7 years ago I became a mom – happy birthday to my amazing little girl

7 years ago at this time I had no idea how much love, fear, joy, and elation I was about to experience in motherhood. It's been an amazing 7 years in a time warp of feeling like my daughter can't possibly be that old one minute and then feeling like I've known her my whole life the next. 24724_1393157745421_5533451_n
I couldn't have hoped for a better child to initiate me into motherhood. She has taught me so much about myself, about the world around me, and what it feels like to love unconditionally and through it all she has forgiven any missteps I've made along the way. Lumix my girlsI'm so incredibly proud of the girl my little baby has become and I can't wait to see what the next seven years have in store. I predict a whole lot of laughing, singing, dancing, cuddling, and playing together in our future.

Some of her favorite things:

Playing with dolls. She's American Girl obsessed and almost always has a doll with her. If she doesn't have a doll with her, you can bet it is sitting on the stool in our entryway where we had to pry it out of her hands before we left the house.
50s diner milkshake shared with MaryellenDollhouses. She adores all things miniature, just like her mama, and we've had so much fun decorating and playing with our special Lundby dollhouse.

She loves baking and cooking and doing things like mama and daddy.

She loves reading and devours books as we buy them. Every night there is a stack of books sitting by her bed that she has read throughout the day, and as much as I wish she would put the books back as she finishes them, I love her enthusiasm and love of books.
Siblings reading togetherShe loves her siblings and is the BEST big sister I could have ever hoped for.

She loves travel and adventure. She has been globetrotting since she was a baby and has made it to Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and all over the US from coast to coast. She's an amazing traveler and she makes every excursion so much more fun. 6a0105362badb1970b0120a615a85d970c
Happy 7th Mamaversary to me… and happy birthday to my sweet baby girl.

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