The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Know all those things that mom did for you all year long, many times without you even asking? Well, it’s her turn now. Celebrate mom all year long, but especially this May, with some of our very favorite products of the year.

Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Introducing the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

1 – An heirloom quality pan: The Smithey Ironware Deep Skillet

The No. 11 Deep Skillet might be the best skillet you could ever own. It combines everything we love in cookware, and looks absolutely gorgeous doing in. With US made cast iron and a satin-smooth polished interior, this is the versatile, everyday pan that will become your go-to for just about every meal. Steam, simmer or braise with water and the included glass lid {lid is oven safe to 400°F}. Pan fry with ease thanks to the deep 2.7” side walls to minimize oil splashes. Heck, you can even bake in it due to the smooth round interior and even heat retention that will give exceptional results.

Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Cookware is one of those times when paying a little more for a better quality product really pays off. I’ve gone through so many pots and pans in my adult life, which just blows my mind. I guess I just thought I would buy one of those all-in-one sets and then be done. It turns out, most of the pots and pans you buy at big box stores are made to be replaced after a shockingly little amount on time, wasting time and so much money in the process.

I wish I would have learned this lesson early so I could have done research and bought the right tools the first time around to avoid all that unnecessary purchasing. That search would have undoubtably led me right to Smithey Ironware. Sure, I would have spent more initially, but not having to buy multiple cookware sets would have been a cost saver as well as a sanity saver.

Shop Smithey Ironware here and see their collection of amazing cookware.

2 – Mother’s Necklace: Raw Birthstone Bundle Jewelry

You’ve probably done the name necklace by now, and maybe even the birth flower necklace, too. What about going with something understated that doesn’t scream “mommy”, but still has all the sentimentality? The raw birthstone necklace/bracelet made the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide because it is beautiful in its own right, and just so happens to be sentimental in addition. It’s beautiful and classy, and you’d only know it was birthstones if you asked. Which, please do, because every mom loves to brag about their little ones.

For this necklace or bracelet, I recommend adding the birthstone of everyone in the family, not just the kids. Each gem/crystal doesn’t add much monetarily, but a cluster of gems looks better than one or two. And, look how great it looks with 3+ stones on the raw birthstone necklace from the delezhen site.

Shop for your raw birthstone Mother’s Necklace here.

3 – Show stopping hanging garden: Gold concentric circle hanging pot

I have three gold finished metal hanging planters that I added to our new remodels in our bedroom and bath last year that I love. One is a pricey double planter from CB2 and the other two are a smaller version from amazon. I love them all and think they look amazing in the space, but since the CB2 isn’t currently available, just the smaller ones made the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Above: circular pot measuring 11x11x7” with a 17” chain and 5.9” pot diameter, it’s big enough to hold a large air plant or a smaller nursery pot. I personally use this one for air plants because of the shallower pot, but I love that I have options for different types of greenery that are low-maintenance and mess-free.

Above: hanging pot measures 13.4×13.4×5.5″ and has a 11.8″ hanging bar. Pot diameter is 5.5″ and pot height is 5.5″. I use this pot for holding a small nursery pot that I can remove for watering. I definitely recommend that method, so I can make sure that the plant doesn’t sit in water.

Shop for the gold hanging planter here and here.

4 – A wagon for adults: The Lounge Wagon

A wagon might seem like a weird thing for a Mother’s Day gift, but not this one. The Lounge Wagon is a busy parent’s dream ride. You know all that hauling that you do when you’re going to the park or beach or even the farmer’s market and outdoor festivals? The Lounge Wagon makes it so you can do it all in one trip, allowing you to load it up with sports gear, beach necessities, and farmer’s market goodies, as well as small children that will definitely ask you to carry them. Then, when you get to your destination and everyone scatters with their stuff, you can quickly reconfigure the wagon body so it becomes a bench seat for *your* relaxation. You earned it, mama.

Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

The durable frame of the Lounge Wagon has four wheels {choose all-terrain or sand}, a padded seat, and a backrest with pockets. The wagon also comes with an umbrella for sun protection and a cargo net for easy gear hauling. The Lounge Wagon is made from a combination of steel, aluminum, and plastic, it can hold up to 500 pounds or 2 adults sitting.

Buy this for mama for all the many sporting events, beach trips, camping, tailgating, and picnics to come. Some bundles also include extra features such as coolers, cargo clips, umbrella stands, and more.

You can customize your Lounge Wagon here.

5 – A prettier rock for mama: The Uruguayan Amethyst Cluster from Conscious Items

Does your little one collect rocks for mama everywhere they go? I don’t know about you, but I’ve basically had a collection of rocks in my purse since my oldest was able to pick up a rock and hand it to me. These gorgeous Uruguayan Amethyst clusters are about a million steps up from “special” rocks at the playground, and would look great displayed around your house.

Not only is Amethyst the stone for love, it’s also been said to cure insomnia, although I can’t promise you that you will sleep through the night, especially if you have little ones.

Shop Amethyst and so much more at Conscious Items. They have lamps, jewelry, crystals, grids, and tons of items to choose from for Mother’s Day.

6 – A vacuum *anyone* can use: the IRIS USA Cordless Vacuum

I know, I know… a cleaning appliance on the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide. The horror, right? Don’t come at me yet, because this vacuum isn’t for *mom* to use. This is one that *anyone* can use. We have a bulky, high-powered vacuum that is stored away for large messes, and that usually does a deep clean every week or so. But, in the many, many years we’ve owned it, I can count on my hands the number of times someone other than me has noticed that it needed running, drug it out, and then made a cleaning happen.

Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

This IRIS USA Cordless Vacuum solves the problem of a stored away vacuum that apparently only mama can access. The IRIS USA cordless vacuum is not only compact, but it also comes with a super handy stand that can hold the vacuum as well as all the various attachments in the main living area, where *anyone* can grab it. This gives older kids literally no excuse for not running the vacuum after each meal or when their friends track in dirt from the backyard. No excuses at all.

Before you dismiss this small and compact vacuum assuming that it won’t be able to handle your family’s messes, you should know that I’ve tried a bunch of vacuums throughout the years. This cordless is by far the best and most powerful we’ve tried, which says a lot. The 2-stage Centrifugal Separation System uses advanced cyclone suction to divide small and large particles, while maintaining suction power at 99%+. The power head brush roller spins at up to 6,000 RPM and the main motor spins up to 60,000 RPM on the high mode, offering a powerful cordless cleaning. The rechargeable battery runs ~35 min on low or ~15 min on high on a full charge, with full suction power the whole time and the indicator on the control panel shows you how much battery is left.

Shop IRIS USA to find the perfect quick-grab vacuum for anyone but mama.

7 – A Unique Pillow: Knot Your Average Throw Pillow

I’ve looked at knot pillows for a few months now and couldn’t stomach the price tag. This knock-off Knot Pillow may not be weighted for anxiety, but it’s made of soft plush fabric and filled with soft, squishable cotton, which makes it perfect for hugging. It is hand-sewn, stuffed, and knotted with quality and kids-safe materials. The Knot Pillow measures 17.7″ x 13.7″ and comes in 9 different colors to choose from.

A bit of warning: Pillow comes shrink-wrapped in the mail to make it more compact. In our experience, it takes a few days to expand to full fluffiness. Once it does, you can throw it on a sofa, on the bed, in a comfy chair, or in an egg swing for added boho feels.

Choose the color of your knock-off Knot Pillow here.

Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

8 – The gift of not spending the day in the kitchen: Boarderie Charcuterie boards delivered

Does mom love charcuterie boards? Boarderie is the first company in the world shipping completely pre-arranged, artisan cheese and charcuterie boards nationwide. No cutting or prepping required, simply cut open the freshly sealed pouch and enjoy. That’s right, they do all the work curating perfectly-paired assortments that are delightfully simple to send. Just choose your board, enter your mom’s address and in just days a beautiful board arrives at her doorstep, all ready to serve.

If you’ve got a big budget, I recommend the Deluxe Arte Board & Baked Brie Feast as my Mother’s Day pick. It has all the charcuterie goodness I love, with the addition of baked brie to elevate your board. Boarderie’s famous ready-to-bake, hand-made pastries that reinvent the classic baked brie by adding an additional artisan cheese. Simply pop the included oven safe baking trays in for 20 minutes and they’re ready to serve for Mother’s Day brunch or dinner.

Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

You can also order this Mother’s Day themed board that would be perfect for smaller gatherings, but still have that wow factor. It’s the charcuterie board everyone will be talking about for weeks and weeks, and that’s why it made our Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Start shopping charcuterie boards for mom here.

9 – Handmade for her: Mother’s trinket plates

My friend Jeana makes these adorable handmade ring dish that would be perfect for mom for Mother’s Day. Crafted with real sand collected from her many travels {go follow her in IG here if you have the travel bug like I do}. Each ring dish is unique and created just for you, and you can customize the number of turtles and even where she sourced the sand from!

Jeana also makes unique art and jewelry using sea glass and real sand that are equally amazing, as well as skin care that is all natural, and contains chemical and cruelty free ingredients.

Shop Surf and Sunshine this Mother’s Day for a personalized and sentimental gift for mom.

10 – Earbuds, take me away: MOTO BUDS 600 ANC

Does mom need a moment? Maybe she wants to take a walk, slink away to another room, or hop on a plane to somewhere warm. No judgements here. No matter where mom roams, the MOTO BUDS 600 ANC will give her the best sound and keep her beats playing, as well as offer hybrid noise cancellation up to 35 dB with 6 microphones {3 in each earbud} for feedforward and feedback sound.

Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

The MOTO BUDS come in a wireless quick-charging case that holds a 20-hour charge in addition to the earbuds that can hold a 6-hour charge. Know what that means? it means it can literally go alllll day.

The MOTO BUDS 600 ANC features Snapdragon Sound technology that delivers advanced wireless audio quality and eliminates the gap in audio quality between wireless and wired connections. So now mom can listen to high-resolution music, make crystal-clear video calls, and enjoy perfectly synched entertainment on the go. Oh, and don’t forget about that noise cancelling. That might actually be what mama really wants.

Get your MOTO BUDS 600 here.

Happy shopping with our Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide. I hope you found something amazing for the mom in your life – or maybe even for yourself. You deserve it.

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