A sleep sack for all seasons from Merino Kids

Sponsored postMy first child was born during an uncharacteristically hot June. During her first months, our main goal was to keep her covered, but yet keep her cool enough during naps and at nighttime. As for my son, he was born at the very end of September and the goal was just the opposite as we struggled to keep him warm during the day and at night.

Ironically, the same product that would have worked for my June baby would have also been the one that I would recommend for my September baby. This, my friends, is the brilliance of Merino wool, a natural body temperature regulator that helps keeps your baby cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather. Merino Kids sleep sack100% natural, itch-free and allergy-safe, Merino wool captures and circulates air to insulate your child when the room temperature falls, but also releases excess body heat and moisture as the room temperature rises. This means your baby stays warm and dry without overheating.

So, when my new January baby arrived, I knew just where to turn: Merino Kids, a company that claims to make the world’s best baby sleep sack. Made from super soft Woolmark-certified Superfine Australian Merino wool that is covered in a GOTS-certified organic combed cotton outer layer, the Merino Kids sleep sack is perfect for baby, but durable enough to last through the toddler years. Merino Kids logoWhat’s great is that your child will still have freedom to move and wriggle, but yet can't slip underneath or kick off the sleep sack and get too cold in the middle of the night. The contoured bodice stays away from baby's face and unzips from the bottom for easy late-night diaper changes. Merino kids unzippedSpeaking of easy access to baby, I love that the Merino Kids has one shoulder with straps to pull down the sleep sack {the lack of snaps on both shoulders makes it less likely to pop open with active toddlers}, as well as snaps on the underarm area to adjust to fit baby properly.

With a newborn that loves being swaddled more than just about anything in the world {her favorite things, in no particular order are 1) food 2) not being set down and 3) being swaddled} I debated whether I wanted to go with the Merino Kids swaddle, but in the end I decided a sleep sack would last us longer as they can be used up to age two.

Being perfect for birth on up to toddler makes them a great value over other infant sleep sacks that last mere weeks, which is great because you will be very, very sad when your babe grows out of the sleep sack completely. In addition to “growing” with baby, the Merino Sleep Sack also has an awesome feature that I didn’t think I needed, but has ended up being one of my favorite things about the sleep sack: the fact that it can accommodate a safety belt without completely undressing baby. Merino Kids sleep sack car seat holesSince I do morning carpool a few times a week, this feature makes it easy to buckle baby into the car seat or stroller without having to undress or change her out of sleep clothes. It may not sound like a big deal, but this adds up to precious minutes saved each morning, which is more than worth it. Then, when we walk as we do most days, she still stays warm and dry in my arms or in a front pack, even if it starts to sprinkle on us, as it’s been known to do.

Alternatively, this feature also makes it easy to keep baby in the sleep sack in the baby swing and bouncy chair, which I love. Depending on whether I put the Merino Sleep Sack over her clothing or simply over a diaper or onesie, there’s the perfect mix to keep her happy – which, in turn, makes for a very happy mama. Merino Kids sleep sack smilingWith fireproofing chemicals recently under attack, especially for little babies, I also love that Merino Kids is naturally fire-resistant with no fireproofing chemicals required. Any parent will tell you that sleep safety is one of their biggest concerns, so I love that this product helps give peace of mind naturally during the first few months of life and well into the toddler stage.

That’s right, Merino Kids makes kids less likely to overheat or get too cold, is happily made without chemicals, lasts for years instead of months, and is fully machine washable. I dare say Merino Kids is truly is the best of every option for keeping baby safe and comfortable – all night long.

With numerous trips planned in the near future – from road trips to camping and hotel stays, I love that the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack can keep baby warm, safe, and cozy no matter where we roam as a family.
In addition to baby sleep sacks, Merino Kids also makes toddler sleep sacks, swaddle blankets and more. You can find out more about Merino Kids products at BabySleepBags.com
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  1. I purchased this product last year. And I received a wired a smelly baby sleeping bag which should not happen in a baby product. I Contact the customer service right away, but only got response once a week. And now nearly half month, I did not get a return label and a replacement. This customer service doesn’t looks like a high quality responsibly producer. Please think before you shop. I do not recommend this company’s any product for your baby. Our baby need those who cares customers so I can trust their quality of products.


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