What we’re playing with: ZOOTOPIA toys

In celebration of next week's ZOOTOPIA DVD and Blu-ray release, we're sharing some of our favorite toys of the season that are based on the movie.

Aren't these so awesome?Zootopia toysWe picked these adorable poseable figures up at our local Disney Store. We actually got most of them before the movie was even in theaters because my wife and kids thought they were so cute.

The Judy Hopps Meter Maid Pursuit Set came with a meter maid mobile, so I knew it was going to be a huge hit with the kids. I was definitely correct.



As for my little one, she prefers the Judy Hopps plush from the Disney store. She opened it on Easter morning and since then it has gone on numerous car rides, to play dates, and enjoyed numerous nap time snuggle sessions. I can see these two are going to be great friends. Hugging Judy HoppsLooking for some ZOOTOPIA fun before the DVD release? Check out these fun activities to keep the kids {and you} busy.

Want even more ZOOTOPIA fun? Check out this video on how to draw Judy Hopps:

And, how to draw Flash

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