Amazing sound, indoors or out with the JBL Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sponsored postYou can find speakers just about anywhere these days – at discount stores, gas stations, even in packages of chips {true story}. But, where do you turn when you want an amazing speaker that will blow you away with amazing sound quality? Hint: it’s not the dollar store.

No, if you want amazing sound, you are going to want to look to a company that is known for audio excellence, like JBL. They’ve always been known for big, full sound, and their newest speakers definitely keep up with that tradition. DSC03JBL Xtreme speaker by boxWe got to test out the JBL Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker this month, and it has been adored since the day it arrived. Initially, I was sold on the fact that it is splashproof and rugged, which means it is as adventure-ready as we are. From camping to days at the beach, we needed a speaker that could keep up with us and keep the party going, and it’s been confirmed that the JBL Xtreme is the ultimate portable Bluetooth speaker for all of our needs.


For any of you that are thinking that you wouldn’t know good speakers if you heard them and are thinking all speakers are essentially the same, I get it. I, too, thought that speakers were kind of an afterthought. Sure, I want good sound and would never shop the discount store for cheapie speakers, but would I really be able to hear the difference in a high quality speaker over a mid-level speaker? It turns out that the answer is yes. Because, trust me, you can hear the difference immediately. JBL Xtreme speaker 1Crank it up, and the JBL Xtreme literally shakes the room with powerful stereo sound by incorporating four active transducers and two visible JBL Bass Radiators. Even when turned down low, the difference is clear. But, crank this baby up, and the sound is incredible. The JBL Xtreme offers clear, distortion-free sound for rocking parties and outdoor events.

Speaking of outdoor events, this is where the splashproof fabric design comes in very handy. Living in Seattle means it can rain at any time, but it also means that we are literally surrounded by water. So, what good is a speaker that can’t handle a rain drop or two? The splashproof design of the JBL Xtreme means that I am actually kind of okay about it leaving the house and going on adventures, and will make it our go-to speaker for outdoor fun from now on. JBL Xtreme Spreaker zipped upThe way the splashproof fabric works is actually pretty cool, where it covers the speaker and protects it. It even has a cool zipper to keep the inputs covered and dry when used wirelessly. As long as you don’t submerge it, it will be fine. Simply zip it up for your {possibly wet} adventures and then unzip it for charging at home. JBL Xtreme speaker unzippedBut, even though this speaker is packing a massive sound, you won’t be stuck charging it all the time. With a huge 10,000mAh Li-ion battery that supports up to 15 hours of playtime, it can keep you rocking all day. And, to make it even cooler, it also has a dual USB charge out so it can keep your devices going as long as you need them to. That’s right, it even charges your devices using the dual USB ports, which will be amazing for camping and outdoor trips where electricity is hard to find.JBL Xtreme speakerIn these instances, you will also love the removable shoulder strap that you can clip onto the speaker and connect to backpacks and gear, or simply be worn across your body. It’s not incredibly heavy, but it’s definitely not lightweight, so I appreciate this strap that makes it easier to carry and transport. Unclip it for home use, or simply leave it on so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. JBL Xtreme speaker clipBut, for those of you using it at home, you will love that you can utilize a noise and echo cancelling speakerphone for clear conference calls. You can also wirelessly link multiple JBL Connect enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience so you can fill a whole house with sound for amazing parties. Being able to wirelessly connect up to 3 smartphones or tablets to the speaker is a huge plus to me as it means that multiple people can take turns playing DJ if a playlist ends. JBL Xtreme speaker from topWhether you are looking for great-quality sound to fill your living spaces or you need something to rock your next outdoor adventure, you can trust JBL Xtreme to bring the sound. Indoors or outdoors, poolside party or backyard barbeque, the JBL Xtreme will make a believer out of you. All that’s left to decide is which of the 3 splashproof fabric colors you want. Choose between black, blue, or red, whichever matches your décor or your favorite party spot. JBL Xtreme speaker frontWant to find out more about this amazing speaker? Visit the JBL website to see technical specs and other reviews. They also carry other amazing speakers including the JBL Pulse 2, and the JBL Flip3 that would be perfect for gifting this holiday season.  HGG JBL Xtreme

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  1. This speaker sounds amazing. JBL has always been a great brand. I love that it can be used indoors, as well as outdoors.

  2. My son would love the blue speakers and this would be a great gift for me to get him. I like how rad they look and he is always listening to music.


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