Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Impossible to Buy For

Everyone has that one person on their holiday list that is impossible to shop for. You know the kind. The person that buys everything they could ever want, the person who refuses to make a wish list, or the person who is impossible to please. For those people, I give you the following annual tradition: gifts for the impossible to buy for Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide.

What made our list:

  1. RokBlok – the world’s tiniest record player. This cool little gadget is available at West Elm and is sure to make the audiophile on your list happy. To play, just set the record size on the RokBlok and then place it on any size record. Pull the lever to start playing and this little {4.25″w x 2″d x 2″h} bamboo block will start cranking your tunes. Use alone with the built-in speaker or using the bluetooth function. Find out more about the RokBlok portable record player.
  2. Corkcicle – the to-go wine tumbler. More than just a wine glass, this 12oz stemless high quality 18/8 stainless steel helps keep your beverage of choice cool. Its triple-insulated construction keeps your drink cold for 9 hours, or hot for 3. Whether you’re sipping hot chocolate by the fire, a chilled pinot grigio with friends, or cocktails at a party, the Corkcicle stemless maintains your drinks’ perfect temperature. Find out more about the Corkcicle stemless.
  3. Personalized Gemstone Eternity Necklace. My favorite word when shopping for jewelry is “personalized”. Anyone can pick up a bracelet last minute, but there is something incredibly special about a jewelry piece made just for you that is unlike anything you can buy at the mall. Find this gemstone eternity necklace at Uncommon Goods and pick up to 6 gemstones of your choice to personalize it.
  4. SimpleSENCE Water Leak and Freeze Detector is the perfect present for any homeowner. The 2.4G WiFi connected, multi-sensor system instantly detects and alerts to water leaks and extreme temperature variations. Available in single unit or multi-unit packs, you have 24/7 leak and freeze protection for your home and valuables without any monthly subscription fees. Find out more about the SimpleSence Water Leak Detector here!
  5. CLEAR2O Personal Water Filter has a dual filtration system that allows you to drink any fresh water source by removing 99.9% of bacteria and parasites and preventing waterborne disease. Easy to use and drink directly from streams and lakes, or fill up a container and enjoy clean water on the go. Stage 1 filtration will reduce bacteria at the 0.1 micron level and Stage 2 eliminates unpleasant taste and odors. It’s super light and ready for any adventure, or to just keep around in case of emergency. Read more about all you can do with the CLEAR2O Personal Water Filter.
  6. Gourmia 11-in-1 Multi-Cooker. Remember the days when our minds were blown over a 3-in-1 product? Watch your recipient marvel at the 11 unique ways to use the Gourmia multi-cooker, including yogurt making, sous vide, and so much more. It may not replace all of your appliances in your kitchen, but it comes pretty darn close. Read more about the Gourmia 11-in-1 multi cooker.
  7. Winsor & Newton art gift sets. Even if your recipient is an amatuer artist, they are sure to be inspired to great works with any one of the Winsor & Newton art gift sets that were released this holiday season. From professional grade markers to premium paints and more, these sets are sure to impress.
  8. Thai chef knives. If you’ve ever owned great knives, then you know how it can make or break the entire meal prep experience. Get the person who has everything a beautifully crafted knife from Uncommon Goods and they will know what true luxury is. Find out more about these beautiful knives here.
  9. Cloud 9 Living gift card. Yes, I have a gift card on my list. But, if you know Cloud 9 Living, you know that this is so much more than “just a gift card”. This is the ticket to an experience of your recipient’s choosing – from flying helicopters over Seattle to fighter pilot experiences and wine excursions, there are 2,000+ experiences available nationwide. It may in fact be the easiest gift ever to give, but that doesn’t mean it’s not from the heart. Find out more about Cloud 9 Living and see what experiences are near you.
  10. Vintage-inspired macrame hanging planters. Who doesn’t love a great plant to soften their living or working spaces? I love these macrame hanging planters because they remind me of ones I had growing up, but with new, modern twists. If your recipient has a brown thumb, consider a great-looking faux plant instead.
  11. Create Your Own Reel Viewer. Remember reel viewers from your childhood? Now you can create your own viewmaster reel of your life’s highlights with all the nostalgia of your youth. Gift your recipient their very own reel viewer and then they can use the redemption code included with their viewer to personalize their own reel. Once they receive their made-to-order reel, they can pop it in the viewer and relive their wedding day, their baby’s first year, or a favorite family vacation. Find out more about the DIY custom Viewmaster reels.
  12. Hanging Egg Chair. I mean, who doesn’t want one of these  indoor/outdoor beauties? These swings have been showing up in all sorts of movies recently, and they were a huge hit at the Beaches Resort we stayed at in Turks & Caicos last month, so it’s no surprise these are on many wish lists this year. It’s a big ticket item for sure, but think of how much use it would get either indoors or outside and it makes it worth it. Note: If your recipient is handy and has a solid place to hang it, you can order a hanging egg chair sans stand and save between $100 and $150 off the price.
  13. Crown & Paw custom pet portraits. If your recipient has a pet they adore, they are definitely going to want a picture of their pet from Crown & Paw. I was sold on the designs alone from Crown & Paw, that range from regal to humorous, but the quality in person is absolutely amazing. Upload your pet photo, choose your costume or background, and let their artists take over. The results are amazing and adorable all at once. Find out more about Crown & Paw.
  14.  Shantiva Copper Pitcher. Did you know that drinking water from a copper pitcher has some amazing health benefits? I had no idea about the natural alkaline properties of water in a copper pitcher until I got the Shantiva pitcher earlier this year, but now I’m a big fan. If your recipient drinks alkaline water, this is a huge money saver as well as incredibly convenient since it creates it naturally overnight. Plus, did I mention the pitcher is gorgeous? Find out more about the Shantiva copper pitcher.

Stay tuned for full posts and giveaways of some of our favorite products for all those hard-to-buy-for people on your list – and maybe even a surprise or two for you!

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