Lekue baking sets for the holidays  

A big thank you to Lekue for sending us a few Lekue baking sets for the holidays. As always, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received for this rave review.

Know a special baker who knows that sourdough isn’t a craze? If so, there are some really awesome Lekue baking sets for the holidays that you must check out. From cookies to sourdough to bread, there’s a great pick for every baker on your list.

Lekue baking sets for the holidays

Lekue Sourdough Starter Set

My first pick is perfect for the baker who has it all – Lekue sourdough starter set. This amazing sourdough starter set has everything you need to help keep your starter healthy and ready to bake with. The set includes two glass jars to keep your starter, special venting lids to keep it fresh, and even a spatula and level indicator so you can mix and measure your starter each day.

Di you know that you can use sourdough in pizza, bread, waffles, desserts, and many other delicious oven-baked goods? It’s true! Not only do they taste great, they are also healthier for you when made with sourdough. In sourdough, a bacterial population creates acids, which is why sourdough bread is easier to digest. 

Lekue bread maker

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the Lekue bread maker is the perfect tool for any baker. The flexible silicone is the best way to weigh, knead, and then bake your home-made bread in a single container.

It’s no secret that they call me “one pan Leanne” here at Rave Central, so one container for all the stages of baking is basically the thing dreams are made of. Not only does it cut down on dishes, it’s also super easy to store since it’s flexible and can fit your space. And since it’s silicone, nothing sticks to it so you can knead, rise, and bake without worry of sticking.

Lekue bagel maker

Want something for the baker who likes to try new things? I bet they haven’t mastered bagels yet. With the Lekue bagel maker, the individual bagel molds let you boil and bake the bagel all in one tool. The conical mold helps you shape the bagel quickly and easily, as well as helping you maintain the round shape while you boil and then bake the bagel.

When the bagels are done boiling, the molds strain automatically upon removing from the water, giving perfect results each time. Then, you pop the molds into the oven and bake. If you need to move the individual molds around, the tip of the cone shape can be handled without burning, which I love.

Lekue cookie cutters

I have the perfect gift if you’re baking for – or with – kids. The Lekue sheet cookie cutters are a perfectionist’s dream. Instead of rolling out the dough and then individually cutting the cookies, the sheet cutter perfectly places each shape within the dough to maximize the number of cookies you can make with each sheet.

I recommend purchasing the three cookie cutter set which has hearts, trees, and snowflakes, so you can make all the holiday cookies together. Kids love how fun it is to get multiple cookies cut at one time, and us parents appreciate minimizing rolling out the dough over and over again.

Lekue baking sets for the holidays

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