Adventurer’s Gift Guide

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Adventurer's Gift Guide

Gifts for adventurers are usually top of my lists, and not just because I have a family of adventure-seekers. There’s something fun about getting someone something they can use on their next adventure, as a way to send a little bit of home along with them. Here are our top picks for gear and gifts for every adventurer on your list this holiday season.  

Behold, the Adventurer’s Gift Guide

Lazarus Artisan Goods Leather Journal.

Collect memories, not mementos. True adventurers don’t want a bunch of stuff to store, but they do want to remember all their journeys. Get them the gift of a handcrafted and one-of-a-kind journal to record all those memories and it will quickly become one of their most prized possessions.

Adventurer's Gift Guide

This Rustic Compact Journal from Lazarus Artisans is handcrafted in Honduras and hand stitched for guaranteed durability. You can choose either lined or unlined pages, and choose between 4 gorgeous 100% leather covers. See the Rustic Compact Journal from Lazarus Artisan Goods here.  

Personalized Jewelry from Dune. 

It might seem strange to have jewelry on an adventurer’s gift guide, but this isn’t just any jewelry. This is a tangible and wearable symbol of your most favorite adventures, using sand and other earth elements taken from the places that mean the most to you. Because Dune has an extensive “Sand and Element Bank” to choose from, it means you can select sand and elements from places that are meaningful for the two of you, all while sitting at home.

Every adventurer has a travel or beach memory that they want to capture forever – whether it’s childhood beach homes, multi-generational trips, weekends at the beach, weddings or honeymoons.  All of these special moments are meant to be preserved and Dune’s custom and personalized collections are the perfect way to take it with you.

You can start shopping here for personalized adventure jewelry.

Luci EXPLORE Light.

This solar-powered and water-resistant little light is your personal speaker, mobile charger, and wake-up light all in one. It’s app-enabled and can be controlled via Bluetooth. Choose from unlimited color options and set your wake-up light preset to be the best travel companion you’ll ever find.

The light will last up to 24 hours on the light function and 4.5 hours on the speaker function. Just recharge via solar panel or via USB and it’s ready for any adventure. See full review of the Luci lights here.

Nomadix Towels.

There’s a reason they say Nomadix towels are “The Only Towel You Need¨. Not only are their towels high-performance, they also weigh less and take up far less space than a traditional beach towel. This makes them perfect for travel, beach, yoga, and more. We were struggling with finding towels for our adventures, and now that we’ve found Nomadix we will never go back.

Adventurer's Gift Guide

These aren’t small in size, at 72.5″L x 30″W they are similar to your typical bulky towel, but so much thinner. Don’t mistake thin for less-absorbent, because these towels can soak up their share of liquids. The difference is that they dry so much quicker, meaning that you can use them again and again throughout the day without ending up with a wet and dripping towel after the first soak. See more high performance towels at Nomadix

U Stand – umbrella stand.

Adventurers sometimes need shade, and that’s where U Stand comes in. The U-Stand allows you to add an umbrella to any terrain and in winds up to 40mph to give you shade wherever you roam.

Adventurer's Gift Guide

Simply fill your stand with weight {sand, rocks, water, or whatever you’ve got}, or you can use the U-Stand as a cooler. The U-Stand comes with two removable lids that are equipped with four cup holders to keep your drinks handy and sandy-free. See the full review of the U-Stand here.

Pocket sized protection from Matador.

Mud, wet grass, and worse are the norm for most adventures. Protect yourself and your gear by bringing a small, waterproof ground cover to set your stuff on, wherever you roam.  This pocket sized outdoor blanket is so lightweight that you can toss it into any backpack or purse, or keep it in your trunk for emergencies.

JBL Xtreme Splash-Proof Speaker.  

I needed a speaker for our long days away from home and was sold on the fact that it is splashproof and rugged, which means it is as adventure-ready as we are. From camping to days at the beach, we needed a speaker that could keep up with us and keep the party going, and it’s been confirmed that the JBL Xtreme is the ultimate portable Bluetooth speaker for all of our needs. See the full review of the JBL Xtreme Speaker here.

Adventurer's Gift Guide

GO-FIND 66 Metal Detector from Minelab.

If you’re going to be visiting so many cool places, you might as well collect some treasure while you’re there, right? The GO-FIND 66 metal detector weighs a mere 2.3lbs and has all sorts of features to help you determine what you’ve found before you start digging. You can even eliminate categories of metal entirely, so you don’t spend your whole day digging up trash over and over again.

Then, when you’re done treasure hunting, you can easily carry it from place to place. The main handle telescopes so anyone from kids up to tall adults can use it comfortably, and once it’s collapsed to its smallest size, you can fold the coil and screen onto the handle so it’s extremely small and portable. Setting it up again is super quick and since there’s no parts that disconnect, there’s no worry of missing a piece or leaving part of your unit behind. See the full review of the GO-FIND 66 Metal Detector from Minelab here.

Adventurer's Gift Guide

Ampere Side Pocket Bag with Built-In Charger.

Roaming cell phones, high camera use, and browsing the internet to pass time are all horrible for your smartphone battery. Make sure you pack a charge with the Ampere Side Pocket so you can carry your phone and charge it on the go.

The Side Pocket is just the right size for any adventurer –  just big enough for the essentials when you don’t need a full-size pack. The wireless panels work with all Qi-enabled devices, AirPods Pro and AirPods with Wireless Charging Case. Output port works with any device that can be powered via a Type-C port. Side Pocket, wireless charging fanny pack – Ampere LLC

Puffy Blanket for Indoor and Outdoor Use. 

I love my indoor/outdoor down blanket for both big and little trips. It’s super packable, cozy, and it’s absolutely perfect for after the sun goes down when you want to snuggle up and stargaze. I keep one in the car for long car rides, and find that it’s one of our most used pieces of gear.

Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones.

Love listening to music on the go, but don’t want to be completely oblivious to ambient noises? Then you will love the Aftershokz Aeropex Bone Conduction Headphones that allow you to listen to all your favorite tunes, without obstructing your ears. Perfect for hiking, biking, and running in the city when you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Adventurer's Gift Guide

The Aeropex headphones lightweight and comfortable, and are even IP67 waterproof. Engineered for premium sound with a long-lasting battery, the Aeropex headphones will keep you motivated to power through any workout.  See our full review of the Aeropex Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones here.

Adventurer's Gift Guide

Tentsile Hammock Tent.

Tentsile makes lust-worthy multi-person hammocks that will instantly elevate your adventure. They are small and easy to pack away, but they help you create living space while suspended between the trees. Using three anchor points, their hammocks offer a stability that traditional hammocks can’t touch, and make it easy to relax in comfort. See our full review of the Tentsile Hammock here.

Adventurer's Gift Guide

I hope you enjoyed our Adventurer’s Gift Guide and found a few new and unexpected treasures for any of life’s journeys – big or small.

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