Holiday Gift Guide: the best gifts for him

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There are very few men that I find easy to buy for. Unless you’re my brother and actually enjoy getting the new model of your favorite shoe every year for the holidays, I struggle to find gifts for you every single year. Maybe that’s because I’m a woman that I find other women easier to shop for, but if that was the case, all men would rock the best gifts for him and we know that’s not the case.

Maybe they are super picky when it comes to clothing, or maybe it seems like they already have everything they need, or maybe they are just worse at announcing things that they need throughout the year {yeah, that’s probably it}. But, whatever the reason, it is always men left on my list come December 15th.

Not this year, folks. This year I vow to be done early, and only have items that I’m looking forward to purchasing left on my list in mid to late December. Wish me luck.

Or, remind me that I already made this list, and I just need to stick to it and buy multiples of these best gifts for him.

Let’s get into the best gifts for him

1. RapidX MyCharging Station.

Remember the days when rooms had a maximum of two outlets and you only needed one of them? Those days are gone. Now our phones need a plug in, our laptops, tablets, watches, earbuds, our smart devices, our lamps, our TVs, and even our beds need a plugin. You get the idea: everything plugs in these days. MyCharging Station from RapidX solves all of your tech charging woes.

With the ability to charge 7 different devices ranging from watches to laptops to tablets and more, the MyCharging Station is bound to make your life a whole lot easier. Even better, it actually has special spots to put those items that need charging daily, so you don’t have to have a pile of tech sitting on your floor or cabinets all the time. Are you excited yet?

The MyCharging Station comes with a selection of cords for getting started charging right away, you only need to add your specialty cords and chargers and this will handle it all!

Shop on Amazon for the RapidX MyCharging Station

2. Gourmet nut decanters

When in doubt, go with food. You don’t have to know his size, it won’t turn into clutter, and it’s bound to be shared with you when he opens it. Win, win, win. These gorgeous nut decanters from Damn, Man are the perfect mix of gift and food and are sure to wow this holiday season.

Pour yourself a glass… of premium nuts. Packaged in gorgeous {and very reusable} glass decanters, the Black Label collection is a true showstopper. This delicious blend of cashews and almonds is perfect for any nut lover and comes in two flavors – signature mixed nuts or whiskey-flavored old-fashioned.

You can shop Damn, Man Snacks nut decanters here (bonus, they are on sale)

3. Handmade leather toiletry bag from NOVICA

This leather toiletry bag from NOVICA came highly recommended to me, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect. We’ve had other toiletry bags before, but they have always been huge and bulky canvas bags that the whole family packed into.

Now that the kids are older and we have done more traveling without kids {or at least without packing all of their bathroom items in our bags}, I’ve been searching for a classic toiletry bag to gift my husband. I’ve never found one that was perfect for road trips with the family as well as business trips solo. Until now.

The craftsmanship in the leather toiletry bag is what immediately sets it apart. The detail seaming down the side adds a little bit of playfulness, without straying from the very classic design that I love. The lining is well made and can stand up to whatever we’re toting, and it even includes a small pocket that can keep small items separate. A zippered closure keeps the bag secured in your suitcase.

But, most of all, I love knowing that the toiletry bag was made by an artisan just for me. Ricardo Hinojosa in Mexico makes stunning leather bags and accessories for all occasions, and each one is gorgeous and functional. From satchels to wallets, there’s something for everyone and it’s just waiting to be shipped to you from NOVICA, all beautifully packaged and wrapped for gifting.

You can buy the leather toiletry travel bag from NOVICA here.

4. Lumina webcam

Hey guys, I think it’s safe to say that Zoom meetings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And really, aren’t you kind of happy about that? No more driving or traveling by air to go to an hour-long meeting when you can do the same meeting in the comfort of your own home. The one bummer? Terrible image quality that we’ve all learned to deal with. But, what if we all had Lumina webcams to make Zoom meeting even better?

Lumina’s depth-sensing technology hides distractions with an easily configurable background bokeh effect that you can control completely. It also has an adaptive color correction system that is smart enough to boost or mute colors while keeping skin tones natural. And, as if that’s not enough, Lumina’s AI Cameraman can actually follow you throughout the call, making sure you have perfect framing no matter how you move.

Just plug in the USB type C cable in your computer and Lumina will connect immediately. It’s that simple. And, that beautiful.

You can find the Lumina webcam on Amazon.

5. Mad Tree Woodcrafts handmade boxes

Where do you keep your most precious items? Let me guess: some are in your purse, some are in your nightstand, some are in a cardboard box in storage, and others are around there *somewhere*… And then there are others that were so special that you put them somewhere so safe that you may never find them.

No judgement here, I was in the same place as you until this year. This summer, to be exact. That’s when I found Mad Tree Woodcrafts and they made me the most gorgeous handmade keepsake memory box for all my sentimental items.

This handmade wooden keepsake box is a gorgeous work of art, and the perfect place to store all of my sentimental treasures. We’re not talking about a basic wooden box that’s been stained in different colors, rather this is an heirloom-quality handmade hardwood box made with only the finest quality components.

Truly, words don’t even do it justice. The exquisite craftsmanship is apparent in every single detail of the Mad Tree Woodcrafts personalized keepsake box. From the single pieces of walnut hardwood that make up each side of the box to give it a consistent grain, to the contrasting hardwood maple corner splines and miter joinery, it’s apparent at first glance that this box is something special.

If you want to wow him this holiday season, order your Mad Tree Woodcrafts keepsake box today. You can start shopping here.

6. Chromebook stylus from Targus

Write, draw, and scroll with ease using the Active Stylus for Chromebook. The durable pressure-sensing tip provides a natural pen-like experience, allowing you to write and draw accurately and comfortably.

Certified “Works With Chromebook”, the Active Stylus requires no drivers or Bluetooth connection to function. And thanks to its palm rejection functionality, you can rest your hand naturally on the screen and write as smoothly as you would on paper. With a long-lasting battery supporting over 300 days of use* and an easy-to-swap tip, you can rest assured that the Active Stylus for Chromebook is ready for whatever your days holds.

You can find the “Works with Chromebook” stylus from Targus on and on

7. Polyver Sweden boots

In an unusual turn of events, the Pacific Northwest got tons of snow this week. Normally, we pull down our boots with plenty of time before the snow hits us in late December or January, but this year, we found ourselves running around searching for boots in the morning before school as the snow started dumping and our car was undrivable. Thank goodness we had these new Polyver Sweden winter high boots that boast being able to handle conditions between +10°C/+50°F to -40°C/-40°F.

Polyver Sweden understands what it takes to keep your feet warm and comfortable, which is why we’ve all been fighting over these warm-lined high boots all week. No amount of “cute” or “stylish” matters when it’s literally freezing outside, and all you want is to keep your toes warm while you get where you need to go. With these Polyver boots to keep us warm and dry, we all got safely to and from school, and comfortably through a record-breaking sledding day with the family.

In addition to keeping your feet dry with a seamless and waterproof exterior, these boots also have great traction that kept us from slipping and sliding all over when the snow inevitably turned to ice with the fluctuating temperatures. In short, if your favorite guy gets in a lot of snow, he needs these.

Polyver Sweden

8. Innova Auto tools

If the guy on your list is a true DIY-er, he needs to know about Innova Auto. They make tools for anyone who wants to know more about their car and possibly fix a few things themselves. Why blindly trust mechanic shops or buy random parts that you might not need when you can just get the answers you need, right at home?

The Innova CarScan helps you diagnose, order parts, and then clear any check engine notifications, all without ever involving a mechanic.

9. Cheese Brothers Gift Packs

Again, go with food if you’re really not sure what to buy him. Specifically, buy him some protein. Cheese Brothers proclaims that the best gifts are cheesy and they might be right.

The “Best Gifts Are Cheesy” Holiday Gift Pack includes a whopping 10 packs of their favorite cheeses, two salamis, one jar of Cherry Lavender Jam from Bushel and Pecks and one package of Potter’s Crackers, all ready for gifting in a carboard crate.

Includes: Eight 6 oz. blocks of Wisconsin-made cheese {Smoked Gouda, Dill Havarti, 3 Amigos Spicy Gouda, Bourbon Gouda, Horseradish Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Fratello, Sharp Cheddar}. Two 5 oz. blocks of signature Wisconsin-made cheese {Rhapsody and 8-Year-Aged Cheddar}. Two 5.5 oz gourmet salamis from La Quercia of Norwalk, IA.  One 8 oz. jar of Cherry Lavender Jam from Bushel and Pecks of Beloit, WI. And, lastly, one 5 oz. package of Classic White organic crackers from Potter’s Crackers of Madison, Wisconsin

Deluxe “Best Gifts Are Cheesy” Holiday Gift Pack – Cheese Brothers, Inc. (

10. Solo Stove Bonfire

What better way to relax and bond than with your own portable bonfire that you can take with you on your adventures? The Solo Stove is the pinnacle of “smokeless” bonfire, and for a good reason. It really does keep the smoke to a minimum and lets you enjoy all the perks of bonfires, without smelling like smoke for the rest of the day.

Solo sells numerous accessories, including ones that allow you to cook right on the Solo Stove Bonfire, or allow you to keep your flame contained or get it going even faster. There’s a tool for basically everything. And, if you need even more tools for your bonfire, check out the Pit Command Talons that make it even more fun to play with fire.

Whether you want to elevate your patio with a smokeless bonfire, or you want one that can come right along with you, Solo Stove is the perfect fit.

You can find Solo Stove products at

11. Targus Sagano laptop backpack

This 15.6″ backpack may look simple and classic, but what you don’t know is that the Sagano EcoSmart Campus Backpack is made from recycled water bottles. Each bag contains 7 recycled PET bottles, helping to minimize landfills while providing superior fabrics and textiles that can hold up to whatever life throws at them.

This handy slim and minimalist backpack has multiple pockets to help keep you organized while protecting your laptop. The bag includes a padded laptop compartment, a large zippered front pocket, and an organizer with pen loop, card holder, and zippered pocket. On each side are exterior pockets that can hold your favorite water bottles for grabbing quickly when you need it. Adjustable and padded shoulder straps are comfortable and breathable with mesh fabric for air circulation.

15.6” Sagano™ EcoSmart® Campus Backpack (Gray) | Targus – Targus US

12. Looft Fire Starter

Name one guy that doesn’t want a super cool fire starter. I’ll wait. Oh, you’ve got no one you can think of? That’s because starting things on fire is in their DNA. And, when that fire starter is this incredibly cool, I would be hard pressed to think of anyone who wouldn’t want to try it out.

The Looft Lighter X is a portable firelighter that was designed to create fire in seconds using only battery power. This innovative electric fire starter offers a safe and easy way to get your grill or fireplace going in 60 seconds. Using only clean superheated air that reaches temperatures up to 1200°F, the Looft is gas-free and flame-free. It can easily light all fuels, like charcoal, briquettes, and logs, all using high heat air.

1 charge lasts for multiple uses, so you can charge it once and enjoy it over a weekend. When it does need a recharge, simply plug it in and it will be ready to go before you know it.

13. Nguyen Coffee Supply + Phin Filter

Nguyen Coffee Supply says they are on a mission to change the future of coffee. By celebrating diversity in the coffee community, championing the Vietnamese robusta bean, and amplifying the people behind the world’s second largest coffee production, they aim to educate as well as provide amazing coffee. The brand slogan, “For the People’s Grind,” reflects their mission to inspire and fuel the universal grind.

In addition to coffee, they also have these amazing Phin filters. Made with stainless steel and handcrafted by female artisans in Vietnam, they will give you the perfect cup of Phin drip coffee in 5 minutes. The best part? No paper waste at all!

The Phin filters come in multiple sizes, and their Vietnamese coffee is available in multiple strengths and grinds from Nguyen Coffee Supply. Questions to ask yourself: Where are you going to enjoy your Vietnamese coffee and who are you going to enjoy it with?

You can shop Nguyen Coffee Supply at

14. SLICE tools

Tis the season of slicing! Whether you are wrapping presents, opening all your shipping boxes, or you are crafting your way silly, this is every slicing tool’s time. Treat your man to a new set of ceramic slicing tools that are as cool as they are functional. Just check out this selection of craft and precision cutters that they have bundled together this holiday season.

I chose this set of SLICE tools because they are great for all sorts of crafty things as well as being something that you can easily use for more practical applications. As for my man, he’s currently remodeling our bathroom, and helping me remodel a dollhouse for our little one for Christmas. That deserves new and high-tech tools.

And this bad boy? The Edge Utility Cutter is making short work of all of our miniature crafting as well as detail trim cutting in our bathroom. Even after the remodel of both houses is complete, I know we’re going to be turning to this for all sorts of projects – big or small.

You can start your holiday shopping here: and get your SLICE bundles here.

15. Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey

And, for the absolutely impossible to buy for: specialty booze. Brothers-in-law, I’m looking at you. From here on out, you get a nice bottle of Jameson Whiskey to open. The Jameson Black Barrel is the perfect bottle to gift. It’s triple distilled Irish whiskey that’s smooth enough to drink solo, but also pairs well in Old Fashioned and Whiskey Sour cocktails.

It’s not creative, but it will win you a whole lot more points than a couple pairs of socks might. And, who knows, he might just share it with you. That right there is the best gifts for him… and for you.

Shop the best gifts for him

I hope you found a few items that you can wrap up for the holidays for all the impossible to buy for men in your life. Bookmark this and you can have the best gifts for him ready while you’re doing your holiday shopping this season.

If you’re looking for more guide, you should check here. From kids to BFFs to stocking stuffers, we have an ultimate gift guide for everyone on your list.

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