Great gift ideas from Nintendo this holiday season

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We all know a Nintendo super fan, right? We love our Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite that we got last year to save us from Pandemic boredom, and we’re excited to bring some Nintendo love this holiday season.

This little gift guide is the perfect place to start when shopping for your little Nintendo fans. Get set to find some great gift ideas from Nintendo for everyone on your list.

Great gift ideas from Nintendo

The ultimate Nintendo present: When thinking great gift ideas from Nintendo, every single superfan is thinking of this bad boy. Meet the newest member of the Nintendo Switch family! The new system features a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable stand, a dock with a wired LAN port, 64 GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio. Just like Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch–OLED Model allows players to play on the TV and share the detachable Joy-Con controllers for right-out-of-the-box multiplayer fun. And just like both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, with Nintendo Switch–OLED Model, the system can be take on the go to enjoy its play-anywhere versatility. Available now in white or neon red/neon blue. The new OLED Switch is available on Amazon.

For the wishful traveler: Escape to a deserted island and create your own paradise as you explore, create, and customize in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. Your island getaway has a wealth of natural resources that can be used to craft everything from tools to creature comforts. You can hunt down insects at the crack of dawn, decorate your paradise throughout the day, or enjoy sunset on the beach while fishing in the ocean. The time of day and season match real life, so each day on your island is a chance to check in and find new surprises all year round. You can find Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Amazon.

Go Brain to Brain: This easy-to-learn, tough-to-master game allows you to challenge others in a series of fun, family-friendly activities that are sure to test your wits and reflexes. And with the ability for each player to set their own difficulty level, people of all ages and skill levels can play against each other in challenges that will test their memory, analysis, identification skills and more. In addition to fun multiplayer modes, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain also includes single-player options in Solo mode, perfect for daily exercises to help finesse and improve your Big Brain Brawn score. These activities are an enjoyable way to start the day or wind down at night. And with the portable power of Nintendo Switch, you can challenge yourself anytime and anywhere!

For the Dancing Queens: Get ready to get down in the latest Just Dance game! Just Dance 2022 is the ultimate dance game for the whole family, with 40 hot new tracks from chart-topping hits like “Level up” by Ciara, Believer by Imagine Dragons, “Run the world (Girls)” by Beyoncé and more! Play with friends and share the fun with co-op mode or dance the way you like by creating your own personalized custom playlists. You can find Just Dance 2022 for Switch on Amazon after November 4th.

For the Minecraft fans: Fight scores of mobs, explore dimension-hopping levels, and discover untold treasures as you follow the story of the Arch-Illager and the Orb of Dominance .Grab the Ultimate Edition which includes the base game and all six DLCs: Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether, Hidden Depths, and Echoing Void–all at a lower price than purchasing the game and each DLC separately. This is your chance to pickup the complete Minecraft Dungeons experience

Classic Tetris fun, with a twist: With over 30 stages, this new version features the single-player Journey mode, the competitive Zone Battle mode (available locally**or online*), and the cooperative Connected mode. It also includes cross-platform multiplayer, so it’s easier to find people to play with—or against. Take the Tetris Effect experience with you on the go

Great gift ideas from Nintendo

Screen-free fun: Hot Wheels and Mario Kart bring a dramatic video game level to life with the most iconic and final course in the franchise—Rainbow Road! The 8-foot long track has five translucent rainbow-colored race lanes that can be configured straight or curved. Players can use the electronic fair start gate to race up to five favorite Mario Kart 1:64 scale die-cast karts. The track set comes with two vehicles: an exclusive King Boo and Mario. Once the karts get racing, they may face banked turns or a wavy road and must pass through the Item Box randomizer to win! Lights and sounds announce the winner at the finish gate. Makes a great gift for kids ages 4 years and older, especially fans of Mario Kart! You can buy the Mario Kart Rainbow Road Hot Wheels set on Amazon.

Inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Monopoly Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition brings you characters tokens and new ways to play. Players visit islands, and collect resources such as bugs, fish, fossils, and fruit, then sell island resources for Bells. Roll the special die to see what surprises await you under every Animal Crossing-themed card. There’s also a Nook’s Cranny die that determines which type of resources can be sold. Explore and enjoy island life with this twist on classic Monopoly gameplay

Great gift ideas from Nintendo

Hang some Nintendo Love: Great gift ideas from Nintendo don’t have to be games. Recall hours spent sitting in your bean bag chair parked in front of the television, video game controller in hand. Nothing mattered except defeating Bowser and ultimately completing the entire “Super Mario World” game. Relive the care-free fun when you display this Super NES console Christmas tree ornament that lights up and plays the familiar music and sounds of the iconic video game (battery-operated). You can buy this adorable Super NES ornament on

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