Wireless sound with TRACKS AIR headphones from SOL REPUBLIC

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By Tyler, editor and reviewer

Who doesn’t like a good, quality surround sound that makes music and movies come alive? Someone whose movie room shares a wall with a baby’s room, that’s who.

This is the problem with our entertainment room, designed for movies and thumping sound, but that just so happens to be located right next to our son’s bedroom. These days, the only thing playing at Rave Central theater is children’s movie matinees in between nap and bedtime. It’s a sad fate for a room with such promise.

So, what’s a movie loving guy like myself to do? Make a plan to revive our indie movie house with the arrival of these new TRACKS AIR headphones from SOL REPUBLIC.

SOL headphones

Notice anything about these headphones? Maybe a complete lack of wires?

These awesome on-ear wireless headphones were developed with Motorola to combine stellar sound with amazing versatility. TRACKS AIR Wireless Headphones by SOL REPUBLIC give you dual-device connectivity and an unbelievable 15-hour battery life, and still manage to be sleek and sexier than headphones should be allowed to be.

By connecting via Bluetooth to stereo components, TVs, laptops, smartphones and more, it gives you a freedom of movement you just can’t have with wired devices. With a 150-foot wireless range, it allows you to be mobile and active while hearing your music and movies in crystal clear sound.

SOL REPUBLIC headphones band
And as great as they are for wireless listening, I also love that TRACKS AIR wireless headphones still have the option of being “wired”. With the included cable you can plug them into most music players, stereos and more, which allows them to be used like traditional headphones.

SOL REPUBLIC headphones close up
So, of course these are going to restore our entertainment room to its pre-kid glory, but what else can you do with a nice set of wireless headphones? Well, you can use them while working, while working out, while cleaning out the garage {my wife likes this one} or anytime you just want to feel surrounded by music without disturbing others and don’t want to feel tethered to a stereo system. Which, let’s be honest, is always.

And, as an added bonus, you can even use the SOL REPUBLIC TRACKS AIR headphones with your smartphone as a handsfree device in either its wired or wireless state. This is great for when you’re listening to music on your phone but need to make or take a call.

I think a better question might be “what won’t you want to do with a nice set of wireless headphones?” Practical for tweens and teens on up to adult, a pair of TRACKS AIR headphones will undoubtedly get their fair share of use throughout the years.

SOL REPUBLIC headphones on kid
He's 3 going on 13, and this is clearly a glimpse into the teen years. Maybe by then I will even let him turn them on.

Speaking of teens, I should warn you that your teens will want to steal these headphones. And, you’ll probably let them because these are the things teenagers do with headphones: they will listen while creating music, while being  active, while doing yard work, on long car trips, while doing homework or any time they want to watch movies or listen to music without disturbing others. You’ve got to admit, that all sounds like what you want your teen to do, right?

The SOL REPUBLIC TRACKS AIR on-ear headphones come with everything you need to take your music with you. With a USB cable, a cable for making your TRACKS AIR wired, resizable band and even a soft weather-resistant bag for carrying everything safely and securely.

SOL REPUBLIC what's in the box
Love the SOL REPUBLIC sound but not sure you need to go wireless? Check out the whole line of SOL REPUBLIC headphones, speakers, accessories and more.
SOL REPUBLIC headphones and accessories can be found in over 18,000 retail locations throughout 56 countries {picture below shows the SOL REPUBLIC selection at my local Best Buy}, and at solrepublic.com.

SOL REPUBLIC at best buy
Be sure to follow SOL REPUBLIC on all their social media channels to stay connected. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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