Mix and match fun with custom Modarri cars {& discount code}

Sponsored postWe discovered Modarri cars last year, and we quickly became obsessed. Basically, they are everything my son loves.
Fixing things: check
Racing: check
Designing stuff: check
Things with wheels: check Modarri cars playSo, what are Modarri cars? They are build-it-yourself custom cars that you can mix and match and customize to your heart’s content.

Each car even comes complete with a special hex tool so you can break down each car into its multiple parts: a chassis, hood and windshield, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, and wheels with front and rear suspension. And, each of those parts can be used with other Modarri car models so you can build and rebuild as often as you like to create whatever car strikes your fancy. Modarri custom racing fun

And, then once you assemble your race team, that’s when you get to enjoy the next level of play as you race. Simply set up the included cones, grab a few racers, and you can experience something unlike any other toy car on the market – a toy car that truly steers. Whereas most toy cars have four fixed plastic wheels that don’t allow for turns and twists, Modarri cars are designed just like a real car with wheels that grip and suspension that allows you to turn, race, jump and more.

We’re not talking steering wheels, batteries, and crazy contraptions to steer around a track; we’re talking cars that are powered by your finger. That’s right, this is all you need for hours of fun. Modarri racersMini shirts and drawn on faces completely optional, of course.

You can steer a Modarri car simply by putting your finger in the driver seat and pushing in the direction you want to go and the car steers for you. It really doesn’t get any more intuitive than that. Modarri cars with racersOr, adorable. Modarri finger racersThis unique way of racing helps you maneuver the cars in ways you never thought possible and really get a feel for “driving”, which is about as close to real driving as my heart can handle when we’re talking about my kids. Modarri finger drivingWhile these kits are really recommended for ages 8+, I love that Modarri understands that they have little fans who enjoy their cars with their parents help.

I really can’t say enough nice things about the fact that they took the extra step to make it as easy for little builders as possible and added keeper washers on the screws that hold the cars together, which ensures you will never lose these important little pieces. And, since there aren’t that many pieces to connect and the pieces are all fairly easy to place correctly with the included arrows on the main components, the cars are easy to build quickly and hold both kids interest. Racers and ModarriModarri cars are available in different models and colors: the S1 street car, X1 dirt car, TI track car and a DIY model. As well as each having their own distinctive look, the suspension, handling, ride height and tires are a bit different from car to car, which makes them even more fun to mix and match.

The individual Modarri cars retail for $19.95 or you can buy a three pack for $49.95. Want to find out more about these amazing Modarri cars? Visit Modarri.com and connect with Modarri on Facebook, @modarri_cars on Twitter, Pinterest, and their awesome YouTube channel.  

Are you ready to buy? Visit modarri.com and enter SAVE10 at checkout to receive free shipping and a 10% discount off the retail price! How awesome is that?!

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Modarri for sending their newest cars for us to adore. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. My son just turned five, but I think he could put these together. He loves building and constructing. I will have to add these to his Christmas list.


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