Create your own custom ride with the Modarri Configurator

Thank you to Modarri for letting us create two custom cars for review. All opinions about the create your own custom ride with the Modarri Configurator are 100% ours.

Modarri cars in handMy kiddos fell in love with Modarri build-it-yourself mix and match cars when they were little, and they have since amassed an impressive collection of Modarri cars through the years. My kids love literally everything about Modarri cars: the way they move and allow the kids to “drive”, the way you can take them apart over and over again, and the way you can build whatever you want with all the Modarri parts.

Modarri love

If you haven’t heard of Modarri before, the first thing to note is that these aren’t pull-back cars, or cars that you simply push in a straight line. No, these are finger-driven cars that can steer so incredibly well that they could make a fan out of anyone young at heart.Modarri custom car 2

Modarri calls it a finger-drive bucket seat, and I can’t think of a better description than that. Basically, your finger becomes the driver, which is why we’re known for our fun photo shoots with Modarri cars and drawn-on faces. But, beyond that, what makes them “drive” so well is the real independent spring suspensions and patented steering mechanism that makes them unbelievably maneuverable.Modarri Monster Trucks finger driver Create your own custom ride with the Modarri Configurator

And, there are lots of ways to customize your Modarri rides because each car has a mix and match chassis, hood and windshield, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, and wheels with front and rear suspension. The cars even come complete with a special hex tool so you can break down the car into its multiple parts easily. My kids love changing out parts of their Modarri collection and creating their very own cars to race, with accessories, wheels and more to fit their mood.

Next level custom cars with Modarri

Have you ever looked into Modarri cars and thought, Man, I wish I could customize my own cars *even more*? Well, then you will be as thrilled as we were with the new custom car option on The build-it-yourself custom cars are now even more custom, thanks to the Modarri Configurator online tool that allows you to customize their cars however you would like. Now you can take Modarri’s already innovative modular toy car building system to the next level by becoming the designer and builder.

Create your own custom ride with the Modarri Configurator

The Modarri Configurator is super easy to use. Simply choose your car parts – chassis, fender, hood and frame – with the click of a mouse. Then you watch as your custom car transforms on screen in front of you with each new addition. When you are in love with your creation, just click “Create Car” and a 3D version of your custom ride will appear as confetti rains down. Then you can name your car and share it with friends, save it to your virtual garage, or have it built and shipped to your mailbox so the play can be limitless.Modarri Custom Cars

We chose the limitless play option, obviously. My son and I ordered ourselves two custom cars this month and we had so much fun customizing them together. I told him I wanted a stealth-like cruiser and we worked together to create a black-on-black Modarri car that is all ready for racing. We debated for a bit adding a pop of color, but in the end decided that we’d go all black and then we could add a pop of color from our other Modarri cars once it made it home to us.Modarri custom car in hand Create your own custom ride with the Modarri Configurator

See that virtual confetti? That’s basically exactly how I felt upon hitting the “Create Car” button and seeing my ride come to life in 3D glory.Leanne's Modarri Ride

As for my son, he wanted to experience it all. Whereas I had a clear idea of what I wanted, he wanted to see every combination he could so he could best decide. So, he tried every single accessory and option on his car to see how it looked, and then retried all of his favorite combos. Eventually he went with a sporty car all ready for street racing, but he had about every design imaginable before he went that route. I showed him that he could make multiple cars and he spent a good deal of time filling his virtual garage before he finally narrowed it down to his sporty model.Modarri Car

Honestly, even the experience of making the cars online was exciting enough for my son. He loved the Configurator tool and has asked numerous times whether he can create more cars. But, the idea that one of *his* cars was enroute to our home was crazy exciting.

Custom fun in person

Once the custom Modarri cars arrived, we couldn’t wait to open the boxes.

Modarri custom car

We tore into the boxes, so excited to see our creations in real life. And, they, of course, did not disappoint.

Like all Modarri, they are even better in person and we oooohed and aaaahed over them and all their details for a good while before we broke them in with our first race. After that, we got out our race team and began swapping and trading and we had all we needed for hours of fun.Modarri custom car in box Create your own custom ride with the Modarri Configurator

While the Modarri Configurator is free to use and create your own virtual garage, for a mere $28 {plus free shipping} you can bring the fun home. This experience is one that my son will never forget and it was so fun to do this together; for us it was well worth the price. All ages can design, upload and share their Modarri creations with fellow car aficionados by visiting the Modarri collection page. Modarri car in kids' hand Create your own custom ride with the Modarri Configurator

Create your own custom ride with the Modarri Configurator

Want to find out more about how to create your own custom ride with the Modarri Configurator? Visit and connect with Modarri on Facebook@modarri_cars on Twitter, Pinterest, and their awesome YouTube channel.  Are you ready to start creating? Visit

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