Holiday Gift Guide: the best gifts for your BFF

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Ready to shop for your BFF? You know, the one who is with you for everything – weddings, new babies, new houses, all the birthday celebrations. But, more importantly, she’s the one who helps you with your laundry when you’re sick. She’s the one who picks your kids up when you get stuck in traffic. The one who brings you a coffee when you’ve had a bad day. This is why you need the best gifts for your BFF.

best gifts for your BFF

The Best Gifts for your BFF

1. British M Flex Gentle Brush

A hairbrush might not seem like a great present on its own, but it’s a great addition to a beauty gift basket. Then, when you consider that it’s a luxury item you can gift that won’t break the bank, and that the recipient will use it every single day, it starts to make a whole lot of sense.

best gifts for your BFF

British M introduced the new Flex Gentle Brush, a patented flexible gliding wet brush with a breakthrough moving maze-shaped design. The result is an extra gentle brush designed to style and detangle all hair textures. The patented design allows for wider and deeper airflow during drying, to work faster and easier.

The non-slip handle allows for better control and effortless styling. Made of pliable rubber and special nylon bristles with epoxy ball-tips to glide through to quickly detangle wet hair and knots to help prevent pulling or breakage. It’s boxed and ready for gifting to your BFF, or you can add it to your beauty gift basket as the star of the gift.

You can buy the Flex Gentle brush for $21 at Amazon.

2. VOLO Beauty quick dry towels

I met VOLO Beauty at CES years ago when they unveiled their prototype cordless hair dryer. Since that time, they actually introduced their cordless hair dryer to the world, as well as a whole list of towels and the like that help you cut down on hair dryer usage. Before you start questioning how a company can sell super high-tech items alongside towels, you should probably know that these towels are actually pretty high-tech in their own right.

best gifts for your BFF

Towel choice matters, and ordinary terry cloth towels just don’t dry very efficiently. VOLO towels are made with Nanoweave which gives superior absorbency, allowing you to drastically reduce your drying time. In addition, they are also made to be the most gentle and plush towel you’ve ever used. They call it your bath time BFF, so it’s fitting that it should come from your actual BFF. 

The VOLO Beauty drying products come in multiple forms: hair towels, scrunchies, body towels, face towels and more. It really is the ultimate upgrade to your beauty routine with superior absorbency and ultra-soft touch materials to give your skin a truly luxe drying experience. 

You can shop VOLO Beauty here.

3. Leather laptop messenger bag from Anuent

The best gifts are ones that will be used every single day. This bag 100% fits that bill. Whether your BFF is CEO of the company, or just starting out, they need a great looking bag that can carry everything they need and look great doing it. Why go with a backpack or cutesy large purse if you can gift an heirloom quality bag that will last for decades? Help your BFF upgrade to the Leather Laptop Bag from Anuent.

The vintage inspired messenger bag is made from top-grain buffalo leather and it’s all ready to impress. Not only does it have an awesomely retro vibe, it can also keep you organized and ready for anything.

best gifts for your BFF

Underneath the main bag flap are two zippered pockets, a zippered main compartment that includes a padded laptop section, and a small zippered pocket for all your favorite office essentials, allowing you to work from your car or on the road easily. At 16inx11inx4in, it’s not huge, but it’s the perfect size for all your work essentials, including standard file folders and laptops up to 15”.

You can buy the Anuent leather laptop bag for $129.99 from

4. Nutr nut milk maker

Do you meet your BFF for oat milk lattes on the weekly? Gift her the new Nutr milk maker and you’ll want to ditch the coffee shop for good. Why pay $6 per drink when you can sit back and relax with your BFF at home where you’re most comfortable?

Oh, and did I mention that the nut/seed/oat milk you make is far more delicious than anything that comes out of a carton or jug? Interested? I thought so. Now you can make preservative and additive-free nut milks on demand, whenever you’d like. The powerful blades of the Nutr grind nuts, seeds and grains, offering rich and creamy dairy-free milk.

best gifts for your BFF

You can make recipes with Room Temp, Warm & Hot settings while blending – make everything from oat to almond to soy milk at the push of a button. Get creative with hot & cold beverages, lattes, smoothies & more.

You can buy the Nutr nut/oat milk maker for $169 at

5. Divination Crystal Grid from Conscious Items

Does your BFF lean more to the spiritual side? If so, the Divination Grid Set is the perfect place for her to learn about the Chakras how to activate each of them. This crystal grid is beautiful as a display, and a lovely way to connect to your intuition and help with intention setting if you wish.

best gifts for your BFF

Using it is simple, you can simply follow the included guide to lay out the stones exactly as prescribed. Write down your intentions and place it underneath a clear quartz in the center of a crystal grid pattern. Place the remaining crystals around the grid in a way that feels intuitive to you.  

You can buy the Divination Crystal Grid for $49.99 at Conscious Items {and be sure to check out their BOGO Black Friday deal!}

6. Sunset Snuggles luxe blankets

Everybody likes a cozy blanket to snuggle up in, and who better than a best friend to pick out the perfect match for their BFF? These blankets look luxurious and beyond soft, but they feel even more so. You will fall in love with Sunset Snuggles at first squeeze, and you will love wrapping up in it for years and years to come.

best gifts for your BFF

Sunset Snuggles has tons of designs, sizes, and color combinations to choose from that would look great on a couch, across a bed, or in your favorite reading chair.

best gifts for your BFF

We have one on our couch and one on our bed, and they are both used every single day for hours on end. I really can’t state enough how much we love them.

You can buy Sunset Snuggles blankets starting at $50 from

7. Emile Henry modern bread cloche

Is there anything better than fresh baked bread? How about hot baked bread fresh out of a bread cloche that is as gorgeous as it is functional? Sure, it could be argued that you don’t *need* a bread cloche to make great artisan breads. And, technically it’s true, you *can* bake breads using any old cookie sheet and your dough can rise in any old bowl. But, you will not believe how the right tools make things so much easier, and so much tastier. The Emile Henry modern bread cloche is the right tool(s) for the job.

best gifts for your BFF

I had tried to master sourdough bread and tried using every single pan I could find. Unsuccessfully. But, then I got the right tools. The bread cloche from Emile Henry gives the perfect controlled temperature and humidity.

The dome of the ceramic bread baker produces the same level of humidity as a traditional bread oven to give it the perfect crispy crust while keeping it light and airy inside. And, when used upside down, the lid can be used as a mixing bowl for preparing and proofing the dough. That’s right, one tool for multiple jobs.

The Emile Henry modern bread cloche is made in France with all natural materials and is manufactured using a proprietary HR ceramic. You can buy it on sale for $100 at Emile Henry.

8. Once Upon a Book Club subscription

Who doesn’t love a good subscription box? This monthly subscription box from Once Upon a Book Club is high on my list of the best gifts for your BFF because it’s a really fun take on the traditional box. Instead of getting a bunch curated items based on a specific theme of the month, this box is entirely designed around the BOOK of the month. Even cooler, is that while you are reading the book of the month, you will be prompted to slowly open the gifts as they correlate to the story.

best gifts for your BFF

What I love most is that it brings books to life, almost like you are reading the book with best friends and showering each other with gifts throughout the novel. The boxes all include a surprise newly released novel and wrapped gifts labeled with page numbers so you know when to open each package. The Book Club packages come in adult or young adult, and they each have 3-5 wrapped gifts inside.

In addition to surprise monthly boxes, you can also buy themed boxed based upon newly released books. In these boxes, you will be able to see the book and read a bit about it to see if it’s your type of fiction. They also have different collections based upon popular series, like Bridgerton and other seasonal boxes they offer, which I love.

best gifts for your BFF

You can do month-to-month subscriptions, 3 month subscriptions, or yearly purchases at All their deliveries come in an adorable book shaped box, all ready for gifting.

9. Starlette Gallerias rings

If your bestie loves jewelry, she probably has a few categories of rings. There are the everyday rings that you can wear for house cleaning days and when you’re in charge of loads of small children. Then there are your actual family jewels, which typically sit in a safe or somewhere else where they never get worn. Finally, there are the fancy rings for when you’re dressed to the nines. But, Starlette Galleria introduces a whole new category of rings: the affordable family jewels.

Starlette Galleria makes gorgeous jewelry that may look like your most prized possessions but can actually be worn every day. There are dozens of different beautiful pieces to choose from – whether she’s more of a solitaire type of gal, or you want to get her a three {or more!} stone ring, there’s something for you.

Everyone knows that jewelry is a million times more special when it comes from someone you love, and what better person than your BFF to surprise you with the perfect “everyday” ring? Chances are that you know her best and can pick out the perfect ring that she would love to proudly wear.

best gifts for your BFF

Get her a pregnancy ring {for when you go up a size seemingly overnight}, get her a vacation ring {for when you want to leave the jewels at home}, or a ring for going out {when you want to appear married on a whim}.

You can start shopping Starlette Galleria here. Shop by shape, by size, by metal, and more at Starlette Galleria.

10. NOVICA Irish sweater

There are loads of sweaters out there to choose from. My inbox is full of sweater offers that seem great on face value, but then you remember that every sweater you have from that company had an unreasonably short lifespan. $20 isn’t a great deal if it shrunk and you had to buy 7 more sweaters to replace it. And $20 really isn’t a great deal if it’s from a company that doesn’t align with your morals. That’s why I’ve always coveted a true Irish handmade sweater from NOVICA, like this Irish Aran Belter Sweater Jacket – Donegal Tides.

Your BFF 100% wants an heirloom quality Irish wool sweater that’s as classic as they come. For more than a century, knitters on Ireland’s rugged Aran islands have been developing the intricate stitches for which their sweaters are known. This belted cardigan mixes today’s style with time-honored handcrafted technique in a cable and trellis pattern, and the result is a gorgeous and classic piece that she will wear year after year.

best gifts for your BFF

So, ditch the single-season sweaters and invest in something that will never go out of style or be relegated to the back of the closet. Trust me, this is the sweater every woman really wants.

You can get this Irish Aran Belted Sweater Jacket from NOVICA for $70 {which is a steal for a wool sweater from Ireland!}

11. Pictures On Gold engraved picture locket

Pictures On Gold is just what it sounds like: jewelry that can be engraved with whatever pictures you desire. From clip art to special pictures to personalized messages, Pictures On Gold can custom create anything you dream up. The interactive “Build Your Own Locket” feature on the website lets you do just that and allows you to control every single detail.

You and your BFF have years and years of memories. Why not turn some of those into a beautiful jewelry piece that she will cherish forever? Typical lockets may be pretty, but anything pre-made has fairly standard engravings, and you’re likely to find the same locket at every jewelry store in town. Pictures On Gold shakes up everything you know about lockets by allowing you to design every single side independently.

best gifts for your BFF

Choose an engraving for the front from their list of hundreds of designs, or you can choose text or monogram – whatever you desire. Then, on the inside, you can choose between printed pictures or you can choose the engraved picture option {definitely choose this option – you won’t regret it}. On the back, you can write any message you’d like, space providing, of course.

The result is a necklace that is truly one of a kind, for your one-of-a-kind friendship. It’s hard to see the brilliance of the engraved locket pictures in a photograph, but one look at these in person tells you it’s something special. The engraved pictures are so vivid and bright, and the images so clear. It’s truly like nothing I’ve seen in jewelry before. Get your BFF her own special locket in a variety of different shapes and metal types and wow her this holiday season.

You can start designing your own locket at today.

12. Hello Hue hand-dyed bags

Pssst- your BFF needs a new makeup bag, or a new pencil pouch, or new SOS purse kit, etc. Chances are, that bag she totes around is from a free promotion, or it’s from a makeup bag surprise box. What she needs a gorgeous little tote that just as unique as she is. That’s where Hello Hue bags comes in. The owner, Skye, started Hello Hue Studio in 2020 to create beautiful and colorful accessories made with natural dyes and reclaimed fabrics.

best gifts for your BFF

She hand-dyes textiles and then creates gorgeous, modern designs out of 100% cotton denim that are all completely unique. The process isn’t fast, in fact, it’s a days-long multi-step dyeing process that involves simmering plant materials – many that she forages {yes, seriously} for long periods of time to best extract the colors. I know it’s really easy for me to say as someone who isn’t part of the extensive process in any way whatsoever, but it’s worth every single moment she spends making it when the result is this gorgeous.

And, this is all before the designing and sewing starts. That process brings all those gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics together and creates one-of-a-kind bags that are sure to delight. She combines her hand dyed fabrics with beautiful vintage-inspired prints, like this stripe or the floral below. The result is a perfect mix of modern and vintage, and overall amazing.

All the Hello Hue Studio bags are washable, which makes them perfect for just about everything. Have one for your makeup, another for your art supplies, and yet another for your everyday essentials. Who wouldn’t want to keep everything in something this beautiful?

best gifts for your BFF

By purchasing a Hello Hue piece you are choosing to support small business, all while getting a superior product that anyone would love to open this holiday season. We do a “shop small” gift exchange every year and it never fails to be my favorite items that come from these exchanges. I love handmade, I love quirky, and I especially love when these items are practical as well as stunning. Hello Hue Studio is all of those and more.

Bags from Hello Hue Studios come in multiple sizes, from clutches to pouches to fit all your needs.

13. Healing lamp from Conscious Items

If your BFF is into crystals, then you should definitely consider the Healing Lamp. It may look simple with its illuminating wooden base, but its simplicity is what sold me. The “lamp” is not like traditional lamps with shades and light bulbs. Instead, it’s a gorgeous display stand that you can place a crystal upon. It plugs in via USB plug, and illuminates whenever plugged in.

best gifts for your BFF

The Healing Lamp comes with a gorgeous clear quartz that is even more beautiful when lit from the base below. But, what I really love about the Healing Lamp is that it’s absolutely versatile. If your BFF loves crystals, then she will love that you can also put extra crystals and rocks around the rim of the lamp, or you can take the clear quartz off and put your favorite crystal in the center to change things up.

You can buy the Healing Lamp from Conscious Items for $49.95.

14. Heart-Mind Box

Is your BFF impossible to buy for? Maybe she doesn’t like “stuff” and appreciates experiences more than gifts you can buy at the mall. Well, then, The Heart Mind Box from the Dalai Lama Center might be the perfect fit. Everything in it can be consumed, or regifted {guilt-free!} and is designed to encourage well-being.

best gifts for your BFF

Each box includes a selection of ethically sourced products designed to nurture your Heart-Mind. Products are design to help you connect to others, to encourage you to take care of yourself, and to give you a connection to the science behind well-being.  

In the most recent box, there is a special team blend from the tea garden of Assam, India. The tea is directly packaged and sent to consumers from the garden, unlike generic tea brands. Each label shares the information of the tea garden(s), region, leaf quality, and harvest date.

best gifts for your BFF

Also included are two rosewood mala friendship bracelets made in Tibet, designed to be shared and enjoyed by BFFs. The activity is a rock painting kit to help you learn how to do dot mandalas. Then, there are 20-minute candles to help with mindfulness, as well as a book to help you relax.

You can purchase the Heart Mind box here.

Want more shopping?

I hope you enjoyed the best gifts for your BFF. If you’re ready for more holiday gift guides, click here. We have a gift guide for everyone on your list!

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