Meet Luci: the portable solar lights for all your adventures

A big thank you to MPowerd for sending us some Luci portable solar lights to review. No compensation was received for this rave review. 

Luci Lights 2I love MPOWERD® lights and was so excited to meet with them at CES this year. I’ve been a big fan for years and have owned several of their solar lights for camping, home use, and more, so of course I wanted to see their newest offerings. It turns out, their newest lights are even cooler than I could have imagined, packed with features and ready for anything.

We took our Luci lights out on the road this summer and I am even more in love with them and the company now. We plan to use the Luci lights in our camper van on a daily basis, especially the string lights that are perfect for adding just a bit of light to the back seats without making visibility miserable for the driver.

Meet LUCI portable solar lights

Luci® is the first inflatable solar light that you can use in any situation — from adventures in your own backyard to traveling to areas without electricity, Luci is the perfect companion. Luci uses the power of the sun to bring light to virtually anyone on the planet, which makes Luci limitless as well as truly “clean” energy that fits in the palm of your hand.

Luci wasn’t just designed for us urban explorers, MPOWERD dreams of empowering the three billion people around the world who still live without reliable access to electricity with their solar products. Expensive and dirty kerosene lamps that so many depend on could become a thing of the past with the adoption of Luci lights that could allow people to navigate, cook, and live with lights and electricity even after the sun goes down.Luci lights in van

Luci Connect Solar Light

The new Luci Connect solar-powered light pairs with your phone so you can control the lights, preset moods, and more and keeps on shining for 24 hours. With a sleek and stylish design and 36 LEDSs all facing inward, the Luci Connect with 250 lumens is ready for anything. 2 LED options allow you to choose from white or multicolor LEDs for limitless color possibilities.

Hang Luci anywhere with a flexible handle designed to fit around the base. Unhook from the base and thread through tent loops, hang on trees, or hook onto the roof of your camper. Then, once it’s hung you can control your Luci right from the app. Adjust the brightness, set colors and schedule your light to turn off and on, check battery life, and more.Luci Lights 3

Luci Solar String Lights

Now you can have the sun on a string with the new Luci Solar String Lights. Hidden inside the expandable unit, Luci Solar String Lights pack 100 lumens into 10 nodes on an 18 ft cord. These are the perfect addition to any camping tent, camper, or even to a porch or outdoor umbrella because they spread out the light and add ambiance while still having all the solar benefits of the inflatable lights.

You can recharge the Luci Solar String Lights via solar panel or quick charge via USB, and can last for a whopping 50 hours on a single charge.Luci Lights in van 2

Educational Build-Your-Own Luci Light

The Build-Your-Own Luci (BYOL) opens the door for bright young minds to learn about the power and potential of clean energy. This STEM kit will teach you hands-on how to apply scientific concepts in real life, all while building your own customizable solar light.

Not only is it extremely fun to play with and learn about solar energy, it’s really awesome to be able to use your creation after you’re all done.


LUCI portable solar lights, one app

Thinking about collecting your own Luci solar light and wondering how they all work together? The answer is: beautifully. You can connect multiple individual lights from within the same app so you can control your entire Luci family on your phone. This makes it easy to use Luci lights on a more long-term basis, setting schedules, watching battery life, and changing colors and light output to suit your every mood.

Find out more about MPOWERD and Luci lights, compare models, and read all about the company’s vision for bringing electricity where it’s needed most at the MPOWERD site. Luci solar lights comparison

If I didn’t already love MPOWERD, I would after their recent announcement that they are offering an option to Give a Light to Hurricane Dorian Victims. Hurricane Dorian has left entire communities without power in the Caribbean, so MPOWERD is working with several disaster relief groups and organizations to bring their lights to those affected. Find out more below:

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