Adorable and life-like stuffed animal friends from Aurora Miyoni

Sponsored postAuror Miyoni best friends Like most kids, my children are obsessed with stuffed animals. They have stuffed animals they have gotten from toy stores during our adventures, dozens from friends and family, still more that they won at fairs and carnivals, and some that they get at events we go to.

And, the level of love that they have for these stuffed animals usually goes in that order. Silly carnival and event animals usually have a 3 month or less shelf life around here before they ultimately get ditched and then thrown in the donate bin, but those given as presents and those from our adventures typically become beloved friends that they play with day after day. Aurora Miyoni unlikely friendsOne day while they were playing Zoo with all their stuffed animals it dawned on me that most of their favorite stuffed animals for playing with are Aurora Miyoni Signature Series. This isn’t really a surprise considering the life-like detail that goes into each Miyoni plush. My kids have great imaginations, but even they don’t want to play with purple cats and tigers with hats. No, they prefer animals that you can almost believe are the real deal. Aurora Miyoni

These adorable plush make play time even more magical by adding a level of detail you just don’t find in cheap stuffed animals. Every little detail down to the eyes and markings on their fur make them look just like the real thing, which makes them the perfect best friend and bedtime buddy. Made with high quality materials that make them super soft for snuggling, Aurora’s Miyoni line isn’t just for displaying – they are made to be played with.

With tons of domestic and jungle animals as well as North American wildlife available in both adult and baby animals, your child really can create their own jungle safari, their own zoo, or simply create animal families with baby and mama. Each year the line grows bigger and the Aurora Miyono animal kingdom offers even more fun. This year I fell in love with the new Miyoni Unlikely Friends series that includes two Aurora Miyoni animals of different species snuggling or kissing. Aurora Miyoni unlikely friends 3My kids especially love the 12in Chocolate Lab & Angora Kitten set that includes both of their favorite stuffed animals – kitties for my oldest, puppies for the baby. They came sewn together in a kissing position, but could easily be cut apart so that each kid could have one of the set for their own. For now we’ve left them sewn together because it’s just so cute, but we do plan on separating them at some point. Aurora Miyoni Unlikely Friends 2This holiday season, surprise a little one in your life with a stuffed friend from the Aurora Miyoni line. With so many animals to choose from, there is the perfect snuggle and playtime pal for any child.

Aurora has a full line of animals, stuffed friends, available at hundreds of retailers throughout the US. Find them at toys stores, department stores, and specialty stores locally, or shop Aurora World online. HGG Aurora

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