Crystal Creatures mystery packs

This post about Crystal Creatures mystery packs is unsponsored, but does contain affiliate links. Clicking through these links helps support our site and goes towards random experiments like the one you’re about to read. My kids *love* mystery blind packs. And, then they like to collect items in blind packs, meaning that I end up paying a ton to get a bunch of duplicates. Sigh.

Crystal Creatures mystery packs

Just when I thought mystery packs were dying down in my house, we happened upon Crystal Creatures from Mega Construx. I mean, it’s mystical creatures that you BUILD and it has some sort of reference to crystals. My kids were so in.

I know my kids well enough to know we were definitely going to be trying for a favorite creature or two, so I just embraced it and let the kids each pick out a mystery egg, and then a bonus extra one for when we inevitably ended up with a duplicate. Mom of the Year, right?Crystal Creatures in package

But, apparently this Mom of the Year didn’t read the package very well. Because while I knew there was slime inside, I didn’t fully realize that all those little itty bitty parts were hidden *inside* goo and ooze. All of this, of course, grosses my kids out. For some reason they can make slime {albeit hilariously because they definitely don’t love it and it shows}, they can even play with slime {in very short-lived bursts that always requires hand scrubbing a few minutes in}, but they never, ever let it touch their toys {because doing so would then require a complete scrubbing of said toy}.

So, I did what any mom would do that had already spent more than I should have on toys that I was now scared my kids would never even remove from the slime. I pushed aside all my {totally valid} fears and just went for it. I was elbows deep in {glittery} goo and the kids were all “Ewwwww! Yuuuuuck!” to cheer me on.Crystal Creatures parts in slime

Luckily, I had a plan. First, I opened the egg, tore open the package of slime-filled creature parts and then dumped it all in the egg. Then, I painstakingly dug each little piece out of the ooze, while uttering a few choice phrases about how then to get my hands out of the goo long enough to set down the piece on a napkin without leaving a trail of slime behind. Once all pieces were removed, I was then in scrub down mode and washed each creature piece so no slime remained, leaving the pieces on a towel to air dry.

This process may sound quick, but I assure you it’s not. I washed my hands roughly a thousand times in these steps, wondering how the slime magically sticks to some pieces and some surfaces, and then cleanly rolls off others. It makes no sense, people. And please don’t feed me a line about science blah blah blah. Slime doesn’t follow silly science rules.

The kids were elated when their creatures were freed of their ooey gooey mess, but deep disappointment then followed when we somehow managed to get 2 duplicates in our 4 eggs we bought. Thankfully, the kids were good sports – they knew the risks and they played the game anyway. The lesson here is a good one about not counting your creatures before they hatch, etc, etc.Crystal Creatures pegasus

Or, maybe the takeaway is that we should have bought the Costco pack of eggs we saw after we purchased ours that comes with 3 separate *guaranteed* creatures to avoid said disappointment. Should I mention that this pack is substantially cheaper than what we spent?

Darn you, Costco! *shakes fist in the air like the old woman I’m quickly becoming*Crystal Creatures deer 2

At any rate, the kids really love the four {or rather, two}, creatures we did get, so all is not lost. The deer-like creature was the one my oldest had been hoping for, so she was pretty thrilled about the way things went down. We have big plans to add different color flowers to one of the Rosestone deer and make her another {similar} creature so they aren’t exactly the same, and then both girls can have one. That way, we’re making the best of the duplicates and giving our matching girls some sister does. Win, win.

And, if we do this all over again and buy another Crystal Creature and then we are lucky enough to not get the same ones we already opened, we could always mix and match parts, which is actually pretty cool. Here’s hoping for that… well, minus the me digging through slime again part. Next time, that’s all on them. Mama already paid her dues. Crystal Creatures logo

About the Crystal Creatures™ mystery packs

Sparkles and slime! Open 1 of 5 shimmering crystals to reveal a glitter slime surprise, then gather all the pieces to build your very own creature.

{see, even the description glosses over the fact that you have to collect these pieces from WITHIN the slime}Crystal Creatures in mystery egg

Which new friend will you discover? With 5 fantastical creatures to collect – including dazzling does and enchanted unicorns – and 3 colors of slime to find, the stylish combinations you create will be mesmerizing! With Frostwhite™, Aquagem™, Nightsky™, Rubywing™ and Rosestone™ to set free, you can mix and match accessories to create your very own personalized creatures! Then, use the crystal case to store your slime for later.

{again, that slime part should be IN BOLD. Underlined. Make-you-sign-on-the-dotted-line-that-you-consent kind of thing. Note: This is the side of the eggs I should have paid more attention to. It doesn’t specifically stated “smothered in slime”, but at least it gives the impression it’s gonna get messy}.Crystal Creatures in Slime

Have you found these in retail yet? They are apparently kind of hard to find, but we’ve seen them all over the place. We’ve found them at Fred Meyer, Costco, and Walmart so far, but they are also rumored to be at Target and they are available at Amazon as well (Mega Construx Crystal Creatures [Styles May Vary], Multi Color).

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