Planning an adventure? Meet the Polaroid iE090 dual-screen waterproof digital camera

Sponsored postI’m going to date myself a bit here, but there was a time when us photographers used to take pictures and then it was days, weeks, or even years until we ever saw how those pictures turned out. Crazy, right? So, back in the day, the absolute coolest thing you could have is a Polaroid camera with “instant” photos that you could share, display, or put into albums immediately.

We now live in an era where instant photos are the norm, but that doesn’t mean that Polaroid isn’t still relevant and cool. In fact, the technology has just gotten cooler throughout the years. They now make printers that fit in your pocket that work with your smartphone {yes, really}, fancy digital cameras that can survive a swim, and even retro Polaroid cameras with “instant” film like I fell in love with all those years ago. Polaroid iE090We got to check out the Polaroid iE090 Dual-Screen Waterproof Digital Camera this holiday season, and I just love it. Since it takes high quality, 18MP images, it’s perfect for when I want great pictures but don’t want to risk ruining my DSLR. Shock proof, waterproof, and sized perfectly for your pocket, it makes it easy to take with you even on the most extreme adventure.

The camera holds a microSD memory card, which threw me off at first since I am used to the SD card format, but I happened to have a microSD lying around and popped that in so we could have fun taking pictures. And, oh boy, did we have fun. The kiddos had a blast running around in the water and snapping pictures of things that interested them. And, I didn’t mind because I knew they wouldn’t hurt it. Polaroid camera in waterSince it is waterproof up to 10 feet, that means it can come with us rain or shine, and can even be used at the pool, lake, or ocean to record all of our memories. Once the kiddos are a little bit older, I might even trust them to be the photographer of the day with the iE090, as long as they know that it always comes back to me. from being waterproof and adventure-proof, I also love that the camera is double the fun with a front and rear LCD screen. The smaller, 1.8” front display is perfect for all those selfies and family shots we take together, and it means that I can be in the picture while making sure my little guy is actually looking in the general direction of the camera. Not that he would ruin a family picture or 2,000 just by looking away. No, not this angel. Polaroid camera in pocketIf you have a budding photographer on your list, definitely check out the Polaroid iE090 digital camera this year. At under $80, it's not so expensive that you will be scared to use it, but is leagues better than the cheapie $50 and under cameras with horrible picture quality. The best part is that you won't worry it is getting ruined in just a few weeks of shooting with it, and they might just let you borrow it for an adventure or two… if you ask nicely.

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