Create your own custom ride with the Modarri Configurator

Modarri cars in hand

My kids love literally everything about Modarri cars: the way they move and allow the kids to “drive”, the way you can take them apart over and over again, and the way you can build whatever you want with all the Modarri parts. And, now they love that they can create their own custom cars with the Modarri Configurator.

The Gift Collection from Winsor & Newton

Winson Newton dual tip markers

Have an artist or budding artist on your list this year? If so, you need to check out The Gift Collection from Winsor & Newton. Each of the six new collections contain the essential tools an artist needs to create amazing art, all beautifully crafted with the finest materials and packaged in ready-to-gift boxes. I chair … Read more

Kit’s new garden accessories from American Girl

American Girl Garden

I am so excited to share my newest photo shoot I did with some of the newest items from American Girl this summer. We were inspired by Kit’s new gardening series and decided to make a fun garden scene to celebrate – just in time for fall harvests. A little backstory: My kids were originally … Read more

American Girl DIY play garden

American Girl Garden with Kit

Our DIY play garden for American Girl dolls can be used for a variety of play scenarios, from learning about plants and how they grow to imagining your dolls are running a bustling farm that sells its goods at the farmer’s market. It’s easy to make and inexpensive, but adds a ton of play value to our American Girl playtime.

American Girl for everyone

American Girl for everyoneMy oldest fell in love with American Girl when she was only 1 year old, so we’ve been American Girl crazy for years and years now. But, that love is even stronger now that we officially have a doll for everyone, thanks to the newest American Girl contemporary dolls. American Girl dollsLike most families, we start with the Bitty Baby line and then we ease in slowly to the American Girl Wellie Wisher, BeForever, Truly Me, and Contemporary lines. That transition is always a big deal when they go from baby to adolescent and with that comes doll books, movies, accessories, and more to immerse them further into the world of American Girl. 

But, until this month, there was nowhere for my son to go after he outgrew his Bitty Baby boy {which thankfully hasn’t happened yet}. I dreaded the day my son would be done with babies and his love of American Girl would slowly fade while his sisters continued to play. I don’t need to worry about that anymore, because his love has only deepened with the introduction of Tenney Grant and Logan Everett.

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What we’re playing with: ZOOTOPIA toys

In celebration of next week's ZOOTOPIA DVD and Blu-ray release, we're sharing some of our favorite toys of the season that are based on the movie.

Aren't these so awesome?Zootopia toysWe picked these adorable poseable figures up at our local Disney Store. We actually got most of them before the movie was even in theaters because my wife and kids thought they were so cute.

The Judy Hopps Meter Maid Pursuit Set came with a meter maid mobile, so I knew it was going to be a huge hit with the kids. I was definitely correct.



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What we’re playing with: The Microsoft Surface 3 from AT&T

I’ve wanted a Microsoft Surface tablet before I even knew its name. Ever since I heard rumors about this newfangled tablet that could potentially replace your laptop, I wanted it. I don’t know about you, but my laptop is starting to feel more and more like a dinosaur – something we’re going to laugh at … Read more

What we’re playing with: the Keurig Rivo

Sponsored post basic disclosureOkay, so it's not a TOY, exactly, but that doesn't mean we're not playing with it. I mean, seriously, look at this beauty. Don't you want to play with it, too? Keurig Rivo machineYes, that's the Keurig Rivo, a single-serve espresso machine with a milk frother built right in. This is what's known as heaven for us non-coffee types who can't make a good cup of coffee to save our lives.

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