Alice in Wonderland inspired wall art on photo canvas

Do You Suppose She's a WildflowerWe love Alice in Wonderland around here. Like, really, really love it. In honor of the release of the new movie, Alice Through The Looking Glass, we're sharing one of our favorite Alice-inspired pieces.

A few years ago, I went down the rabbit hole of Etsy {no pun intended} looking for Alice art. In my search, I was reminded of one of my favorite lines of the Disney animated Alice In Wonderland film: "Do You Suppose She's A Wildflower?" Alice canvas beforeI got the idea to put the quote on a picture I took of my baby {who clearly is a wildflower}, and print it on a canvas for her. I used basic clip art shapes to designate wildflowers, and used a fun Mad Hatter-style script to play up the theme.


Do You Suppose She's a Wildflower beforeIt was cute enough on its own, but I had bigger plans for it.

After the canvas arrived, I gave it to my super talented sister with instructions to paint some flowers over the clip art. My sister helped me paint murals for my older two kids when they were babies, but because my youngest is sharing a room I was struggling with what we could do for her that was as special as a mural. I came up with idea of the canvas and was thrilled when my sister agreed to help me make something special for my little one.

I gave it to her with pretty high hopes, but what came back completely blew me away. It's even more gorgeous in person than the pictures show, but hopefully you can get an idea of just how beautiful it is. It has all the color and life of an Alice film and all the quirkiness, but it has a classic feel to it that lends itself to hanging either in a bedroom or living room. Finished paintingHere's a closeup of the detail on the canvas. I adore that she even embellished the headband my daughter was wearing in the photo. Painted Wildflowers

I love that we now have this special canvas to hang up on baby's side of the room. It's one of my favorite Alice quotes, on a picture of one of my most favorite people, painted by my beloved sister. Does it get any better than that?

Do you have any favorite Alice in Wonderland quotes?

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