Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

Looking for the hottest gifts for the holiday season? We’ve got you covered with all our favorites for just about anyone on your list on the Holiday Gift Guide for Parents. From housewares to decor, and everything from the newest tech to toys that are adult-approved, there’s a little something for everyone on your list.

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

1. Black + Decker Corded Vacuum + Steam Mop

Ever start steam mopping your floor only to realize that you need to vacuum again before you continue? I’ve owned steam mops, and I’ve owned vacuums, but I’ve never owned a 2-in-1. The Black + Decker Steam N’ Vac (Model #BDXSMV190G) allows you to mop as you vacuum for one step cleaning with its 2-in-1 versatility.

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

This powerful steam mop plus vacuum will keep your home sparkling killing up to 99% of germs without chemicals while removing tough dirt and grime with just water and the included microfiber pad. When you’re done, just toss the microfiber pad in the wash and reuse over and over – no need to buy disposable mop pads or have extra waste. A washable HEPA filter keeps dirt and dust out of the air, with no extra filters to buy, either.

Safe to use on all sealed surfaces around the home including sealed hardwood, tile, stone, grout, wood, laminate and granite. Powerful 1,000-Watt steam boiler and 500-Watt vacuum can be operated simultaneously, continuously and reliably with plug in power.  Controls easily switch functions so you can vacuum and steam at same time or separately.

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

See more on Black+Decker Steam Mop and Dry Vacuum and see more about why it made our Holiday Gift Guide for Parents.

Follow Black + Decker on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

2. Instant Pot Pro Plus Smart Multi Cooker

There’s two types people in the world: those who are obsessed with their Instant Pot and those that haven’t tried one, yet. If you fall in the second category, you might be really grateful you waited to make the leap when you see the newest holiday offerings. We love the 6 Quart, 10-in-1 Instant Pot Pro Plus Smart Multi Cooker that still has the same quick cooking everyone raves about {up to 70% faster}, but also because it’s so extremely versatile and has a stovetop-safe and dishwasher-safe inner pot, overheat protection, and an easy seal locking lid.

This isn’t just an Instant Pot, this is a Smart cooking machine. It wirelessly connects to the Instant Brands Connect app on your mobile device via Drop, the leading smart kitchen platform. Not only does the app let you operate and program your Instant Pot, it also allows you to keep an eye on the cooking process even when you can’t peek inside the pot {this is the hardest part of an Instant Pot in my opinion}.

Now you can track your cooking, and even release steam from afar. How cool is that? You can also access over 800 highly rated Smart Recipes, so you can shake up your routine in the easiest possible way.  

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

It’s a Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté Pan, Yogurt Maker, Warmer, Canning Pot, Sous Vide, and has NutriBoost, all in one 6qt package that take up less space than my old rice cooker. If you prefer to control it the old school way, you will love the large, easy-to-read display and the intuitive, sensitive touch controls to help you perfect the most amazing meals.

Available for $169.99 at, Amazon and William Sonoma. To learn more visit and see why it made our Holiday Gift Guide for Parents.

3. Covatar custom hand-drawn art

I bet you think that hand-drawn art is something only the uber rich can afford, right? Maybe it used to be, but now there’s Covatar. Covatar makes beautiful, digital, hand-painted portraits for real people made by real artists around the world. This service isn’t nearly as costly as you are imagining. Prices start at $20, or roughly the price of lunch. Yes, really.

To get started, you simply choose a portrait package that fits your needs. Choose whether you want a human or pet portrait {or both!} and the number of characters, and then decide on a unique artist’s style. With 45 unique graphic styles available and 150+ artists and art directors across the globe, there is bound to be one that fits the bill. Then, submit your images of your subject{s} along with a survey about them and their personalities. And, then you sit back and wait for your artist to send you your digital Covatar design in 7 to 21 days.

Or, you can go with the Premium service package where you can take control over the creative process. With the Premium service package, you can add your vision at every stage of the process. Change backgrounds, change your hairstyle or clothing, you can update your digital portrait in dozens of ways.

Once you have your digital Covatar, you can print it on a variety of items right through Covatar, add it to your avatars on social media, use it for business cards – whatever you decide. For every portrait commissioned, a portion of their proceeds go to the customers’ charity of choice. So far, they have donated over $50,000, as well as supporting local artists worldwide.

Find out more about Covatar and start the designing process today. You can also follow them on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

4. Meat Stick Mini

Never guess when dinner is done again with the MeatStick Mini. This is the newest high-tech wireless meat thermometer for all the foodies on your list… or for all those forgetful chefs {guilty!}. At only 5.5 mm thick and 9.5 cm long, the MeatStick Mini will help you cook the juiciest steak, chicken, fish, turkey and any other meat you can imagine. So, now you can engage with your guests, enjoy the party, or just unwind while you cook dinner, the MeatStick will handle the rest.

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

It’s super easy to use: simply insert into your meat and then place into the oven, sous-vide, or deep fryer, select a new cook in the MeatStick app, and then monitor it from anywhere in the house while you wait for dinner. Its ceramic handle can withstand temperatures up to 572°F and the stainless steel probe can withstand up to 185°F. The MeatStick Mini is also dishwasher safe and has an 8+ hour battery life.

With its magnetic backing, you can stick the MeatStick Mini anywhere in your kitchen for easy access. Pop it on the fridge, the range hood, or along your utensil rack so you will never be searching through drawers looking for it.

Available from $69.99 at and Amazon. Be sure and follow MeatStick on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

5. PDP Gaming Accessories

Did you get a new Nintendo Switch or Xbox of PS4 during quarantine like everyone else did? If so, you need to know about PDP Gaming Accessories you can gift to make the purchase feel new again.

I love the PDP Gaming LVL Wired Stereo Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone we got for the Nintendo Switch from PDP Gaming Accessories. It’s comfortable and lightweight for long gaming sessions, and has great sound so you can hear both your game and your gaming buddies clearly. It also has a flexible, noise-canceling mic that you can mute in one motion with the “flip to mute” feature.

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

They also have wired and wireless controllers, bags, and more to make the most of your system. For the Switch, I love the Pull-N-Go storage bag that has a removable padded game console storage on top. Take the whole bag when you will need your Joy Cons and controllers and headsets, or just pull of the top console storage for short trips.

If you’re looking for wired and wireless controllers, PDP Gaming has you covered on that, too. Choose whichever color or design you prefer, or you can go with their “Faceoff” models that allow you to change the skins on your controllers to fit your mood. We went with some Animal Crossing themed wired controllers since we’re all huge ACNH fans.

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

Shop gaming accessories at Be sure and follow PDP on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

6. Samsung Evo SD cards

You may think that SD cards aren’t all that exciting of a gift, but have you ever gone shopping right after the holidays? It seems like everyone in the store is buying batteries and SD cards for all their new Christmas gifts, and there are never any sales after the holidays. This year, remember the peripherals and get the SD card to go with the gift before the rush. I guarantee you that they would prefer that over heading out in the crowds to get one before they can even play with their new tech products.

I personally love the Samsung EVO Plus Full-Size SDXC cards that have their patented 7-proof protection. Pair that with their 10-year limited warranty and you can actually relax a little about using it at home and away. Of course, they also have the best-in-class transfer speeds up to 130MB/s so you can quickly download and upload pictures, videos and more. As a photographer, I can attest that this transfer speed is everything and makes even photoshoots with hundreds of pictures quick and easy to download and store.

You can buy Samsung EVO Plus full-size SDXC cards on Amazon.

7. RYOBI EZ Clean One+

The RYOBI EZ CLEAN Power Cleaner is the perfect tool for when you want a water powered cleaner but I don’t have access to a hose. Now you can use any fresh water source wherever you are, thanks to its cordless design and its ability to draw water from liter or gallon bottles. At 320 PSI, the Power Cleaner is basically a portable pressure washer that you can take with you to places you’ve never been able to pressure wash before.

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

The 3-in-1 nozzle allows you to easily select one of three spray patterns: 15 degree, turbo, or rinse. Add in the accessories for the unit like the Foam Blaster, Squeegee, and extra bottles, and you can have a mini clean machine you can take with you anywhere.

The EZ CLEAN uses the RYOBI ONE+ battery system that features 175 innovative product solutions, giving you the ultimate in versatility to get the job done. With cordless lithium-ion technology, RYOBI powers through almost anything and allows you to expand your collection without having to buy multiple battery types for each piece of equipment.

Ryobi is exclusive to Home Depot. Find out more at and where you can buy locally.

8. LEGO for adults

Are you surprised to see LEGO on an adult gift guide? You really shouldn’t be. Not only are there thousands and thousands of adult LEGO collectors out there, there are entire lines of LEGO products that are designed less for heavy play and more for display. Kids know that LEGO is one of the best ways to relax and unwind, but why should they have all the fun?

Covid made it hard to do date nights like we wanted to, but LEGO was our one saving grace because it gave my husband and I a project to do together over multiple sittings. It’s easier to talk and connect when you’re doing something together, and LEGO was the perfect solution to staying in and yet feeling like we did something new and exciting. It’s now one of our favorite ways to just slow down and work on a project together while we reconnect.

The newest 18+ LEGO offerings had us swooning over the new Volkswagen T2 Camper Van, LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster {which just so happens to match my actual cherry red Stratocaster}, a wall-mountable World Map to show off your travels, an unkillable Bird of Paradise plant, and the Hogwarts Castle that is positively exquisite in person. We’re eventually going to be welcoming in at least a few of these to our collection, the hard part is deciding which ones.

But, the one thing I knew we needed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter movie is the LEGO Hogwarts Icons Collector’s Edition. With 3,010 pieces recreating some of the most memorable Harry Potter visuals of the past 20 years, any adult Harry Potter fan would be blown away.

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

Most prominent is a gorgeous Hedwig with adorably moving head and spread wings, but it also has a quidditch ball, spell books, a Hogwarts acceptance letter, and Harry’s iconic glasses. And, my most favorite addition? The adorable potion bottles so you can have your own LEGO Polyjuice, Gillyweed, and more.

Also included is the golden character minifigures of some of our favorite Hogwarts characters with display stand, and a treasure chest to hold potion bottles. We’re {not so} patiently awaiting our shipment of our LEGO Hogwarts Icons Collector’s Edition as we clear off a special spot on the Harry Potter shelf to display it once it’s built.

You can buy the LEGO Hogwarts Icons Collector’s Edition on as well as many specialty sites. You can follow LEGO on Instagram and Facebook for holiday inspiration and fun and see how it made our Holiday Gift Guide for Parents.

9. L’Occitane Gift Sets

Whenever I think about traveling for leisure, I think of L’Occitane. It started when I purchased a L’Occitane travel set for a big trip I had planned for my graduation, and then it quickly became my go-to travel toiletries brand. There’s something about their collection of products that feel utterly decadent and indulgent, while still being high quality products that you could use every day.

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

Now that we can’t go nearly as many places these days, I’m using my beloved L’Occitane sets to help me feel like I’m traveling overseas and off on new adventures. I may not be traveling through Europe, but I can indulge in my favorite European luxuries in the comfort of home.

You can shop L’Occitane’s huge selection of travel goodies, full size luxuries, and amazing skincare at L’Occitane. See their large selection of beauty products from the South of France and order up some new favorites today.

10. Willow & Grace Designs

Floating shelves are all the rage these days, and I’ve found my favorite new brand for all my floating shelf needs. Willow & Grace make modern, yet rustic shelves that are beautifully crafted out of 100% imported wood. They have natural knots in the wood are stained to give the perfect aged look, which I love. They also include industrial iron corner caps to add an extra touch to your display shelf.

Their shelves can be installed quickly and securely with their original Smart Bracket Mounting System. When talking floating shelves, security is paramount, and their Smart Bracket Mounting system make it easy. It’s so easy to mount as you position the wall-mounting bracket anywhere along the wall, and then once it’s secure, you just slip your shelf into place for a professional-quality installation that’s secure and stable.

The Dennis Floating Shelves from Willow and Grace Designs {seen above} include two decorative shelves that look modern with a fun industrial spin. The fusion of wood and metal would be perfect in a contemporary living room or farmhouse kitchen, or even in an industrial modern room. I love that the smart bracket system shows no visible support, no need for ugly shelf brackets or supports, which is why it made our Holiday Gift Guide for Parents.

You can buy the Dennis Floating Shelves in two different sizes {24 x 6 x 1.5 inches / 36 x 6 x 1.5 inches} on or on Be sure and follow Willow and Grace on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

11. SABRE Smart Pepper Spray

If your recipient is a runner or a walker, or just someone who trek through unfamiliar areas alone, give them peace of mind with SABRE Smart Pepper Spray. Not only do you have the instant protection of pepper spray in case of emergency, the SMART portion offers high tech protection to keep you safer. Free texts will be sent with location map links to specified contacts is the spray ever deploys and will update using GPS tracking until you are safe. Professional monitoring is also available with paid subscriptions

Other smart pepper sprays disconnect from your phone without warning but SABRE’s SMART Pepper Spray alerts you if your spray is out of range so you can reconnect. It also provides verification that trusted contacts are set up so you know you are fully covered.

You get everything you want in a pepper spray – finger grip to improve aim, a flip-top safety for easier deployment under stress, and the ability to deploy it at a safer distance. But, only SABRE better prepares you to actually use your SMART Pepper Spray by including a practice spray to test it out and make sure you’re comfortable – even if you’re stressed.

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

You get 25 bursts in each can to protect against multiple threats, and you will love that you have a 10-foot range to protect at a safe distance. Keyring attaches to keys or your purse strap, or you can tuck it away and carry it discreetly in pockets or bags. Recharge over and over again and purchase refills when needed. SABRE’s SMART Pepper spray has three battery life indicators to let you know if it needs to charge: green blinking light, a yellow blinking light as it gets low, and the red blinking light indicates 10% or less.

You can buy Sabre SMART Pepper Spray on Be sure and follow Sabre on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Happy Shopping our Holiday Gift Guide for Parents!

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