Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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It’s that time again – time to stress out about presents for everyone from your teen to your spouse to your in-laws. Or, hear me out, you could *not* stress and instead just run down this list to get something for every type of person on your gift list.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

1. For the active recipient

Zane Navratil Signature Pickleball Paddle

If you haven’t already heard, Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US. Maybe it’s because it was invented right here in the Pacific Northwest that makes it beloved around Seattle, but it seems like everyone is playing these days. I will admit I haven’t played that much since grade and middle school, but I’m happy to get back on the Pickleball court thanks to ProXR Pickleball.

Getting out to play Pickleball with a racket from ProXR is nothing like I remember the game. Admittedly, our PE budget back in the day only covered some terrible quality Pickleball equipment, but this honestly feels like night and day from everything I knew about the game.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The Zane Navratil Signature Pickleball paddle from ProXR features a T700 Ultra-Raw Carbon face for unmatched spin, a 6″ elongated handle for better backhands and a Shock Foam Edge Guard for more consistency. I may not have known much about Zane Navratil before now, but I know one thing: he can really design a Pickleball paddle. Do I play like the pros now? Definitely not. But, now I can at least learn the right way to do it, with the best equipment I can.

For the pickleball fanatic in your life, consider the ProXR Pickleball Racket. This top-of-the-line racket features a game-changing handle technology used in MLB and NHL, specifically engineered to optimize the hand’s connection with the paddle. ProXR Pickleball offers premium pickleball paddles to fit any players on the court.

Link to purchase: Zane Navratil Signature – ProXR Pickleball

And be sure and follow ProXR on social here: facebook and instagram

2. For the crafty

Cricut Joy Xtra

If you are into crafts of any type, you will find that there’s one name that comes up over and over again: Cricut. Whether you are into paper crafts, making signs, designing vinyl decals, sticker art, miniatures, or something else, the Cricut is the gold standard.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The newest machine is the Cricut Joy Xtra, and it truly is the best for both casual and experienced crafters who want a smaller unit that can still handle big jobs. They call it their “fits-in-any-space, looks-good-anywhere smart cutting machine” and I feel that’s the perfect description. Cricut Joy Xtra cuts, writes, draws, and foils to make popular projects like full-color stickers, custom cards, T-shirts, vinyl decals and more with the free Design Space app.

It works with 50+ materials, including materials like vinyl, iron-on and cardstock as well as more specialized products. Simply upload and cut your own designs or choose from the Cricut Design Space library.

Link to purchase: Cricut store on Amazon

And be sure and follow Cricut on social here: facebook and instagram

3. For the forgetful

Pebblebee Trackers

Okay, so these aren’t just for the forgetful at all. These awesome Pebblebee trackers are for people who love travel, kids without cellphones, those who want to recover borrowed items, people with precious cargo, drivers who use valet, etc etc. But, that seemed like much too long of a title, so I went with just one of their common uses.

What makes Pebblebee Trackers so cool is that they are rechargeable. Remember when you couldn’t even change batteries in trackers? I do. And, then I remember when they came out with one that took batteries that you had to go to a special store to get. And, now they are rechargeable with actually long battery life {card is up to 12mo, clip is up to 6mo}, which I think is what we were all waiting for.

Another super cool thing about the Pebblebee Trackers is that they work with both the Pebblebee app or with Apple Find My. With up to 500ft BLE connectivity, and find function that causes tracker to emit a loud buzzing noise, you will never lose anything again. Oh, and did I mention they are just as small, or smaller than, competitors?

Link to purchase: Pebblebee store on Amazon

Be sure to follow Pebblebee on social media: facebook and instagram.

4. For the music lover

WONDERBOOM 3 speaker

Don’t be fooled by the petite size of the WONDERBOOM 3, this little speaker packs a big huge punch. Its small size and ruggedized physique means you can take your tunes wherever you go – in your beach bag, your purse, on your bike, or in your backpack. And, its deep bass and 360-degree sound means it won’t sound like a teeny little speaker at all – this little guy rocks.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Speaking of rocks, it can also withstand the great outdoors. With an IP67 rating, the WONDERBOOM 3 has the durability to withstand dust, dirt, and even a splash or two. It can even be submerged in water for 30 minutes, making it the perfect speaker for around the water at the pool, beach, or boat. And, it’s built to take a 5-foot drop, which makes it kid-proof as well.

I’ve mentioned the great outdoors a few times and that’s for a very good reason. The WONDERBOOM 3 has this super cool feature called “Outdoor Boost” for optimizing sound for the great outdoors. Maximum sound level is 86 dBC {normal} and 87dBC {outdoor}. If you need more sound coverage, you will love that you can pair two WONDERBOOM 3 speakers, and you can even have them work together to create a full two-channel audio with left and right channels.

Link to purchase: Logitech store on Amazon

Be sure and follow Logitech on social media: facebook and instagram

5. For the baker

Lekue baking sets and supplies  

Know a special baker who knows that sourdough isn’t a craze? If so, there are some Lekue sets that you must check out for the holidays. My first pick is perfect for the baker who has it all – Lekue sourdough starter set. This amazing sourdough starter set has everything you need to help keep your starter healthy and ready to bake with. The set includes two jars to keep your starter, special lids to keep it fresh, and even a spatula and level indicator so you can mix and measure your starter each day.

The Lekue bread maker is the perfect tool for any baker. The flexible silicone is the best way to weigh, knead, and then bake your home-made bread in a single container. It’s no secret that they call me “one pan Leanne” here, so one container for all the stages of baking is basically the thing dreams are made of. Not only does it cut down on dishes, it’s also super easy to store since it’s flexible and can fit your space, and since it’s silicone, nothing sticks to it so you can knead, rise, and bake without worry of sticking.

Want something for the baker who likes to try new things? I bet they haven’t mastered bagels yet. With the Lekue bagel maker, the individual molds let you boil and bake the bagel in the cone shaped mold while easily straining upon removing from the water, giving perfect results each time. The mold is designed to form the bagel quickly and easily as well as handle it without burning.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

I have the perfect gift if you’re baking for, or with, kids. The Lekue cookie cutters are a perfectionist’s dream. Instead of rolling out the dough and then individually cutting the cookies, the sheet cutter perfectly places each shape within the dough to maximize the number of cookies you can make with each sheet of dough. I recommend the three cookie cutter set which has hearts, trees, and snowflakes, so you can make all the holiday cookies together.

Link to purchase: Lekue store on Amazon

Be sure and follow Lekue on social media: instagram and facebook

6. For the mess maker

Kenmore Spotlite

Whomever said that people don’t like cleaning products as presents clearly never met me. To me, giving a cleaning gift it’s not about saying that it’s the recipient’s job to clean the house, it’s about saying “let’s get the best tool for the job so nobody wastes any more time than they have to cleaning.” In fact, one of my most favorite gifts was a Kenmore vacuum from my now-in-laws when I first moved out on my own back in my teens.

Here we are 25 years later, and the Kenmore Spotlite Spot & Pet Stain Cleaner has made it to the top of my gifting list. The Spotlite comes to the rescue for unexpected spills and messes around the house, saving so much time and energy whenever the worst should happen. Stains and spills are easily lifted and removed with a combination of powerful scrubbing suction and the Kenmore cleaning formula.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Thanks to its lightweight size at only 11lbs, this portable spot cleaner is ready to go anywhere and compact enough to fit under your sink or in a closet. Versatile tools include a 3.5″ tough stain tool, a 6.5″ wide path tool, and a trial size of cleaning formula.

The Kenmore Spotlite isn’t just for carpets, the powerful suction lifts stains on soft surfaces of many types, including upholstery, throw rugs, and auto interiors. The Spotlite has a 6’ hose reach, so you can get in tight spaces, and has dual tanks, one for clean, one for dirty.

Link to purchase: Kenmore Spotlite

Be sure and follow Kenmore on social media: instagram and facebook

7. For the traveler

Steamfast Nomad 

I don’t iron clothing anymore. Not only do irons scare me with little kids around, but using one also requires an ironing board, which I’ve never, ever owned. Also, they aren’t portable in any way whatsoever. Thank goodness garment steamers exist so I can throw away my iron for good {just kidding, the perler beads still require a real iron}. This holiday season, give the travel bug on your list the perfect garment steamer that fits in your luggage, the Steamfast Nomad.

Don’t let Nomad’s compact size fool you into thinking it isn’t a powerful steamer. 800 watts of steam power and a 7.5-foot power cord, an on-demand steam button, an automatic shutoff, and a removable water tank all combine to make Nomad the perfect travel companion. This is all packed into a compact rectangular shape that fits easily into your luggage, so no space is wasted and also adds durability while traveling. It is more effective and gentler on fabrics than ironing for chemical-free garment care using the power of steam. With a 30 second heat up time and 10 minutes of steam time, you will be ready to go in no time.

Link to purchase: Steamfast Nomad

Be sure and follow Steamfast on social media: facebook

8. For the hair stylist

Pro hair tools from Bombay Hair

My entire adult life, I’ve had an entire bin of hot hair tools and their various accessories. An entire bin. That’s at least a dozen tools, just as many power cords, at least a few dozen accessories that I’m not even sure we had the tools that they originally went to. That’s all written in past tense, because now I have the 5-in-1 curling wand and hair waver set from Bombay Hair. As its name implies, it’s multiple tools all in one. And, if you love doing hair, you need this.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Instead of 6 different handles, and cords, there’s only one curling wand handle that all of the many curling attachments lock into for whatever hairstyle you desire. The set includes 1-curling wand handle, 1 – hair waver attachment, 4 – wand barrels without clamps {32mm, 25mm, 19mm and 18mm}, and 1 – 32mm clamp iron barrel. It also comes with accessories that make using the Bombay Hair pro tools easy and safe, such as a heat resistant glove, a curling wand rest, and claw clips for sectioning hair.

That’s a whole lot of curlers, wands, and accessories, right? But, if you’re picturing this taking up an entire bin, you’d be wrong. Because it’s one handle and multiple wand attachments, it is so much more compact than our old tub of tools.

Oh, and did I mention that these tools are amazing in addition to being compact and multi-use? It’s never been easier to create ringlets, crease-free beach waves, or any other curled ‘do you can dream up.

Link to purchase: Bombay Hair on amazon

Be sure and follow Bombay Hair on social media: facebook and instagram

9. For the DIY-er

SawStop Compact Table Saw

If you like to DIY, you eventually set your sights on a table saw. There’s only so many times you can stand around waiting at a home improvement store trying to talk someone into cutting your boards down to super specific sizes because you need them to “fit in your car”. But, even more so than other tools, table saws simply scared me. The truth is, table saws are scary, I remember that much from workshop in school.

And, then I found a table saw that actually isn’t scary: the SawStop Compact Table Saw. It has so many safety features built into the machine that make it the absolute safest table saw on the market. The first and most important of which is the patented safety system that stops a spinning blade in less than 5 milliseconds if it detects fingers or limbs and causes the blade to retract. Yes, they are the company that is famous for the hot dog demonstration, which you can see here.

That isn’t to say that I don’t approach the SawStop with absolute caution. It is super important to adhere to all safety guidelines when DIYing, especially when using a large cutting tool like this. But the safety features built into the SawStop Compact Table Saw are what gives me the courage to make cuts at home, never to return to home improvement stores begging for help.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Second to all the safety features built into it is the ease of use of the SawStop Compact Table Saw. Adjustments are precise, and I love the way many of the controls click and snap into place, giving you the confidence of knowing you have it absolutely correct. Most adjustments don’t require tools, it’s just a lever that you adjust and slide into place, making multiple cuts easy and quick.

The SawStop Compact Table Saw is the smallest, most portable saw in the SawStop lineup. At just 68 pounds, it’s light enough to take with you to a job site, but has enough heft so that it is still sturdy and absolutely stable while using it. It has a 10” blade for maximum cut capacity, and has a quick-tilt bevel with micro-adjustments so you can get the precise cutting angle you need, all with one hand. The rack and pinion fence is also incredibly easy to adjust, and reliably square, allowing you to make exacting adjustments and perfect measured cuts.

If you have a DIY-er on your list, this is what they want. Trust me. You can shop the whole lineup of SawStop saws here.

Link to purchase: SawStop store on amazon

Be sure and follow them on social media: facebook, instagram and youtube.

10. For the chef

Goodful cookware

If you are in the market for good cookware, I’ve got good news for you: good cookware doesn’t have to cost more than a mortgage payment. Introducing Goodful’s new affordable cast aluminum cookware at Target. It’s premium quality, while still being budget-friendly for gifting.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

My favorite pick in the lineup is the Goodful 4.8qt nonstick cast aluminum deep cooker. The heavy gauge cast aluminum construction gives exceptional anti-warp durability, and the clean ceramic coating is made without PFAS and PFOA that allows food to easily slide out of the pan.

A sturdy, comfort grip handle gives you confidence while cooking, and it’s easy to hang from a rack if you’d like {although you should note that there’s no way to attach the lid to the hanging pot}. Speaking of the lid, it is actually pretty cool in its own right. Like expensive enameled Dutch ovens, the Goodful lid has small spikes on the underside, which helps return moisture while cooking, which helps to baste your meal as you cook.

Oh, and cleanup is a breeze. Since it’s so nonstick, you really don’t have to scrub the pan like you do other cookware so I’ve been handwashing it so it’s ready to use again in just a few minutes. But, I love knowing that the whole thing is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning if I need to down the road. Great looking, lots of functionality built in, and easy cleanup. What more could you ask for in cookware?

You can find the whole Goodful line at Target.com.

11. For the gamer

Logitech G733 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Headset

If you have a gamer on your list, this is what they want. The Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming headset has it all, all for a reasonable price tag. Featuring a suspension headband for optimal comfort and memory foam ear pads, which contour over your ears and around the jaw, it reduces stress points and allows you to game longer. It weighs a mere 278 grams, or .61 pounds, which is the weight of two small cheeseburgers.

The LIGHTSPEED wireless technology gives you up to 20 meters of reliable wireless freedom and up to 29 hours of battery life {without lights} or 20 hours {with lights}. Speaking of lights, the LIGHTSYNC RGB uses the free G HUB gaming software to customize lighting and integrate it into your gaming world. With 16.8 million colors, two zones, and preset plus custom animations, there’s no limit to the ways you can customize your headset.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

But, I bet you want to know about the sound quality, right? The G733 brings your game world to life all around you, from every direction. Next-gen DTS Headphone:X 2.0 is surround sound beyond 7.1 channels. Customize with G HUB software and find your sound. Hear every audio cue with precise audio clarity, and feel deep booming bass. PRO-G drivers reduce distortion and reproduce rich cinematic sound in your favorite games, music, and movies. It’s Discord Certified, so you know that your games will sound crystal clear.

The G733 also has a detachable boom mic, so you can remove it for TV and music listening, and add it back on for gaming. The BLUE VO!CE broadcast-quality mic filters make your voice sound richer, cleaner and more professional in a heartbeat.

Link to purchase: Logitech store on Amazon

Be sure and follow Logitech on social media: facebook and instagram

12. For the barista

Kenmore 1.7L kettle

Isn’t it time your kettle got smart? This electric kettle from Kenmore has six temperature pre-sets for every need: delicate tea {160°F}, green tea {175°F}, white tea {185°F}, oolong {190°}, French press {200°F}, and boil {212°F}. A “Keep Warm” function keeps the water hot for refills, which I love most of all. I’m constantly forgetting I boiled water and then it sits so long that it cools down completely, so a keep warm function is a big huge deal to me. It also has automatic shut-off when water reaches your desired temperature and boil-dry protection if the kettle should ever run dry.

The kettle boasts user-friendly digital controls with LED indicators, a concealed heating element, and 360-degree cordless convenience. The 1.7L capacity has an illuminated view-through water level indicator. Concealed heating element decreases need for descaling and removable mesh spout filter prevents mineral scale from being poured into your cup. Wrap-around cord storage in the base keeps excess cord length safely out of the way and cool-touch non-slip handle with locking lid offer extra safety protection.

Link to purchase: Kenmore kettle on amazon

Be sure and follow Kenmore on social media: instagram and facebook

13. For the Ted Lasso fan

Mackenzie Ltd shortbread cookies  

Any Ted Lasso fan is dying to try Ted’s special shortbread cookies he makes for his boss throughout the seasons. And, you’re in luck, because I found you the very best Ted Lasso-inspired “Biscuits with the Boss” Shortbreads to gift them this holiday season. 

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Mackenzie Limited is a company with a rich tradition of providing fine foods from Scotland and around the world, and these Scottish shortbreads are sure to make your Ted Lasso fan happy. Beautifully packaged in a Ted Lasso emblazoned pink box, the rich and buttery shortbreads make a lovely gift to share with your boss… or with friends and family.

These traditional Scottish treats are a symbol of kindness and generosity, which makes sense that Ted gifts them to his boss, Rebecca, as she warms up to his very untraditional style of coaching in the series. One bite and you’ll understand why these shortbreads became a mainstay on the show, and who fans around the world are dying to get their hands on their own “Biscuits with the Boss”.

Link to purchase: Ted Lasso™ Biscuits with the Boss | Mackenzie Limited (mackenzieltd.com)

Be sure and follow Mackenzie Limited on social media: facebook and instagram

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