U-Stand all-in-one umbrella, gear, and drink holder

We received the U-Stand all-in-one umbrella, gear, and drink holder for us to review and love. No form of monetary compensation was received for this rave review.

U-Stand all-in-one umbrella gear and drink holder

If you’ve hung out with me for any length of time in the summer months, you know that the sun and I are not friends. Sure, I enjoy a sunny beach day with friends and family as much as the next person, but unfortunately sunscreen alone is not enough for me to be able to relax. I require *actual* shade in order to be able to have fun. Unfortunately, a lot of times in the summer that’s impossible without hauling in a huge gazebo or tent.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m literally surrounded by shade-less water here in the PNW, so beach days are pretty much every day? So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, this girl brings a big umbrella with her for beach and pool days. And, then I sigh when half of the places we go have no way to use said umbrella because I don’t have an umbrella stand or a way to dig the umbrella handle down in the sand. So, then I end up really far from the action under a tree or against a building, or sometimes under a towel like this kiddo, feeling like I’m missing everything.

Or, at least, that’s what I used to do. Now, I bring U-Stand with me, an umbrella stand that you can use anywhere, with any umbrella. Basically, I can now make my own shade wherever I go, easily.

What is the U-Stand?

The U-Stand is a square container that can not only hold an umbrella and keep cups upright in the cupholders, but also can help hold your beach gear and beverages/food securely while you’re off having fun. Fill the container with ice and whatever food and beverage you prefer, or fill with sand and water and never worry about your umbrella tipping again.

U-Stand all-in-one umbrella gear and drink holder

This all-in-one design holds all your beach gear and can even step up as a {non-insulated} cooler for any beach day. Not only is it easy to use at the beach, pool, or park, it is also easy to transport with its convenient shoulder strap. And, bonus is that it gives us some cupholders when we most need them.

Our dock has absolutely zero shade and since I can’t just stick an umbrella in the sand, I have to hold it up the entire time we’re there. Having it integrated into the cooler/drink holder makes SO MUCH SENSE.

No more running back up to the lake house to avoid sun all day long, and no more lugging huge gazebos down to the dock for the day. Honestly, it seems like such a small thing, but this U-Stand is going to completely transform my spring, summer, and even fall in the PNW. I’ve been avoiding sun my entire life and sitting alone in the shade, so I’m so excited to now be part of the action.

The deets on the U-Stand all-in-one umbrella, gear, and drink holder

The U-Stand is made with durable, UV protected plastic and will fit any umbrella, ranging from resort grade wood poles to the standard beach umbrella. We have a few of those small umbrellas only meant for sand and the pole is a bit on the small size, but a piece of foam made it stay up and it was sturdy all day long on the dock in the sun. Our regular sized umbrellas all fit perfectly and offered even more shade.

U-Stand all-in-one umbrella gear and drink holder

Worried your umbrella will still fly down the beach, this time taking the U-Stand with it? Never fear, because the U-Stand is as heavy as you want it to be. It weighs 93 whopping pounds with sand, 61 pounds with water, or 56 pounds with ice. The U-Stand is built to withstand winds of 40mph when the base is full with weight.

U-Stand all-in-one umbrella gear and drink holder

How heavy can you make yours? Think rocks, bricks, whatever you have access to. Make it however heavy you need! For me, we don’t have much wind at the dock, so ice with beverages and food is perfect for me. If we were using it at the beaches in the Puget Sound, I would definitely put a few rocks in the bottom and then do ice and food/beverages on top.

The U-Stand retails for $49.99 and you can use the code SUMMER15 for 15% off. It is available in multiple colors and accessories will be available soon that can make your U-Stand into an insulated cooler. We can’t wait for that as we typically use the base for food and beverages during our adventures.

You can find out more at the ustand.com 

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