Neposmart: the customizable and wireless camera system that grows with you

Sponsored post Control and monitor your home with NeposmartThe sound of little feet running around the house can be quite comforting, but it’s pretty awful when those sounds are followed by a loud thump or crash. This is why as soon as our kids were mobile we started looking into cameras to use throughout the house to better keep an eye on the kids – day and night.

What started off as a baby monitor search has morphed into a search for a camera system that can be used well after the baby stage to keep our whole house secure. With break-ins becoming more and more commonplace, we wanted something that would allow us to watch our home, even when we were across the country.

Our search led us to the Neposmart IP camera system, which was the only system we found that had everything we were looking for and more. This is far more than just a wireless home security camera; the Neposmart is an intelligently designed system you can operate remotely via your smartphone to survey and interact with your home.

Offering users a simple solution to monitor by live video recording and motion detection, the Neposmart system truly does grow with you and allows you to protect what is important – which can range from those first few nights with baby in their own room, to keeping rambunctious toddlers safe, or to protecting the home or business you’ve built from afar.Neposmart camera on shelfWhat set the Neposmart system apart for me foremost is that there are no subscription fees after buying the camera. Instead of charging to record still or video images, the Neposmart gives you multiple options to store your images at no cost. You can simply store images to your phone through the Neposmart App {available for IOS and Android}, access them on your PC or Mac computer, get email notifications when the camera senses motion, or sync them to your Dropbox to save them automatically.

Secondly, no personal or private information is collected, stored or shared. Call me paranoid, but I have heard far too many tales of unauthorized users hacking into child monitors to watch homes through the very electronic devices they have to keep their homes safe, so I love that any videos or pictures taken with the camera are stored within the camera’s SD card itself as opposed to online. That’s just one more way that Neposmart puts you in control and allows you to keep your family and belongings safe. Neposmart camera antenna and SD slotThe third thing we love about the Neposmart system is that you can truly control it from afar, by voice command or with the press of a button. Whereas some camera systems offer a static view of one specific spot in your home or office, the Neposmart allows you to pan and tilt to view all around the room with one camera remotely. Neposmart camera and phoneEven better, the system allows you to preset 8 specific camera views of your choice so you can quickly assess all the important areas easily. You can also manually turn on and off the night vision feature {which is automatically activated in low light} so you can better control your image quality, even in total darkness. Neposmart camera presetsAdd in the built-in speaker and microphone that allows for 2-way communication right through the camera, and I may never have to run up the stairs ever again to investigate a loud thump or why I still hear movement hours after bedtime. The kids were scared at first when they saw the camera moving all by itself and the first time I talked into the camera to tell them it truly was bedtime, not pull-out-all-your-toys-and-play time.

But, that’s not all. The Neposmart system also allows you to control your garage door from afar. It’s true – you can now open and close your garage door from your smartphone thanks to the built-in relay in the camera. If you wanted to get crafty, this feature would also be great for controlling household functions from afar – like turning on lights, fans, or even electronics – basically anything that can be activated by a relay.

In a nutshell, the Neposmart allows you to create your own smart home without all the monthly subscription fees and monitoring costs. You still get all the convenience, security, and peace of mind of a monitoring system, but you can fully customize it to your needs and expand it as you see fit.I'm definitely going to be expanding the system soon so that we can monitor all throughout the house – both in and outside. More than just a securoty cameraThe Neposmart system includes everything you need to get started — a power adapter, wall mounting base, magnetic switches for monitoring doors or windows, ethernet cable, user guide, WiFi antenna, and the camera itself.

To find out much more about Neposmart and see all these amazing features for yourself, check out this video.

You can also visit and read all about their new feature that is coming out soon, the Neposmart Beam. Be sure and connect with them via Facebook and Twitter to find out more as it is released.

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