Kid tough dress up gear from Aeromax {Junior Fire Fighter Suit review}

Sponsored postIn our house, dress up day is any day that ends in a "y". We don’t merely have dress up time – pretty much all play time these days is done in costume. And, for us, dress up isn't limited to just inside play. My kids wear their costumes to stores, to parks, walking to and from school, and so much more.

This is just a small snapshot into the last year with my little man.Aeromax firefighter costumeObviously, we can't get by with cheapy costumes designed for one day use; we need Get Real Gear from Aeromax. My son has become so famous for his amazing Aeromax costumes that I swear I could sell their dress up clothes right out of my car and retire for life. Aeromax fire firghter

Recently, he wore his beloved Jr. Fire Fighter costume in tan to a local "Touch a Truck" event where kids can explore real work trucks and meet with those that help protect and serve our communities. To call my little fire fighter popular would be a vast understatement. In fact, if I had purchased a few dozen of these costumes and offered them for sale at the event, I could have made a killing that day alone. Aeromax firefighterWhy Aeromax? They make the most realistic dress up gear anywhere, and it's far and away the best quality for real play. For over 16 years Aeromax has been inspiring imaginations with dress up clothing and gear from baby on up to adult and has received every top toy industry award. It's the kind of gear that can truly make you believe you are a scientist in a lab, a race car driver racing around the neighborhood, a police officer protecting the community, or a space explorer discovering parts unknown, and it's all made tough enough to play in every day of the year.

This is just a glimpse into their amazing Get Real Gear line!

Get Real Gear Aeromax
Aren't they simply adorable? As you can see, we’re not talking hastily sewn polyester fabric costumes; we're talking flashing sirens, metal buckles, sewn-on patches, buttons and snaps, and reinforced fabrics with amazing details designed to look like miniature versions of the real deal stuff.

Last year we received the Jr. Fire Fighter costume in tan and it has been well-loved since the day it arrived. But, there was one thing that was missing from his imaginative play: a partner to fight fires with him. No fire fighter can tackle every fire alone, so what he needed was a team.

Meet my fire fighting TEAM with my daughter joining him in the Jr. Fire Fighter costume in black. This crew is all set to save the world for the cost of a smile. Fire fighting team If you don't remember my last post about the Aeromax Jr. Fire Fighter costume, you should know that this is pretty much the real deal, minus the actual certification. With adjustable bib overalls boasting pockets and knee patches paired with the heavy weight coat complete with zipper, pockets, and buckles as well as reinforced elbow patches, reflective strips and gauntlet cuffs, it is as close to the real deal as you can get.

And, look at how adorable they look as they are off to “fight emergencies”. Fire fighters in truck
In addition to sending the second suit for even more dress up and imaginative play, Aeromax also sent one of their new Firefighter Accessories. Aeromax firefighter accessoriesWith a plastic crowbar, axe, and badge as well as a water-fillable fire extinguisher, the fire fighting play is even more fun these days. After seeing all the cool tools the fire fighters had at the truck event, this set makes the kids feel just like the real deal, and that makes them very happy.

I think it's pretty awesome that they have been busy working as a team and playing fire fighters together in their playtime using the Aeromax costumes and accessories. I love that they both bring their own unique personalities into the story and how it enhances their play and allows them to truly immerse themselves in whatever they are imagining – together.  Aeromax firefighter costumeApart from being completely adorable and inspiring teamwork, I love that the Aeromax Get Real Gear teaches children that they can be anything they would like to be. Whether they aspire to be a famous scientist or a fire fighting hero, pretend play and dress up encourages children to imagine themselves in their dream career. Aeromax Get Real gear that makes those dreams feel real, and that makes them worth every single penny. Aeromax two fire fighters
Aeromax has costumes for every baby, child, and even adults that are made with quality and designed for years of imaginative and pretend play. To find out more about this amazing company and to see the vast selection of costumes and gear from Aeromax, visit their website at, shop directly from their online store and connect with them on Facebook and YouTube.

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Aeromax for sending the adorable Jr Fire Fighter costumes and accessories to love. As always, all opinions remain 100% ours.

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