Get moving with Nintendo Switch Sports

A big thank you to Nintendo for sending us the Nintendo Switch Sports pack for us to review. No other form of monetary compensation was received for this rave review.

I don’t know who thought up the game Nintendo Switch Sports exactly, but I can guess that they winter with kids in a rainy and dreary location. Once fall is over here in the Pacific Northwest, I really struggle to keep the family moving throughout winter. It’s not snow and ice that keeps us indoors, it’s the rain and drizzle that bring us down.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Having something that we can do that’s active, indoors, and doesn’t involve a ball flying around my house is a dream come true. That, in a nutshell, is Nintendo Switch Sports. It was released on April 29 of this year, and since that time, I’ve been reminded approximately 1,091 times by my darling children that we needed to own Nintendo Switch Sports.

About Nintendo Switch Sports

Like the Wii Sports that came before it, Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports simulation video game where you can virtually play your way to victory in 6 different sports {soon to be 7}. You can play soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, chambara (swordplay), and soon golf using the motion controls of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, where your movements translate on screen and get your character in the game moving.

The game includes a leg strap accessory so it can pick up kicks and leg movements, and you can hold the other Joy-Con for arm movements. Controls are intuitive, so you can hit the court {or lanes, or field, or arena} and get started right away. You can swing, kick, spike, and bowl in the comfort of home, getting the whole family moving while staying indoors.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Solo or as a group, depending on how you play

Family and friends can join in on the fun on the same system if you have additional Joy-Cons or you can play online if you have the online membership. That’s right, you can play with friends and family in the same room – or across the world.

In Bowling, all players can bowl simultaneously—no waiting for your turn. Go 1v1, 2v2, or a free-for-all and get everyone moving and having a blast.

Nintendo Switch Sports

We were so incredibly thrilled when a big, huge package arrived on our porch filled with all sorts of Nintendo Switch Sports gear. I’ll admit, we would have been over the moon with just the game itself. But, the Sports package was almost too much to believe. With middle and high school sports on the near horizon, all the new sports gear is going to get so much use – and be the envy of all their friends.

And, did I mention that the package came at the perfect time? With the additional golf download dropping next week, these kiddos are going to be very popular with Nintendo Switch playdates. I know what they will be doing with all their friends as the weather turns grey and drizzly for the next few months.

If you’re struggling with what to get a kid in order to stay active when the weather isn’t cooperating, you should just get the Nintendo Switch Sports and call it a win. I know we would have been so much happier this fall when we were dealing with all the wildfire smoke if we had something like this to keep us playing and having fun as a family indoors.

Nintendo Switch Sports

With holiday gifting season upon us, now is the perfect time to grab Nintendo Switch Sports for the kids {or kids at heart} on your list. It’s sure to be a hit, and the bonus is that it will keep them moving all winter long!

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