Upgrade your holiday with Ollny LED Icicle Lights

A big thank you to Ollny lights for sending us some Ollny LED icicle lights to check out. No form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this rave review.

After years of talking about getting new icicle lights for the outside of the house, I finally did it. No, it wasn’t painful – I have no idea at all why I’ve been putting it off so incredibly long. It really was as easy as searching LED icicle lights and then adding a few Ollny strands to my cart.

Ollny LED Icicle Lights

Then, in just a few days, my brand new Ollny LED icicle lights arrived. Apparently, I really am an adult, because the delivery made me so incredibly happy. After unboxing them and checking out the new lights, I was so happy with my choice.

I learned a few really important things this week as I played with my new Ollny LED icicle lights:

  1. Husby is more willing to put up icicle lights on the house if those lights are not the ancient ones that you inherited from your mom. You know the ones, the tangled mess that degrades every year and now every other icicle strand doesn’t stay lit. Apparently new led lights that actually stay lit are more rewarding to install. Who knew?
  2. 40ft is a lot of feet. I had “guesstimated” our space and knew that the max amount of Ollny lights I could connect was three, so I just went with three strands. I could have easily done two, but now this gives me more lights to decorate the inside as well because they are rated for indoor and outdoor!
  3. LED lights take up a whole lot less space than traditional icicle lights. We had an entire TOTE of icicle lights for just our exterior decorating previously. Now our Ollny LED icicle lights fit into tiny little boxes, and they still cover about 3x more area than the ancient ones. Since we already have our max amount of holiday totes we can store, this just means I’ve bought myself a little more time until I have to purge holiday décor.
  4. Christmas lights are surprisingly hard to photograph if you want all the details to show. Sorry, guys. I guess you just have to trust me that they look great?
Ollny LED Icicle Lights

What I love about Ollny LED Icicle Lights

I love all the “extras” that the Ollny lights have. Instead of just strands that you can either plug in or unplug to turn them off and on, these lights from Ollny can be turned on in a variety of ways. No more messing with extra timers and a million extension cords. These all plug in together and have different options for turning them off and on.

Ollny lights come with their own remote where you can set the lights however you’d like. Choose one of the 8 modes, set the timer, dim them, and more. Or, you can use the on/off switch attached to the strand and change modes from there.

Of course, you can still plug them in and unplug them old school style. Only now Ollny lights have an included memory chip that saves your last setting so you don’t have to redo everything each time. This is especially important if you’re prone to lose power, as then you won’t have to reset it each time the power flickers.

Ollny LED Icicle Lights

To buy

The 40ft 486 Ollny LED icicle lights with clear cable may be a bit more expensive than others, but when you factor in the length, they are actually an amazing deal. I’ve paid just as much for a strand that’s half the length at my local department store, and it didn’t have nearly the amount of features.

My only advice? Measure twice, buy once. That right there can save you a bunch. You can start shopping at https://www.ollny.com/

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