slow jams or your girlfriend plays only country music, because with Heist Mode you can all help DJ while roaming the party. SOL REPUBLIC DECK speaker controlsAs you can see from the picture above, it’s just a quick flip of the switch and you can choose whether you’re the only one who can control it, or you can share the love. If you don’t have music on your phone and you still kick it old school with an iPod or MP3 player without Bluetooth connectivity, then you will be incredibly happy to see a standard headphone size inputs that allow you to connect and play from just about any music-carrying device.

When you’re on the go and still want tunes, you will love the outdoor mode on the SOL REPUBLIC DECK that makes the sound carry further and sound clearer even with lots of ambient noise. And, to keep your speaker safe, you will adore the soft-cover case that can protect your speaker in your school bag, your purse, or in your sports bag. SOL REPUBLIC DECK speaker outsideMusic plays such and important role in our lives and it often becomes the ways we recall certain time periods. We are able to revisit those times simply by enjoying music we loved, and I know for me that the music I listened to while studying in college will always take me immediately back to that time. But, while that time might have held stress as I pulled all-nighters and went into tests feeling less-than-prepared, when I listen to the music from that era now, I only feel nostaligic for college life.

Send your child back to school by giving them a way to enjoy the tunes they love most while studying, hanging out with friends, or simply escaping from it all in their own space. They will no doubt enjoy playing their tunes with the superior sound quality of SOL REPUBLIC and doing so will definitely be appreciated during all those long nights of studying ahead.

Want to learn more about the amazing DECK wireless speaker from SOL REPUBLIC? Check out the SOL REPUBLIC site for specs and more. If you’re ready to buy {and you should be!}, you can head here to purchase one of these awesome speakers for yourself.
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  1. I think it would fun for my teenager and friends that up to 5 devices can connect and take turns stealing the music! Great feature.

  2. So many things to love! A few of my favorite things are that it’s wireless, that there are tons of cool colors and the “Heist” mode is pretty neat!! 🙂

  3. I think one of the best features is that it will tell you the battery status each time you start it up. That way you know before you even get going if it is going to last for what you need it for. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  4. I think the “Heist Mode” is an ingenious feature and would love to try that out with friends and family taking turns “stealing” the music from the speaker. How fun!

  5. If I were to win, my daughter would use it during softball practice or warmups before games. I think the •Heist Mode™ (allows up to 5 friends to connect at the same time and take turns “stealing” the music)would be really fun for her and her friends. Thank you!

  6. saw this fact: DECK’s most exciting feature might be HEIST MODE™, which allows as many as FIVE people to pair at once and take turns controlling the music.
    got to love that feature!

  7. I love the Heist mode feature! We could all hook our phones up to and play different things and not have to worry about disconnected and reconnecting different phones all the time!


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