Where we were: exploring Washington

Have you noticed it's been a bit quiet here recently? Want to know where we've been for the past few weeks? The answer is everywhere. 11009911_10205794812765973_5962755670405034901_nAfter my sister announced she was moving across country last month, we embarked on a mission to see as many of our favorite Washington sights as we possibly could fit in. Knowing that we would all be adjusting to not living walking distance to each others homes and instead being two planes away was tough on everyone. But our mini road trips gave us lots of time to talk, to make plans for future visits, and to let our kids enjoy a condensed version of the summer we were hoping they would have. 11295787_10205794815126032_8903415260605371796_n

While it was at times very sad knowing that we weren't going to be able to visit these places together again in the next few years unless she came back for extended vacations, it was worth it to collect as many pictures as we could of us and our little families.  11101870_10205794811725947_7682430100245000408_nAnd, with over 18GB of pictures just of the past 4 weeks, we've got a whole lot of pictures to choose from. I'll be going more in-depth about some of the places we visited in the next few weeks, but for now I wanted to share a small snapshot into our adventures.

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