Iconic Ambi developmental toys for baby and beyond

Sponsored postDo you remember these toys from Ambi from when you were young? I’m betting you do, because every single person that has come over and seen my kids playing with the set of Ambi Toys has remarked about how they used to play with them when they were little. Ambi Toys packNotice how I said “my kids”? Not “the baby”, but “the kids”.

In fact, I had these toys all set aside waiting for when the baby was old enough to play with them, thinking that my older kids were well past the Ambi Toys stage. Then, one day when we had a house full of kids, the box got torn open and the toys were immediately pounced on – by all the kids, from age 3 months to 7 years. Ambi baby rattleHow could you possibly be mad when the toy thief is this adorable? You just can't.

My mom immediately remarked that we used to have the same toys during my childhood and the same thing happened back then. Apparently, my 6 year old self and my 8 year old sister played with the Ambi toys before our little sister grew into them and some of them we never let her have. Sorry, little sis, I guess Ambi Toys aren’t just for babies.

Maybe this is because Ambi Toys has been developing infant toys for 40 years for all stages of children's development. Their iconic red, yellow, white and blue color scheme isn’t just what makes them recognizable at a glance – it’s their emphasis on quality and safety that make their toys stand out in a sea of toy options for baby and beyond.

Ambi Toys
We were sent the Ambi Toys Baby Gift Set which is a collection of five of the most popular Ambi toys in a gift pack: Lock A Block, Humpty Dumpty, Twin Rattle and Trumpet.

My music-minded son was immediately taken by the Ambi trumpet and he added it to his growing band collection for whenever he wants to put on a concert for me and the baby.Ambi TrumpetMy daughter fell for the Lock a Block, which she uses less as a shape sorter and more as a way to pretend she’s locking up priceless notes and drawings she exchanges with friends. The fact that it comes with an attached key seems to be its biggest draw, which is reminiscent of a safe or lock box. The babies, though, love the different shapes that they can drop into the holes in the top to hear a satisfying plunk as it disappears into the box.  Lock a Block AMbiThat being said, I should tell you that this was the last time a baby was allowed to play with most of these toys without the big kids joining in, except the Ambi Twin Rattle. Ambi keys and rattleEspecially these keys. Sometimes they are jailer’s keys and they “unlock” our hall closet so only the warden can open it, sometimes these start their couch “car”, and sometimes these are their play house keys. When they aren’t being played with, they hang in a special spot on the key rack. No matter what they are using them for each day, they are well loved by all the kids. Ambi rattleMy nephew rates the Twin Rattle "drool-worthy".

I love that my kids are now playing with the same toys I grew up with, and I especially love that the kids play together with them. Because the toys have different facets to them which allows for different levels of play, it means that the toys can grow with the babies on up to toddler… and beyond. They start by exploring the toys by touch, and then they can use the toys to develop their fine motor skills as they manipulate the toys, learning about shapes, movement, and cause and effect.

Ambi Toys has a large assortment of toys that I remember from my youth as well as new toys they have added to the line throughout the decades. You can find them in toy stores by looking for the bright and vibrant primary colors, or you can order them from GaltToys.com

Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Ambi Toys for sending their Baby Gift Set for review. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

4 thoughts on “Iconic Ambi developmental toys for baby and beyond”

  1. I like the little shape sorting toy. I remember when my kids had some of them and they tried until they got them to fit.

  2. I’m a home daycare provider. 37 years ago I bought the Ambi Lock a Block for my own first baby. Still have it! It is hands down the best shape sorter I’ve seen in my 38 years history as a baby and toddler toy fanatic and so many don’t say anything about why.

    The design is unique. Like most kids, mine had other shape sorters. But they were frustrating for the youngest ones! There was a circular home, but the shape that fit into it was always a cylinder. So my baby would pick up the right shape for the opening but get very frustrated because they also had to hold it in the right direction or it wouldn’t go in. But in the Ambi version, the shape for the round hole is a sphere- choose the right opening and you cannot go wrong! The triangle is a triangular pyramid; three sides all with the same size and shape. The cube is still the hardest, requiring a bit of orientation to fit in the square hole. But all 6 sides are perfect squares. I hated seeing a toddler pick up that ‘square’ shape, which was square on each end but rectangular on 4 sides, and struggle with it. What happens is they assume it doesn’t fit and move to a different- wrong- opening.

    Of course there is a time when learning to orient that cylinder is valuable. The beauty of the Lock a Block is for the earliest stage of shape sorting. And as they get older, they begin to master the lock and key for a whole new way to use it. I have been giving it as a Xmas or birthday gift to all my daycare kids aged close to 12 months for years now.


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