Make your Oribel PortaPlay even more amazing with two awesome new accessories

Sponsored postI’ve said before how much I love our PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center from Oribel. We’ve had it for a year now and it’s still one of my favorite items we got for our little one. This is because the PortaPlay bouncer/activity table isn’t just for babies. The PortaPlay converts as baby’s needs change, so what started out as a bouncer/exersaucer for baby becomes a toy-covered or flat-topped activity table that can be used for years.  Oribel table and chairsAfter almost a year of use as a bouncer, we recently converted the PortaPlay to an activity table and my new little walker was super excited to walk around the table and play with the toys from a new angle. And then when the newest Oribel accessories arrived and we converted the PortaPlay to a flat-top art table, she was super excited to use the PortaPlay with her favorite dolls and toys.Oribel PortaPlay toddler activity station

But, you should have seen her when the newest Oribel accessory arrived. She actually squealed when we unboxed and assembled the Oribel PortaPlay Child Stools and signed that she wanted them. Luckily, assembly took mere seconds as it consisted of flipping the seat upside down and simply pressing the legs firmly into place. Once the stools were ready for play, they immediately got claimed and she has basically been playing with them ever since. She adores the stools because they make her feel like a big girl, which is her #1 goal these days {side note: stop it, baby. Just be little, okay?}. Kids at Oribel table
As for me, I really love that the child stools make it easier for older kids to utilize the activity table while my littlest one stands beside them. To see them all coloring, painting, or using modeling clay together on the Oribel PortaPlay table has been really fun to watch. It’s really rare that a toy is adored by all three of them, but in this case I would definitely say that the PortaPlay hits that mark.  

As much as I love the child stools and how much functionality they add to the table for multiple ages, what really got the kids jumping for joy was the PortaPlay Art Paper Roll Dispenser. To be clear: we’ve had art paper roll dispensers before, that is nothing new. But in this case, this one was jump-worthy because it’s an art paper roll dispenser that clips into the toy slots on the PortaPlay tabletop. Coloring on Oribel table
This means the kids can actually do it themselves without accidentally unrolling the whole thing or knocking off the dispenser. By securing it to the table, it makes it easier to use, less prone to accidents, and it confirms the table is quite possibly the coolest toddler art desk, ever.

To use the art roll dispenser, you simply remove any two plastic ovals that cover where the toys attach to the table.  Oribel table conversion
Then you can connect the art roll dispenser in those connection spots to keep it secure, even with young children. Oribel art paper holder
Then, to keep the paper from just unrolling with a small tug, you thread it through the wooden bar of the roll dispenser. You can also use this bar to tear a new piece of paper straight across by using the wood as a guide. Oibel art paper
If you should ever need to take the table with you or store it for any reason, you will love that the legs of the table simply fold up against the underside of the table and you can easily remove the art roll and the wooden table insert. This makes it easy to go into the car, under a crib, into a closet, or wherever. The stools also can be taken apart for storage or for portability’s sake, which is seriously awesome. Oribel PortaPlay folded
Whether you already own a PortaPlay and want to add these new accessories or you want to purchase a PortaPlay and add these to your order, you really can’t go wrong. When you factor in that the PortaPlay is replacing the bouncer, the exersaucer, the tot activity center, and the art table, it’s not only a huge savings, it’s also a space-saving all-in-one that grows from baby to child.

You can buy these two new Oribel accessories right on the Oribel website. The stools retail for $39.90 for a set of 2, and the art paper retails for $29.90. You can buy the PortaPlay for $149. Trust me when I say that it’s worth every.single.penny.

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  1. You will absolutely love it, Suzy! We use it every single day, multiple times a day. It’s a lifesaver when they are little (literally) and then so useful as they grow!


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