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American Girl for everyoneMy oldest fell in love with American Girl when she was only 1 year old, so we’ve been American Girl crazy for years and years now. But, that love is even stronger now that we officially have a doll for everyone, thanks to the newest American Girl contemporary dolls. American Girl dollsLike most families, we start with the Bitty Baby line and then we ease in slowly to the American Girl Wellie Wisher, BeForever, Truly Me, and Contemporary lines. That transition is always a big deal when they go from baby to adolescent and with that comes doll books, movies, accessories, and more to immerse them further into the world of American Girl. 

But, until this month, there was nowhere for my son to go after he outgrew his Bitty Baby boy {which thankfully hasn’t happened yet}. I dreaded the day my son would be done with babies and his love of American Girl would slowly fade while his sisters continued to play. I don’t need to worry about that anymore, because his love has only deepened with the introduction of Tenney Grant and Logan Everett.

American Girl Tenney and LoganThe release of Tenney and Logan truly couldn’t have come at a better time for my kiddos and introducing them into our family has renewed all of our love of the brand. By giving my older two a special set of dolls that is the perfect fit for the two of them, it has not only re-ignited their love of dolls and their love of music, but also their close relationship.American Girl Tenney and Logan with kidsSeeing all of my babies with their special dolls makes me so incredibly happy and I’m grateful that they have the dolls to bond over and grow up with. I realize that in this day and age many kids sit in front of screens all day, so I absolutely adore that doll play is how my children choose to spend their time. I love hearing them playing, laughing, and imagining for hours together as they decorate American Girl worlds together. American Girl circleTruly, their dolls become beloved friends instead of just playthings and their relationships have all grown stronger because of it. Even though Tenney and Logan are newly released, it’s already abundantly clear that these dolls are extra special to them by the sheer amount of time they spend playing with, reading about, and discussing their story. American Girl Tenney and Girl in HatMaybe it’s because the characters share a common story, or maybe it’s that they have musical interests, but I think it’s because they represent everything my kids hold dear – the high value of friendship, truly believing in yourself, and never underestimating your power to make the world a better place in every way that you can.American Girl guitars I’ve said it before, but American Girl is one of the few toys I will invest in. The dolls and accessories may cost more than other brands, but the amount of love our kids have for the brand and the play value in each piece makes them worth every single cent. Whereas some toys are abandoned just weeks after opening, American Girl is one of the few toys that is always a hit and that continues to be played with for months, and even years, after they arrive home.American Girl Tenney and Logan close up Their American Girl love has admittedly grown into an epic collection, but yet every piece remains beloved and special because it has so many special memories tied to it. It’s this reason that I hope to one day hand down that collection to the grandkids so I can watch the American Girl love continue for the next generation. American Girl Tenney with hat It makes me sad to even think about that day that their special dolls get displayed instead of played with, but I know that the memories of these days will last even longer. So, until that sad day arrives, I’m going to enjoy this stage in life when my kids adore each other and wake up each day excited for another day of play with their Tenney and Logan dolls as their little sister joins in with her Bitty Baby. American Girl Tenney with GuitarCheck out and see more about Tenney and Logan and how they are working together to make music that is straight from the heart. Ready to shop the Tenney and Logan collection? Check out their line here.

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